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which I bear to Your Lordship; and it will afford me very great Satisfaction if, as You have always given me Reason to be, You give me Permission to profess my self,


Your Lordship's

most Obedient and

most Humble Servant,





S the Order in which the following Poems are plac'd, has for the most part, been purely accident al ; fo neither are

the Pieces of the several Gentlemen who have contributed to the Work printed together, but scatter'd and interspers'd throughout the whole. This I thought, since no Author's Name was intended to be mention'd, might be done without making any Confufion; and probably occafon a more agreeable Variety.

what I have of my own are likewise anonymous, and disposed in the same manner with those of my friends ; and if, by not avowing the parts that belong to us, They and I may seem to have been too careful to avoid Cenfure, I hope we shall be forgiven, when it Mall be

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remember'd we at the fame.

at the same time lay no Claim to Praise. Here all things will be try'd, though I cannot say how far

, all will bear it, by their own Value they have before them na celebrated Names to pre-engage the Reader's Approbation, nor exploded ones to be peak his Dislike. I shall only say in general, that I have received my chiefeft Alistance from a Sett of Gentlemen of both Universities now in London; one of which Number, a Fellow of Trinity-College in Cam bridge, is Author of most of the Latin Compot fitions, Were this a place proper to be particut lar in my Acknowledgments, i fkould enlarge on the Obligations I have to those Gentlemen i but as the Business of a Preface is only to give an Account of the Work, I Mall add ng more than to wish, which I have no Reason to miffruft, that the World may be as well pleasd with the good Sense and Ingenuity, ef, their Writing, as I am happy in their conversation and Friendship.

4 few Things in this colle&tion are owing to other learned Gentlemen, for whose Favours I

just Gratitude; and I am proud to own, I bave selected a few from among some Paper's


• be

of Poetry, in the Hands of one of the best-known and politeft Authors of this Age. I have taken the utmost Care I could, to see that all had Jufice done them in the Press; and if I have used fome Liberties with the Pieces I receiv'd from such of my Assistants as were too remote to

conferrd with, (for to all others I still com municated any Remark I had to offer) I hope it will be difcérnid there was nothing done out of Humour op Vanity, and therefore cannot doubt but they will be ingenuous enough not to be of fended. d nt tegia so I have admitted nothing which I knew to be before publisb'd, except the Originals of two new Latin Versions, which I thought was absolutely necessary to hew the Fuftness and Elegance of the Tranflations; and a Latin Epigram, which is oppos’d to the Imitation of it, as it is newly done in English " One Poem indeed of my own

before printed, of which were distributed among my Acquaintance a few Copies only; and one of another Author, inserted here from his own genuine Manuscript, is I am informid already gor

abroad' but, as he assures me, surreptitious and disguis'd.

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As for the Latin Copies, it must be own'd it is not very usual to have so great a Number of them in our Miscellanies : but 'tis hoped the Learned will be pleas'd to find them no fewer; and that the English Readers will at least excuse them, since they may, perhaps, have given Occasion to some of the best Things which shall bere be met with in our own Language ; for all of them, which are not themselves Versions of former English, are translated, excepting the three little Pieces at the End : and I should ask. Pardon of the Fair-Sex, that those are not ; but they are of a particular Scholastic Kind, not altogether so proper for their Perusal.

ļ shall not go about to vindicate this Mifcellany in every Respect, for doubtless there are many Faults in it through my own Want of Judgment, and poffibly some through the Mistakes of others; but if it has the good Fortune to be approv'd af, in the main, I foall think I have Reason to be extreamly well satisfy'd with my Succefs.

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