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against the Mahrattas—Connexion with the Kanna of Gohud—Mr. Francis fights

a Duel with Mr. Hastings, and returns to Europe 88S


In Carnatic, Relations between the English and Nabob—Plenipotentiary, with inde-

pendent Powers from the King—English courted by Hyder Ali and the Mahrattas,

and in Danger from both—Nabob and Plenipotentiary desire Alliance with the

Mahrattas—Presidency adhere to Neutrality—Relations with the King of Tanjore

—After Hesitation, War is made upon him—War upon the Marawars—A second

War upon Tanjore—Condemned by the Directors—Pigot sent out to restore the

Rajah—Opposition in the Madras Council—Pigot imprisoned—Sentiments and

Measures adopted in England—Committee of Circuit—Suspended by Governor

Rumbold, who summons the Zemindars to Madras—Transactions with Nizam Ali

respecting Guntoor—Censured by the Supreme Council—Governor Rumbold,

and other Members of the Government, condemned and punished by the Court of

Directors 421


War with the French—Pondicherry taken—War with Hyder Ali—Presidency un-

prepared—Colonel Baillie's Detachment cut off—Supreme Council suspend the

Governor of Fort St. George, and send Sir Eyre Coote to Madras—Hyder takes

Arcot, and over-runs the greater Part of the Country—Lord Macartney, Governor

of Fort St George—Negapatnam and Trincomalee taken from the Dutch—

Treaty between the Nabob of Arcot and Supreme Council—Assignment of the

Nabob's Revenues—Tellicherry invested—Great Armaments sent from both

England and France—Disaster of Colonel Brathwaite's Detachment in Tanjore—

Madras reduced to a State of Famine—Death of Hyder Ali—Tippoo withdraws

the Mysorean Army from Carnatic—Operations and Fate of General Matthews,

on the Coast of Malabar—Siege of Mangalore—The General at Madras, refusing

to obey the civil Authority, is arrested and sent to Europe—French and English

suspend Hostilities in consequence of Intelligence of the Peace in Europe—Opera-

tions of Colonel Fullarton in Coimbetore—Peace with Tippoo—Behaviour of

Supreme Council to Presidency of Madrar 476


Financial Difficulties—Campaign of General Goddard on the Bombay Side of the

Mahratta Country—Attack on the Bengal Side—Peace with Scindia—Supreme

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