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(Content our short-liyid Praifes to engage,
The Joy and Wonder of a single Age,)
Unless some Poet in a lasting Song,
To late Posterity their Fame prolong,
Inftru&t our Sons the radiant. Form to prize,
And see your Beauty with their Fathers Eyes.


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Hilft Maudlin Whigs bewail'd their C A TO's Fate,

Still with dry. Eyes the Tory CÆLIA fat, bi But tho' her Pride forbad.the Tears to flow, vi The gushing Waters found a Vent below; 'Tho' secret, yet with powerful Streams she mourns, Like twenty River-Gods with all their Urns. Let others New an Hypocritick Face, She shews her Grief in a sincerer place; There Nature reigns, and Pallion's void of Art, For that Road leads dire&ly to the Heart..

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Fourth of November, 1712.

Being the ANNIVERSARY of the Birth,

Marriage, and Day of Landing in England, of the late King WILLIAM the Third, of Glorious and Immortal MEMORY,

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O Day a Mighty HERO comes to warm
Your curdld Blood, and bids you Britains


To Valour much he owes, to Virtue more; He fights to save, and conquers to restore. He strains no Text, nor makes Dragoons perswade, He likes RELIGION, but He hates that Trade;


Born for MANKIND, They by his Labours live, Their PROPERTY, is his PREROGATIVE. His Sword destroys less than his Mercy faves, And none, except his Passions, are his Slaves. “ With how much haste his Mercy meets his Foes! " And how unbounded his Forgiveness flows! '« What Trophies o'er our captiv'd Hearts he rears, " By MODERATION, greater than by Wars! “ His Generous Soul for FREEDOM was design'd, “ To pull down Tyrants, and unsave MANKIND; “ He broke the CHAINS of EUROPE; and when we “ Were doom'd før Slaves, he came and set us Free: " Shew'd us how Grace made Majesty reverd, “ And that the PRINCE-belov’d, was truly fear'd.

Such, Britains ! was the PRINCE you did possess, In Councils Great, and in the Camp.no Lefs. Brave, but not Cruel; Wise without Deceit, Born for an Age eurs'd with a Bajazet. But you disdaining to be too secure, Ask'd his P R O TECTION, and yet grudg'd his Power : With you a Monarch's Right admits Dispute, Who give Supplies, are only Absolute. Britains, for shame, your Factious Feuds decline, You've too long Labour'd for the Bourbon Line; Affert loft Rights, an Austrian Prince alone, Is born to Nod upon the Spanish Throne.

Quit your Cabals, Associate, and in Spight
OF WHIG or TORY, in this Cause Unite:
One Vote will then send Anjou into Francez
There let him with Mock-Monarchs rule the Dance.
Else to the Mantuan Soil he may repair,
Ey’n exil'd GODs of Old, were Latium's Care,
At worft he'll find some Cornish Burrough there.

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DEAR old Brother, Jo,
Laft Week


must know,
Being tir’d with Walking and Thinking;

As soon as 'twas Night,
We whisk'd up a Light;
And refresh'd our Spirits with Drinking.

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