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His Wit, his Art, and copious Eloquence,
Have fingly won the Question to his side,
Made Oxf----d blush, and St. John drop his Pride;

Ear was with his Accents charm'd,
As every Breast was with his Ardour warm’d:
Faction was touch'd, and felt the secret Force,
Dumb and convicted, but without Remorse,
Envý with Rage contending in her face,
To see his Triumph and her juft Disgrace.

Nor less in Council did his Weight appear,
The ablest Statesman, as the brightest Peer.
Thou mighty Prince, who from perfidious Power
Didst speed to save us in a timely Hour;
Whilft Beauty join’d with Valour form'd thy Train,
To grace our Court, and raise our martial Vein;
Whose rising Beams made drooping Credit thrive,
Religion spring, fair Liberty revive;
Say, if thy chosen Ministers, who fate
With thee to guide the great Machine of State,
A more consummate Character could boast,
Than that which Britain in her W HAR TON loft.

Oh! had kind Heav'n (if Prayers were not too late) Another Lufirum added to his Date, How would his Head, his Heart, his Hand confpire, To punilh Traytors as their Crimes require ? To crush Rebellion, bridle Factious Rage, And quell the Monsters of an impious Age?


How would his Bosome beat with Joy to see,
Great GEORGE! the British Legend true in thee?
To see thee o’er the vanquish'd Dragon ride,
And free thy Kingdoms from his Rage and Pride?
Whilft Peace and Plenty spread their golden Wings
Around the best of MEN, the best of KINGS,
And ev'ry Tide shall waft into thy Ports
Wealth from all Lands, and Homage from all Courts..


But Sov’reign Heav'n, whose Ways are ever wise,
Just drew the glorious Dawn before his Eyes;
And for his happier Son resery'd the Sight
Of BRUNSWICK's Power in its Meridian Light.
GEORGE shall in Him prove Honour, Courage, Tr
And find the Father in the pregnant Youth. '.

Thus the great Leader of the Hebrew Bands, Through op'ning Billows, and o'er burning Sands, From Egypt's Yoak, and haughty Pharaoh's Chains, To Canaan's fruitful Hills, and flow'ry Plains, From Pifgha's Height the promis d Land descry'd; More was forbid; he faw, Rejoye'd, and dy'd.



By a Gentleman on a LADY's singing am An

Swer of her own. Composing, to a copy of Verses be had formerly made in her Praise.



H, Clio! Had thy diftant Lays

Attack'd my weaker side,
And thou had it only writ to raise

An empty Poet's Pride;
With merry Glee then all Day long,
Thy Wit, thy Verse had been my Song.

With a Fa, la, &c.


But to the Lines which thou haft writ,

It was a cruel Choice
To add new Force, and Grace thy Wit

With Beauty and with Voice;
Wit only Points, but Lip and Eye.
Feather the Darts and make them fly.

With, &c,

III. Thy


Thy Dawning Muse thou should'ft haye fent

Forerunner to thy Sun,
And not have fpread the Firmament

At once with Height of Noon;
To banish Darkness it was kind,
But Cruel thus to frike me Blind.

With, &c.

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When kindled Skies their Light’nings broach,

At diftance they appear,
To warn us of their first approach,

And for the Storin prépare ;


But Flashes unexpected fright,
They melt the Soul, and pierce the Sight.

With, &c.


But you, Fair Nymph, no Time allow,

At once our Fate proclaim,
And whilft your Beauty makes us Glow,

Your Voice infpires the Flame,
But when the Mufe affumes the part,
What Armour can insure the Heart?

With, &c.


The Delphick God by Female Tongues

The Oracles declar'd,
From horrid Looks thro' untun'd Lungs

The Fate of Crowns was heard ;
But the whole God in thee does meet,
His Youth, his Beauty, and his Wit,

With, &c.


Had Sappho thus to Phaon writ,

She had escap'd the Wave,


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