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And sometimes, for his country's Good,
Working thro' a Sea of Blood;
And when this is said, and more,
And Praises rattled o'er and o'er ; .
Give the Earl at once his Due, .'
Tell the World it is most True,
That he his Life did ever guide,
By sticking to one honeft Side;
And, unto Death, there's no one Art,
Him and his Cause shall ever part:
That he t'advise the KING is fit,
Has Judgment, and is bleft with Wit:
And in short, when Marlbro' dies,
And Fate has clos'd those glorious Eyes,
There's no one Subject in this Land
Fit the Army to Command,
But Cadogan------ And for Rhyme,
Good-by, smart Poet, 'till next Time:

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And what's this hidden Charm? (she cr’d)"
And spurn'd th' embracing Cloaths afide,
From Limbs of such a Shape, and Hue
As Titian's Pencil never drew;
Resoly'd the dark Abode to trace
Of Female Honour, or Disgrace,
Where Vertue finds her Task too hard,
And often Slumbers on the Guard.

Th' Attempt she makes, and buckles to
With all her Might; but 'rwould not do:
Still, as she bent, the Part requir'd,
As Conscious of its Shame, retird.

“ What's to be done? We're all aground! " Some other Method must be found “ Water Narcissus Face could show, "And why not Chloe's Charms below! Big with this Project, the applies The Jordan to her Virgin-Thighs, But the dull Lake her Wish deniesa

- What Luck is here? We're foild again! s The Devil's in the Dice, that's plain! No Chymist e'er was so perplex'd; No jilted Coxcomb half so vex'd; No Bard, whose gentler Muse excels, At Tunbridge, Bath, or Epsom-Wells,


Ordain'd, by Phæbu's special Grace,
To sing the Beauty's of the Place,
E'er pomp'd and chaf d to that Degree,
To tagg his Fav'rite Simile.

Thus Folks are often at a Stand,
When Remedy's are near at Hand!
For, lo! the Glass

ay, that, indeed!
« 'Tis ten to one, we now succeed!
To this Relief she Aies amain,
And straddles o'er the shining Plain;
The Shining Plain reflects at large
All Damon's Wish, and Chloe's Charge:
The CURIOUS MAID, in deep Surprize,
On the grim Feature, fix'd her Eyes:
Far less amaz'd Æneas stood,
When by Avernus sacred Flood,
He saw Hell's Portal fring'd with Wood.

And is this all, is this, (she cry'd) " Man's great Defire, and WOMAN's Pride, “ The Spring whence flows the Lover's Pain, " The Ocean where 'tis lost again,

By Fate for ever doom'd to prove, " The Nursery, and Grave of Love? « O Thou, of dire and horrid Mien, 5 And always better Felt than Seen!

“ Fit Rapture of the gloomy Night,
« O never more approach the Light!
* Like other valries, Max adore,
B: kid, to be recen 2 tbe szorg!

The TIRE-WOMAN. K Nowledge, to Ages past conceal'a,

Is now by Female-Craft reveald.
This Artift, by the Tofling up
The Grounds of Coffee in a Cup,
Foretels the coming of Sweethearts,
Whether they're Rich, or Men of Parts;
Describes 'em in each proper Feature,
Their true Comple&ion, Form and Stature;
I'th' twinkling of an Eye discovers,
If real, or pretended Lovers ;
Determines the Decrees of Fate;
The Loss of Friends to get Estate:
Query's and Doubts does satisfy,
Whether the Sick will live or dye ;
How long a Virgin you'll remain,
And Sigh whole Days and Nights in vain ;

Inall ever wed or not,
How many Times 'twill be your Lot;


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