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The K NAVÉ Of Diamonds triés his wily Arts, 28: i'
And wins (O shameful Chance!) the QUEEN of Hearts,
At this, the Blood the Virgin's Cheeks forsook,
A livid Paleness fpreads o’er all her Look;
She fees and trembles at th' approaching Ill,
Just in the Jaws of Ruin, and Codille.
And now,, as oft in fome distemper'd State
On one nice Trick depends the gen'ral Fate;
An Ace of Hearts ifteps forth the KING unfeen
Lurk'd in her Hand, and mournd his Captive QUEEN;
He springs to Vengeance with an eager Pace,
And falls like Thunder on the prostrate Acé.
The Nymph exulting, fills with Shouts the sky,
The Walls, the Woods, and long Canals * reply.

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Scene, Hampton-Court.


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HRICE happy Damon ! to thy longing Arms

Has Mira now resign'd her Virgin-Charms!
O, may she still improve thy rapt'rous Joy!
For never can her chafte Endearments cloy.

Thrice happy Lover! prize thy beauteous Store,
Nor Heav'n can grant, nor Mortal covet 'more.
And when that Face, where blooming Innocence
Unsully'd shines, less Lustre shall dispence;'
May Time, for ev'ry Charm he weakens there,
With some new Virtue recompence the Fair :
That so thy riper Passion still may find
Fresh Beauties in her undecaying Mind.
So shall enamour'd Mira find in Thee
That Love, that Faith, she might have prov'd in me,

Thy RIYAL once, thy RIYAL NOW no morej,
Unenvy'd bids thee all her Sweets explore;
And curft, by thy prevailing Destiny,
Still Show'rs down Blessings on thy Bride and Thee.
Compelled by Fate, the Charmer I refign,
Nor will I at thy happier-Lot repine:
The Love of Mira has my Soul refind,
And from ungen'rous Paffions purg'd my Mind.

Had Heav'n bestow'd the glorious Prize on mej.
And you, like Thyrfis lov'd, if that can be ;-
Imparadis'd within the Fair ONE's Arms,
Bleft in her Smiles, and Lord of all her Charms,
Ey'n then, reflcâing on the Joys you loft,
& gen'rous Sympathy Come Sighs had colt;
By my own Joys I should have guessed your Pain,
And almoft, wila'd you had not loy'd in vain ;.
To Fate alone bave giv'n the dear Success,
Nor thought my Merit greater, nor your's less.

O! if a Wretch, dead-frozen by Disdain,
Cao e'er by funny Love be warm’d again ;.
Then quickly, Heav'n, bright Mira’s Loss repair.
By some kind Nymph, compassionate as fair.
May Mira's milder Glances arm-her Eye;
Her Cheeks may Mira's modest Crimson die ;.


Her Smiles may Mira's winning Sweetness grace,
And Mira's Lillies blossom in her Face :
The same her Features, be her Mind the same,
And Mira's Virtues add to Mira's Fame.

Then, to complete the Workmanship Divine,
Give her a Heart as true and fond as mine:
With mutual Flames our faithful Bosomes warm;
Let her like Thyrfis love, like Mira charm.
1 ask no more; in Love completely blest,
Let Avarice and Ambition take the rest.

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University of Oxford,

On the Acting of CA



HAT Kings henceforth fall Reign, what

States be freç,
Is fix'd at length by ANNA's just Decree:

Whose Brows the Mufes facred Wreath
shall fit,
Is left to you, the Arbiters of Wit.
With beating Hearts the Rival Poets wait,
Till you, Athenians, shall decide their Fate;


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