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I'll tend thy image from my heart,

Thy charms no more engage; My soul shall take the juster part, And love shall yield to rage.

của a đi 2 H 2 hobi 150 min livor I

AIR IX.Yar rumah A THANK you, ladies, for your care, il or 4 But I pray you both forbear,

Sure I am all over scratches ! That your curious hands must place, Such odd spots upon my face

an With your pencils, paint, and patches.

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How I totter in my gait,
From a dress of so much weight,

With my robe too dangling after;
Could my

Colin now but fee What a thing they've made of me,

Oh he'd split his fides with laughter.

AIR X. THE flowers which grace their native beds, wie Awhile put forth their blushing heads, tuis But ere the close of parting day, They wither, shrink, and die away...".!

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But these which mimic kill hath made, * 10:17
Nor scorch'd by suns, nor killed by fhade,
Shall blush with less inconstant hue,
Which art at pleasure can renew.

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ATRY XI. ' 'irinig WHEN late a simple rustic lass,," pod hin

I rov'd without restraint,
A stream was all my lopking-glass,

And health my only paint.

The charms I boast, (alas ! how few !)

I gave to Nature's care,
As Vice ne'er spoilt their native hue

They could not want repair,


HOW strange the mode which truth neglects,
And rests all beauty in defects !
But we by homely nature taught,
Though rude in speech are plain in thought.

AIR. XIII. FOR various purpose ferves the Fang.

As thus a decent blind, Between the sticks to peep at mang

Nor yet betray your mind.

Each action has a meaning plainy

Resentment's in the fnap, A flirt expreffes ftrong disdain, Consent a gentle tap.

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All passions will the fair disclose,

All modes of female art, eyrna mozł 9911 zudr And to advantage sweetly shews ru 37.19 flood wo Y The hand, if not the heart. Iriy sudygninzej sfid'

vil s os erotisk un llaw OnA 'Tis Folly's scepter first design'd

By Love's capricious boy,
Who knows how lightly all mankind
Are gover'd by a toy.

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81 A 1: AIR XIV,

446 'rah YM

Emi I ball IF tyrant Love with cruel dart Transfix the maiden's tender heart,

Mi1190 UT Of easy faith and fond belief,

1019971 She hugs the dart, and aids the thief.

Cat I!: Till, left her helpless state to mourn,

yn biA Neglected, loving, and forlorn; She finds, while grief her bosom stings, 1993

-()) : As well as darts the God has wings.

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16 AIR XV. ALONG your verdant lowly vale Calm Zephyr breathes a gentle gale, But rustling through the lofty trees It swells beyond the peaceful breeze.

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Thus free from Envy's poison'd dart,

You boast a pure unruffled heart.
While jarring thoughts pur peace deform,
And swell our passions to a storm,

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THO' my dress, as my manners, is simple and plain,
A rascal I hate, and a knave I disdain;
My dealings are juft, and my conscience is clear,
And I'm richer than thofe who have thousands a year.

Tho' bent down with age and for sporting uncouth,
I feel no remorse from the follies of youth ;
I still tell my tale, and rejoice in my fong,

2 And my boys think


life not a moment too long

Let the courtiers, those dealers in grin and grimace,
Creep under, dance over, for title or place;
Above all the titles that flow from a throne, Ano1
That of honest I prize, and that title's my own.

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FROM Aow's to flow'r the butterfly,

O'er fields or gardens ranging, TAAS Sips sweets from each, and futters by,

And all his life is changing.

Thus roving man new objects sway,

By various charms delighted, While the who pleases moft to-day

To-morrow shall be flighted.


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WHEN far from Fashion's gilded scene

I breath'd my native air,
My thoughts were calm, my mind serene,

No doubtings harbour'd there.

But now no more myself I find.
Distraction rends my

Whilft hopes and fears disturb my mind,

And murder all my rest.

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