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OX On a Young LADY's Playing on a Lute. SuCH moving sounds liom fuck's en

UCH moving Sounds from such a careless Toush,

So little mov'd her self, and we so much ;
What Art is this, that with so litele Pains,
Transports us thus, and o'er our Spirits reigns ?
The trembling Strings about her Fingers crowd,
And tell their Joy for ev'ry Kiss aloud;
Small Force there needs to make them tremble so,
Touch'd by thát Hand, who would not tremble too?

From a LOVER to his Mistress who

was afraid to Marry.


HY dread you, MADAM, thus the only State, i

Which GOD ordain'd to make his Gift com.

plete? Obey! a Word of Form, and nothing more, There's stronger Magick in the word Adore ;


Worship, I mean, which is the self same thing,
To Worship you, we our whole Bodies bring;
Vhen J o ve, with fervent Zeak we fupplicate,
To beg'a Blessing from his heav'nly Seat,
If we obtain, then he without Dispute,
Obeys our Call, when e'er he grants our Suit :
For by the word Obey, indeed, is meant,
Just neither more or less than bare Consent;
And such Obedience we exped from you,
Whilft we are kind, you, doubtless, will be true,
What Tyrant can resist-á WOMAN's Charms,
That knows to move, and mould him in her Arms?
One balmy Kiss melts all his Rage away,
And makes this Lord of all the World, Obey,
Yield then, my CHARMER, cast your Fears aside,
Forget the Virgin, and assume the Bride;
The Joys of Wedlock are fo* fweet, fo vaft,
That Heav'n refery'd that Cordial for the last;
When GOD o'er all had made us MÉn the Head,
To make our Bliss, complete, he bad us Weds
To WOMEN he this Benefit allows,
Each is by Pleasure brib'd to please her Spouse;
Yet more in their behalf, to end all Strife,
AMAN forfakes his Mother for his Wife,


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By Mr. W X.

9001237 WIFT as his Fame, o'er all the World he

fliess ::COS Follow'd by Friends, as frun'd by Enemy's: .'

Tho'.they who follow him, muft undergo Hazards as great, as meeting him his Foe; His Trumpets, like the laft, give Joy and Dread, Giye fear to Foes, and raise friends. Spirits dead;

LA But his Great HEART) which ne'er himself will spare, asi Makes Friends no less then Enemy's to fear;. City's he vanquith'd in as short a Space, As other Princes visit them in Peace; Whose Walls and Tréniches could no more enfure Safety to them, than Dread in Him procure:


Whom Dangers still and Difficulteis make
More fierce and eager in his bold Attack.

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But B & ITAIN's Chief, as merciful as brave,
Still fights to conquer, Conquers but to Save:
Thus Ancient Hero's their juft Arms imploy'd,
To quell those Monsters which Mankind destroy'd.
While some the Name of Demi-Gods obtain,
By being Devils intire, destroying Men;
He risks His Life, His Foes as Friends to save,
The World to free, which others would enslave;
So doubly vanquishes his Friends and Foes,
These with his Kindness, with his Courage those.
Great is his Justice, but his Mercy more,
So far his Modesty transcends his Power
The only thing He ne'er could conquer yet,
Which, as his Merit is more truly Great,
Does still the better of our HE R o get.
But in the field where we, by Foes, are told,
He only most presumptuously iś Bold, Estonia
Attacking of great Numbers with the Lefs,
But by more Dangers to ensure Success.

Yet has his Courage, Prudence for its Rein,
Which does his Rage victoriously restrain ;
At once himself He conquers, with his Foe,
When Passion would his Reason overthrow.gil: 63 Pics

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MisceL LANY Poems.
Alike in Danger calm, as in Debate,
Not like those fierce hot Ministers of State,
In Council furious, as in War redate.
He will in War, as peaceful Contest, find
In spight of Opposition, Peace of Mind :
Who swift in Action, and in Conduct

Can boldly charge, triumphantly retreat,
Pursue his Foe, but fly pursuing Fame, ,
Has nothing but his Modelty his Blame,

What Wonder MARLB RO' by these Virtues rose:
By these the Romans triumph'd o'er their Foes;
These rais'd the Trojan to the bless'a Abode,
And made him first an HERO, then a GoD.
Both were alike by Goddesses inspird, CT
By Venus He, as You by ANNA fir'd;
Yet with this diff'rence, each in Time shall live,
He fought to gain an Empire You to give. .

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