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- The sorrows of the mind

Be banish'd from this place :
Religion never was design'd
· To make our pleasures less.”

THE YOUNG THEOLOGIANS. THE Superintendent of a Sunday-School in Bristol, discoursing lately with the children, asked, among other things, “Where is God?" One of the elder boys answered, “In heaven.” The Teacher not appearing satisfied with this reply, again repeated the inquiry, when a lad, younger than the other, answered, “ Every where.” Requiring still further explanation, the question was again put, “Where is God ?" when a third boy, (thinking, no doubt, that he could improve on the answers already given,) most cheerfully called out, “God is here.” The views of the Superintendent were now met, and he endeavoured to impress upon the minds of the children the important truth, that “God is in heaven—God is every whereGod is here."

SLAVE ANECDOTE. POMPEY, a negro, previous to the American revolution, being suspected of having stolen goods in his possession, was taken before a certain Justice of the Peace in the county of Philadelphia, and charged with the offence. The negro acknowledged the fact, and made the following decisive defence:-“Massa Justice, me know. me got dem tings from Tom, dere, and

pret pay Tomo ser sixpence, and and a pico

me tink Tom teal dem too; but what den, Massa? dey be only a piccaninny knife and a piccaninny corkscrew; one cost sixpence, and tudder a shilling, and me pay Tom for dem honestly, Massa.” “A very pretty story, truly,” said his Worship; "you know they were stolen, and yet allege in excuse, you paid honestly for them; I'll teach you better law than that, sirrah! Don't you know, Pompey, the receiver is as bad as the thief? You must, you black rascal, be severely whipt.” “Very well, Massa, if de black rascal be whipt for buying tolen goods, me hope de white rascal be whipt too for same ting, when you catch him, as well as Pompey." "To be sure," replied the Justice. “Well den," says Pompey, “here be Tom's Massa ; hold him fast, constable; he buy Tom as I buy de piccaninny knife and de piccaninny corkscrew. He know berry well poor Tom be tolen from him old fadder and mudder; de knife and de corkscrew had neder.” Such was the justice as well as the severity of Pompey's address, that after a short pause, the Magistrate, with the consent of Tom's master, dismissed him, and discharged the action.

NEGRO SCHOOL. A Negro boy, who attended a Sunday-School, through some quarrel with another boy, ran away. On the evening of the third day he came back, and begged to be forgiven. Being asked, what brought him back, he replied, “Massa, that school fetch me. Suppose me go to school no more—that make me afraid : me know nothing if me go no school.” Being told he might seek another school, his reply was, “ Massa, me can't leave this school. S'pose, Massa, you whip me?-put me in black hole; that right, Massa-do me good-me run away for nothing but me can't leave dis school here.”.

“LOOK AT HOME." The Rev. John Hurrion, a Dissenting Minister, at Denton, in Norfolk, had two daughters who were much too fond of dress, which was a great grief to him. He had often reproved them in vain; and, preaching one Sabbath-day on the sin of pride, he took occasion to notice, among other things pride in dress. After speaking some considerable time on this subject, he suddenly stopped short, and said, with much feeling and expression, “But you will say, Look at home. My good friends, I do look at home, till my heart aches."



A GENTLEMAN was complaining to a pious Prelate, that a certain Clergyman in his neighbourhood was gone mad, for that he did nothing but preach and pray: “I wish then,” said the good Bishop," he would bite some of my Clergy!


DEATH AT THE CARD TABLE. A GENTLEMAN in the metropolis was recently playing at cards with a circle of friends; something peculiar being observed in his manner, every eye was fixed upon him, when it was discovered that he was actually dead! still sitting upright in his chair, and the cards remaining in his hands!


DEATH ON THE STAGE. ' · A MR. CUMMINS, when performing his part in the tragedy of Jane Shore, at Leeds—and Mr. John Palmer, at the Liverpool Theatre, in the play of The Stranger, both fell down on the stage, and instantly expired!


DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. MR. FOLGHAM, late of Fleet Street, London, while engaged during divine service, in Queen Street Chapel, Lincoln's Inn Fields, suddenly expired.—And Mr. Collins, master bricklayer, Portsea, having taken his place amongst a numerous congregation, to witness the pleasing solemnities of the opening of a new place of worship, was taken out dead!

' Ibid.


· MANY Ministers have been known to express their desire of not outliving their capacity for usefulness in the vineyard of Christ. The idea of being thrown aside, as an instrument out of tune, has been most painful to them: yea, so delightful has been the work in which they have engaged, that some have declared it as the wish of their hearts, to die in the pulpit. These views would apply to a worthy Minister who lately left our world, and who died as he desired. The Rev. Mr. Bowden, of Tooting, Surrey, was called to preach at Hammersmith, and while engaged in his Saviour's cause, dropped down in the pulpit, and expired!



A CERTAIN man on the Malabar coast, had inquired of various devotees and priests, how he might make atonement for his sins ? At last he was directed to the following means :-He was to drive iron spikes, sufficiently blunted, through his sandals; on these spikes he was to place his naked feet, and to walk 250 coss (about 480 miles.) If, through loss of blood, or weakness of body, he was obliged to halt, he might wait for healing and strength. He undertook the journey; and while he halted under a large shady tree, where the Gospel was sometimes preached, one of the Missionaries came and preached in his hearing, from these words: “The blood of Jesus Christ, his Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” While he was preaching, the man rose up, threw off his torturing sandals, and cried aloud, « This is what I want ;” and he became a lively witness that the blood of Jesus Christ does cleanse from all sin indeed.


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