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Had Hermes at his Elbow stood,
Perhaps his Speech might have been good:
But, setting That, at once, aside,
Fove spoke; and Dobson thus reply'd.
“ Why, truly, Friend, I have had Warning,
“ I miss d my Cocks and Hens, this Morning;
« Within my Barn four Gypsy's lay
“ Last Night, and tole them all away.
“ But it were hard to judge (1 trow)
" That all are bad 'cause some are so.

walk in. He fet a Chair ;
Beg'd Pardon for his homely Fair;
Such Fare 'no God had ever seen,
The Remnant of a Cheese, calld Green.
Then, the good Man a Faggot lighted,
To chéer the Stranger, thus benighted;
And bid him dry his dropping Cloaths,
And warm his Feet, and toast his Nose.

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Fove, tho' he lik'd not much his Food, Was hungry; and the Will was good: : So, he e'en fell on without sparing, And stroak'd poor Tray, and gave him Paring. They talk'd of Harvests, and of Rain, The Gypsy's Tale was told again. And then the Guest to.please his Hoft, Callid to my Landlord for a Toast;

“ Your Daughters; come, they must be pretty,
And then he laugh'd, and then grew witty:
All which We, out of Modesty,
For fear of Spoiling will pass by ;
But could I fing with Pindar's Vein,
Or Lyrick D'Urfey's loftier Strain,
The Farmers Ale would claim a Song,
As smooth as Oyl, as Brandy strong.

Now, Jove, to Bed he e'en may go,
And dream of any, you know who ;
The good Man's Daughter, if he please,
Or lye awake and curse the Fleas :
For spight of Fate, where Poultry come,
These Vermin will be troublesome,

Next Motn, came Debfon, e'er 'twas Light,
I hope you rested well last Night.
Fove yawn'd, and thank'd him, you may think,
Altho' he never Nept a Wiņk;

Then, thus went on; Know, honeft Man,
'Tis Jupiter, you entertain,
“ Who will your Services reward,
By Miracle, as yet unhear'd;
First then, your CHE E s E shall upwards risc,
And gain a Station in the Skies,
“ Where, shining with amazing Light,
“ It Travellers shall guide by Night;

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« And when it shall with few Nights wearing,
- Be shorn out to the very Paring,
“ It shall again, by just Degrees,
• Increase, till it be grown Full CHE ES E.
“ Besides, as a peculiar Grace,
You in your CHEES E shall have a Place;
And, on your Back,

Bush shall bear, " The Fasces of your Empire there;

Lastly, shall Tray, your trusty Friend, “ Be your Companion to the End; Of Dogs Terrestrial, Sovereign Lord,

By folemn Midnight Bark ador'd.

Now, how they got up to the Skies
But there they be; Let that suffice.
Hence, with true Jest, 'tis often said,
The MOON of a GREEN-CHE ES E is made :
Tho', the craz'd Scholar, in that Round,
A WORLD inhabited-has found,
And gravely fancies, that he sees
Mountains, Seas, Rivers in a CHEESE.



Leaky Vessel: Τ Α Ι Ε.

Vieta est non ægré proditione fua. Ovid.

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IRCO, an old, but am'rous Blade,
Had sometime kept a pretty Maid,
Whom to Debauch he oft had try'd,

But had as often been deny'd :
Fair Promises at first were usid,
But these with Scorn the Girl refus’d;
Nor could his Coin prevail upon her,
To sela her Love, or wound her Honour;


Old Hirco thought he ne'er should do't,
And so‘gave o'er the vain Pursuit,

HIRCO had all his Life been one,
They call a boon Companion. ,
And in his House had always Liquor
To entertain the Squire or Vicar,
From bottled Ale to good French Claret,
And Stout so stale, no Head could bear it;
Man's greatest Sin he often said,
Was sneaking soberly to Bed;
Believ'd that parting dry Lips was,
Of Sodom's Fire the fatal Cause;
Hell's Torments he did really think,
Not scorching Flames, but want of Drink;
He made it plain from sacred Writ,
That Wine was for the Stomach fit;
And therefore he, for Conscience sake,
A hearty Dose would often take.
But when inflam'd wich gen'rous Liquor,
His Pulse beat high, and Blood mov'd quicker ;
Then Fancy brought into his Arms,
His Wench dress’d up in all her Charms;
Her ruddy Cheeks, her well-turn'd Nose,
Her little Mouth, her Eyes like Sloes;
Her less’ning Shape, her swelling Bubbies,
Her Lilly Hand, and Lips of Rubies ;


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