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How comes't that he, who once despis'd a Chair, Now box'd up, fears the gentlest Breath of Air: Why drop his useful Friends for shallow Beaux, And leave his Book, to study well-made Cloaths ? Now on that Shelf, which Homer once did grace, Stand red-heeld Shoe's, and Washes for the Face; And in that Place where the great Virgil lay, His Taylor's Bill, and a vile modern Play.

Had THETIS Son us’d Female Arts like these, To please his Mother with laglorious Ease, He might in Peace his Petticoat have wore, And unsuspected fhund the Phrygian Shore.

Epigramma in INNOCENTEM XII.

Romittis, promisa negas, deflesque negata :

, Te, tribus his Signis, quis negat ese PETRUM?

Albi, 'ne doleas plus nimio.

Hor. Lib. I. Ode 33,

Gliese hotel a Faithlefs Creature from your Arms ;

Rieve not, dear Albius, that some younger Charms,
Have lur'd a faithlefs Creature from


; Cease of thy fighted Passion to complain, When bright LYCORIS loves, and loves in vain; She dies for CYRUS, but without Returns, While for a Nymph nor fair, nor kind, he burns: Bur Lambs with Tygers sooner shall conspire, Than vertuous PHOLO E grant his lewd Desire.

Thus does that cruel Paphian Queen ordain,
That tend'rest Love should meet with cold disdain,
Pleas'd to see wretched Victims burn in vain.
Ey'n I, whilft Beauteous Ladies call for Aid,
Am yet bewitch'd to love a Chambermaid ;
Myrtale, coarser than an Adrian Wave,
In spight of Beauty keeps poor Me her Slaye.

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A COPY of Verses on Mr. D AY,
Who from his Landlord ran away.

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ERE DAY and NIGHT confpir'd a sudden Flighty

For DAY, they fay, is run away by NIGHT. DAY's past and gone. Why, Landlord, where's your


you not see that DAY was almost spent ?
Day pawn’d and sold, and put off what he might;
Tho' it be ne'er so dark, D AY will be light.
You had one D AY a Tenant; and would fain
Your Eyes could see that DAY but once again.
No, Landlord, No! now you may truly say,
(And to your Cost too) you have lost the DAY.
DAY is departed in a Mift; I fear,
For Day is broke, and yet does not appear.
From Time to Time he promis'd still to pay;
You should have rose before the break of D A Y.
But if you had, you'd have got nothing by't,
For D A Y was cunning, and broke over-NIGHT.
DAY, like a Candle, is gone out, but where
None knows, unless to t’other Hemisphere.
Then to the Tavern let us hast, away,
Come cheer up----hang't---'tis but a broken D AY.


And he that trusted Day for

any Sum Vill have his Money, if that Day will

But how now, Landlord! what's the Matter, pray?
What you can't fleep, you long so much for Day.
Have you a mind, Sir, to arrest a DAY?
There's no such Bailiff now as Joshua.
Cheer up then, Man! what, tho' you've loft a Sum,
Do you not know that Pay-DA Y yet will come?
I will engage, do you but leave your Sorrow,
My Life for your's, Day comes again to Morrow,
And for your Renta-never torment your Soul,
You'll quickly see D AY peeping thro' a Hole.

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An Imperfect

Occasion’d by seeing the



In Weftminster-Hall.

E sacred Seats! ye venerable U'R NS!
Where Gilded Royalty to Dust returns,
Where Bards, who promis'd everlasting

Mock their own Boast, and meet their KINGs in Death:
Receive the DEBT your cruel Mansions crave,
As great, as Nature ever paid to Grave.
Earth open wide! rejoyce thy greedy Womb!
Be proud, O DEATH! and triumph o'er the Tomb!

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