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In three Seal-Rings; which after melted down, Form'd a vast Buckle for his Widow's Gown: Her infant Grandame's Whistle next it grew, The Bells the gingled, and the Whistle blew; Then in a Bodkin grac'd her Mother's Hairs, Which long she wore, and now Belinda wears.)

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Boast not my Fall (he cry'd) insulting Foe!
Thou by some other shalt be laid as low.
No think, to die dejects my lofty Mind:
All that I dread, is leaving you behind!
Rather than so, ah let me still survive,
And burn in Cupid's Flames, -but burn alive.

Reffore the Lock! she cries; and all around Restore the Lock! the vaulted Roofs rebound. Not fierce Othello in so loud a Strain Roar'd for the Handkerchief that caus'd his Pain. But see how oft ambitious Aims are cross’d, And Chiefs contend 'till all the Prize is loft! The Lock obtain'd with Guilt, and kept with Pain Įn ev'ry Place is sought, but sought in vain:


With such a Prize no Mortal must be blest,
So Heav'n decrees! with Heay'n who can conteft?

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Some thought it mounted to the Lunar Sphere,
* Since all things lost on Earth, are treasur'd there.
There Heroe's Wits are kept in pondrous Vases,
And Beau's in Snuff-Boxes and Tweezer-Cafes.
There broken Vows, and Death-bed Alms are found,
And Lovers Hearts with Ends of Riband bound;
The Courtiers Promises, and Sick Man's Pray'rs,
The Smiles of Harlots, and the Tears of Heirs,
Cages for Gnats, and Chains to yoak a Flea;
Dry'd Butterflies, and Tomes of Casuistry,

But trust the Muse-lhe faw it upward rise,
Tho' mark’d by none but quick Poetick Eyes:
So Rome's great Founder to the Heav'ns withdrew,
To Proculus alone confess’d in View.)
A sudden Star, it fhot thro’ liquid Air,
And drew behind a radiant Trail of Hair,


vid. Ariosto. Canto 34.

Not Berenice's Locks first róse so bright,
The Skies bespangling with disheveld Light.
The Sylphs behold it kindling as it flies,
And pleas’d pursue its Progress thro’ the Skies.

This the Beau-monde shall from the Mall survey,
Aud hail with Musick its propitious Ray.
This the blest Lover shall for Venüs take,
And send

up Vows from Rosamonda's Lake.
This Partridge soon shall view in cloudless Skies,
When next he looks thro' Gallilæo's Eyes;
And hence th’Egregious Wizard shall foredoom
The Fate of Loạis, and the Fall of Rome.

[Hair Then cease, bright Nymph! 'to mourn the ravish'd Which adds new Glory to the shining Sphere ! Not all the Tresses that fair Head can boast Shall draw such Envy as the Lock you loft. For, after all the Murders of

your Eye, When, after Millions Nain, your self shall die;


When those fair Suns shall sett, as sett they musty
And all those Tresses shall be laid in Dust;
This Lock the Muse shall consecrate to Fame,
And 'midst the Stars inscribe Belinda's Name..


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