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All amaz'd he stood with her Beauty fird,

And bleft the courteous Wind,
Then whisp'ring, sigh'd, and the Gods delirid

That CELIA might prove kind;
Then with Hopes grown bold he advanc'd amain,
But she laugh'd aloud in a Dream, and again
With a fa, &c. repelled the tim'rous Swain.


When once Desires inflame the Soul,

All modelt Doubts withdraw;
And the God of Love does those Fears controul

Which should a Lover awe;
Shall a Prize like this, says the am'rous Boy,
Escape, and I not the Means imploy,
With a Fa, &c. and seize the proffer'd Joy?



The glowing Yoath, to relieve his Pain,

The slumb'ring Maid carest,
And with trembling Hands the filly Swain

Her snowy Bosome prest;


Then the Nymph awak'd, and affrighted, few,
Yet look'd and wish'd he would pursue,
With a Fa, &c. but D AMON miss'd his Cue.


? VI.

Then repenting that he'd let her fly,

Himself he thus accus'd;
What a dull and stupid Thing was It!

That such a Chance abus'd

Shame it will o'er the Plains be said,
That DAMON a Virgin alleep betray'd,
With a Fa, &s. yet let her go a Maid.

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ELINDA now, whom Thirst of Fame in

vites, Burns to encounter two advent'rous Knights

At O M BR E, singly to decide their Doom, And swells her Breasts with Conquests yet to come. Strait the thrée Bands prepare in Arms to join ; Each Band the Number of the sacred Nine. Soon as she spreads her Hand,'th' Serial Guard Descend, and sit on each important Card :

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First Ariel perch'd upon a Matadore,
Then each, according to the Rank they bore;
For Sylphs, yet mindful of their ancient Race,
Are, as when Women, wond'rous fond of Place,

Behold, four KING s in Majesty rever'd,
With hoary Whiskers, and a forky Beard :
And four fair QUEENS, whose Hands sustain a Flow'r;
Th' expressive Emblem of their fofter Pow'r;
Four K NAVÉS in Garbs fuccin&, a trusty Band,
Caps on their Heads, and Halberds in their hand;
And party.colour'd Troops, a shining Train,
Draw forth to Combate on the Velvet Plain

The skilful Nymph' reviews her Force with Care;
Let Spades be Trumps, she said, and Trumps they were,

Now-move to War her fable Matadores,
In Thew like Leaders of the swarthy Moors,
Spadillia fuft, unconquerable Lord!
Led off two Captive Trumps, and swept the Board.
As many more Manillia forc'd to yield,
And march'd a Victor from the .yerdant Field.
Him Basto follow'd, but his Fate more hard,
Gain'd but one Trump, and one Plebeian Card.
With his broad Sabre next, a Chief in Years,
The hoary Majelty of Spades appears;


Puts forth one manly Leg, to fight reveald;
The reft his many-colour'd Robe conceald...,
The Rebel-K NA VË, who dares his Prince engage,
Proves the just victim of his Royal Rage.
Ev'n mighty Pam, that KINGS and QUEENS O'erthrew,
And mow'd down Armies in the Fights of Ls,
Sad Chance of War! now deftitute of Aid,
Falls undistinguish'd by the Vigor Spade.

Thus far both Armies to Belinda yield; Now to the Baron, Fate inclines the Field. His warlike Amazon her Hoft invades, Th’ imperial Consort of the Crown of Spades. The Club's black Tyrant firft her Vi&im dy'd,' 549.11" Spight of his laughty Mein, and barb'rous Pride! 17:) What boots the Royal Circle on his Head, His Giant-Limbs, in State unweildly spread; That long behind he trails his pompous Robe, And, of all Monarchs, only gripes the Globe.

The Baron now his Diamonds pours apaces Th' embroider'd KING, who thews but half his Face, And his refulgent QUEEN, with Pow'rs combin'd, Of broken Troops an easy Conquest find. Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, in wild Disorder seen, With Throngs promiscuous strew the level Green,

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