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E S T A L.

From Ovid de Faftis, Lib. III. Eleg. 1.

Blanda quies vi&tis furtim fubrepit ocellis, &c.


S the FAIR VB STAL to the Fountain came,

(Let nonc be startled at a Vestal's Name)
Tir'd with the Walk, she laid her down to Rest,
And to the Winds expos'd her glowing Breast,
To take the Freshness of the Morning-Air,
And gather'd in a Knot her Aowing Hair;
While thus she rested, on her Arm reclin'd,
The hoary Willows waving with the Wind,
And Feather'd CHOIR s that warbled in the Shade,
And purling Streams, that thro' the Meadows stray'd,
In drowsy Murmurs lulled the gentle Maid.
The God of War beheld the Virgin lie,
The God beheld Her with a LOVER's Eye;



And by fo tempting an Occasion press’d,
The Beauteous MAID, whom He beheld, possessid:
Conceiving as she slept, Her fruitful Womb
Swellid with The FOUNDER of Immortal ROME.

EPISTĽ E from a Gentleman in DENMARK,

to bis Friend in ENGLAND.


ROM frozen CLIMES, and endless TRACTS of

SNOW, From STREAM S that Northern Winds forbid to Aow; What Present shall the Muse to BRITAIN bring; Or how, so near the Pole, attempt to fing? The hoary Winter here conceals from Sight, All pleasing Objects that to Verse invite. . The Hills and Dales, and the delightful Woods, The flow'ry Plains, and Silver-streaming Floods, By Snow disguis’d, in bright Confusion lye, And with one dazling Waste fatigue the Eye.

No gentle breathing Breeze prepares the SPRING,
No Birds within the Defart Region Sing.
The Ships unmoy'd, the boist'rous Winds defy,
While rattling Chariots o'er the OCEAN fly.

The vast Leviathan wants room to play,
And spout his Waters in the Face of Day.
The starving Wolves along the Main S E prowl,
And to the Moon in Icy Valleys howl.
For many a shining League the level MAIN
Here spreads it self into a glassy PLAIN:
There solid Billows of enormous Size,
Alps of great Ice, in wild disorder rise.


yet but lately have I seen ev'n Here,
The Winter in a lovely DRESS appear.

the Clouds let fall the treasur'd SNOW,
Or Winds began through hazy Skies to blow.
At Ev’ning a keen Eastern Wind arose,
And the descending Rain unsully'd froze,
Soon as the filent Shades of Night withdrew,
The ruddy Mor n disclos'd at onee to View
The Face of Nature in a rich Disguise,
And brightend ev'ry Object to my Eyes :
For ev'ry Shrub, and ev'ry Blade of Grass,
And ev'ry pointed Thorn, feemd wrought in Glass.
In Pearls and Rubies rich the Hawthorns show,
While throw the Ic E the Crimson Berries glow.
The thick-sprung Reeds the watry Marshes yield,
Şeem polish'd Lances in a hostile Field.
The Stag in limpid Currents, with Surprize,
Sees Chryftal Branches on his Forehead rise.


The spreading Oak, the Beech, and tow'ring Pine,
Glaz'd over in the freezing ÆTHER shine.
The frighted Birds the rattling Branches (hun,
That wave and glitter in the distant Sun.

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When, if a sudden Gust of Wind arise,
The brittle Forest into Atoms flies
The crackling Wood beneath the Tempest bends,
And in a spangled Show'r the Prospe&t ends.
Or if a Southern Gale the Region warm,
And by degrees unbind the wintry Charm,
The Traveller a miry Country fees,
And journeys sad beneath the dropping Trees.

Like some deluded Peasant Merlin leads
Thro’ fragrant Bow'rs, and thro’ delicious Meads;
While here inchanted Gardens to him rise,
And airy Fabricks there attract-his Eyes,
His wand'ring Feet the Magick Paths pursue,
And while he thinks the fair Illusion true,
The trackless Scenes disperse in fluid Air,
And Woods, and Wilds, and thorny Ways appear:
A tedious Road, the


Wretch retuins, And, as he goes,

in transient Vision mourns.


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HEN with a Bridegroom's Guft I kiss,

And press CLARIND A to my Breast; Her balmy Lips enhance my Bliss,

Ånd Jove himself's not half fo bleft.

But when the Nymph withdraws her Charms,

And Envy calls away the Fair ;
I, who had Heav'n within my Arms,

Am loft at once in deep Despair.

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AY GLYCER A, why thus in shameful Ease

You make young VARUS lose his better Days? Why does he now those Hours, he valued, pass Dangling with you, or looking in the Glass ?


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