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Eager to do't, he took his FLUTE,

Love trickling thro' his Fingers blew,

And whisper'd melting Graces;
He did his Part with wond'rous Art,

Expecting Praises after ;
But she, instead of falling Dead,

Burst out into a Laughter.


Taking the Hint, as Chloe meant,

Said he, my Dear, be easy,
I haye a FIUTĖ, which, tho’’ris mute,

May play a Tune to please you;
* Then down he laid, the loving Maid,

He found her kind and willing,
He play'd again, and tho' each Strain

Was filent, yet 'twas killing.


Fair Chloe foon approved his Tunc,

And yow'd he play'd divinely;


Let's take it o'er, says she, once more,

It goes exceeding finely;
The Flute is Good, that's made of Wood,

And is, I own, the Neatest,
But ne'ertheless, I must confess,
The silent FLUTE's the Sweetest.

S O N G.

Arewel, dear Tyrant of my Soul,

The Fates resolve we now must part; The Fates admit of no Controul,

But are relentless as your Heart.

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Why did the Gods such Charms bestow

On such a false and cruel Mind? Why send such Beauty here below,

To Ruin me and all Mankind ?


Where e'er you move, whole Crowds fall down,

Proud to be trampled on by Thee;

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The mighty'st Kings resign their Crown,

And Commonwealths their Liberty.


Should'It thou o'er Gallia make a Tour,

Where Navish Subjects breathe with Awe; The Grand Monarch would own rhy Pow'r, And ftrait repeal the Salique Law.

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Nay, the grave Hollander himself,

Tho ne'er fo Frugal, Chatte and Old;: 2.11
Would soon forsake his Darling, Pelf, I osa

And worship Thee instead of Golde l'uns: 9"( ...


But where, by Rapture, am I hurld?

All things confess your haughty Reiga; While thus you lead the Captive World

In one Great Universal Chain.

[blocks in formation]



FROM Mrs. C---------é, to Mr. Foy,

Deputy-Governour of the


H, Jor! thy Name I never knew,
At least, these twice four Years and two;
Nor eyer must expect to know;
Unless thy Boanty, Joys bestow.

Soon after Spouse and I were chain’d,
At Helm the Tory-Party reign'd.
The QUEEN I lov'd, but hated those,
Who proved themselves my country's Foes;

I 4


Vex'd to see what Corporal JOHN
Was Nine Years doing, all undone;
And those that trembled at his Name,
On Cockhorse mounted up again;
I now and then, to ease my Spleen,
Lash'd these Misleaders of the QN;
Still proving by my frequent Rhymes,
I durft be Good in Worst of Times;
TO GEORGE of WALES I dedicated,
Tho' then at Court I knew himn hated.
Dick Steele was then in Reputation,
With all true Lovers of


Yet spight of Steel's Advice I did it ;
Nay, tho' my Husband's Place forbid it;
For he these Forty Years has been
The Servant of a KING or QUEEN:.
Nor will I here the Truih dissemble,
This Action made his Poft to tremble;
And he had surely been turn’d out,
Had not good Fortune wheel'd about.

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This made Spouse stare like any Spectre, And as he was my Head to Hector.

Madam, said he, with surly Air,
You've manag'd finely-this Affair ;
Pox take your Schemes, your Wit and Plays,
I'm bound to curse 'em all my Days:

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