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LONDON : Printed by WILLIAN CLOWES and Soxs, Duke Street, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross




1.- The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. By his Nephew,

George Otto Trevelyan, M.P. In Two Volumes.

London, 1876


11.-1. A History of British Forest-Trees, Indigenous and

Introduced. By Prideaux John Selby, F.L.S., &c.

London, 1842.

2. Trees and Shrubs for English Plantations. Ву

Augustus Mongredien. With illustrations. London,


3. The Forester. A Practical Treatise on the Planting,

Rearing, and General Management of Forest-Trees.

By James Brown, LL.D. 4th edition. Edinburgh

and London, 1871.

4. Arboriculture. A Practical Treatise on Raising and

Managing Forest-Trees. By John Grigor, the Nurse-

ries, Forres, N.B. Edinburgh, 1868.

5. The Trees of Old England. By Leo H. Grindon.

London, 1870. 2nd edition.

6. The Parks, Promenades, and Gardens of Paris. By

William Robinson, F.L.S. London, 1869.

7. Timber and Timber Trees. By Thomas Laslett,

Timber Inspector to the Admiralty. London, 1875 50

III.-1. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Edited by the Right

Hon. John Wilson Croker. New Edition. London,


2. Essays on the Early Period of the French Revolution.

By the late Right Hon. John Wilson Croker. Re-

printed from the Quarterly Review,' with additions

and corrections. London, 1857


IV.-1. The Orkneyinga Saga; translated from the Icelandic

by Jon A. Hjaltalin and Gilbert Goudie. Edited, ,

with Notes and Introduction, by Joseph Anderson,

Keeper of the National Museum of the Antiquaries of

Scotland. Edinburgh, 1873.

2. Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries; their Age

and Uses. By James Fergusson. London, 1872 126

V.-Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor. 2 vols.

Boston, 1876 -


VI.-1. Lectures on some Recent Advances in Physical Science.

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