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in Arins immortal Honours gain'i,

And won the Visor's Crown.


His glitt'ring Steel he shook, and vow'd.

By Carolina's Eyes,
To stain it.in his Rival's Blood,

And gain the destin'd Prize.

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BRITONS,, allert your country's Cause !

The youthful Warrior cry'd;
You fight for Freedom and for Laws;

For those your Fathers dy'd.


Then rushing on, in Crowds of Foes,,

Thro' Tracts of Death he ran;
His Courage with his Danger grows..

Hero, as foon as Man.


Whilst he each dreadful Scene review'd,

His Rival hid his Head;

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Whilft lie with graceful Wrath pursu'd,

The pale Impoftor filed.


Behold Britannia's promisd Heir!

Behold him cover'd o'er
With all the glorious Dust of Warz.

And staind with comely Gore!


While Martial Sounds his Ear delight,

And rouse him as they swell, Amidst the Fury of the Fight

His wounded Courser fell.


In that distress'd and dubious Hour,

All cover'd with Despair,
Alarm'd was England's Guardian Pow'r,

And say'd his Royal Care..

Victorious Youth to Greatness born!

The smiling Genius said;


h! Fated Empire to adorn,
And ALBION's Fame to spread !


Thy shining Vertues to reward,

And bless a Martial Land,
A Diadem thy Brow shall guard,

A Sceptre grace thy Hand.


Let the glad Day, which gave thee Light,

The Symphonies prolong;
While Poets thy great Deeds recite,

And O UDEN ARD's thy Song.

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To Harmony, and Fame, that Day

Shall ever Sacred be;
And ev'ry Mufe devote a Lay

To Oudenard and Thee.


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gay, The beauteous Flavia loy'd, And sighing at her Feet he lay,

Till Sighs her Pity mov'd.

My Fair, he cry'd, your. Loyer dies,

If you refuse your Charms;
Die when you please, the Nymph replies,

But die in Flavia's Arms.


Happy those Swains in. Days of Yore,

When ev'ry Nymph went loosely dreft;
When only Skins Aung lightly o'er,
Or some such easy Garb they wore,

Which never did Love's Joy molefta


But such a Dress, degen’rate: We
Can never but in Pictures see;
For ev'ry Nymph wears now a-days,

So many Petticoats and Pins,
Girdles, and other such Delays,
The Pleasure, while the LOVER fays,

Is vanilhid, e'er the Šport begins.

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