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" Martin and Lewis, at their best — and that means not in any of their movies — had a marvelous tension between them. The great thing about them was their incomparable incompatibility, the persistent sexual hostility, the professional knowingness they... "
Enfant Terrible!: Jerry Lewis in American Film - Страница 128
под редакцията на - 2002 - 274 страници
Ограничен достъп - Информация за книгата

Classical Hollywood Comedy

Jenkins, Alan - 1995 - 430 страници
...is to say that members of a comedy team have more in common with each other than with anyone else. Martin and Lewis at their best . . . had a marvelous...incompatibility, the persistent sexual hostility. . . .31 Martin and Lewis embody polarized extremes of masculinity.32 The team was by no means simply...
Ограничен достъп - Информация за книгата

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