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Arachne paints th’Amours of mighty Jove, How in a Bull the God disguis'd his Love, A real Bull seems in the Piece to roar, And real Billows breaking on the Shore: In fair Europa's Face appears Surprize, To the retreating Land she turns her Eyes, And seems to call her Maids, who wond'ring stood, And with their Tears increas’d the Briny Flood, Her trembling Feet she by contraction saves From the rude Insults of the rising Waves.

Here Am'rous Jove dissolving Leda trod, And in the vig'rous Swan conceal'd the God. Love lends him now an Eagles new Disguise, Beneath his flutt'ring Wings Asteria lies. Here her enliv'ning Colours well express'd How Jove the fair Antiope caress’d.

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In a strong Satyr's rough-hewn Form he came, Instilling Love transports the glowing Dame, And lusty Twins reward his nervous Flame. Here how he sooth'd the bright Alcmena's Love, Who for Amphitryon took th’Impostor: Jove. And how the God in Golden Show'rs allurd The guarded Nymph in brazen Walls immur'd. How, in a Swain, Mnemosyne he charms, In lambent Flames the fair Ægina warms :And how with various glitt’ring Hues inlaid. In Serpent's form Deöis he betray'd. Here you, great Neptune, with a short-liv'd flame In a young Bull enjoy'd th’ Æolian Dame. Then in Enipeus? Shape Intrigues pursue,' 'Tis thus th’ Aloids boaft Descent from you. Here to Bisaltis you your Love convey'd, And as a Ram deceiv'd the yielding Maid,


2, Ceres, kind Mother of the bounteous Year, , Whose Golden Locks a fheafy Garland bear; And the dread Dame, whose Head's with Serpents

[hung, From whom the Pegafæan Courser sprung, Thee in a snuffing Stallion's Form enjoy, Exhaust thy Strength, and ev'ry Nerve employ; Melantha, as a Dolphin you betray, And sport in Pleasures on the rolling Sea. Such just Proportion graces ev'ry Part, Nature her self appears improv'd by Art. Here in disguise was mighty Phæbus seen With clownish Aspect, and a rustick Mien; Again transform’d, he's dress’d inFaulcon'sPlumes, And now the Lyon's noble Shape assumes ; Now, in a Shepherd's form,with treach'rous Smiles He Macareian Ife's. Heart beguiles. Heré his plump Shape enamour'd Bacchus leaves, And in the Grape Erigone deceives.


There Saturn, in a neighing Horse, she wove, Live
And Chiron's double Form rewards his Love.
Festoons of Flow'rs inwove with Ivy shine,
Border the wondrous Piece, and round the Tex-

[ture twine.


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Not Pallas, nor ev'n Spleen it self could blame, The skilful Work of the Mæonian Dame; With Grief her vast Success the Goddess bore, And of CelestialCrimes th’upbraiding Hist'ry tore. Her boxen Shuttle, now enrag'd, she took, And thrice the proud Idmonian A tift struck: Th’unhappy Maid, who found her Labours vain, fair Grew resolute with Pride, and Shame, and Pain. And Around her Neck a fatal Noose the ties, And in Despair to Death for Shelter flies. Pallas with Pity saw the sudden deed, And thus the Virgin's milder Fate decreed.



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" Live,

“Live, Impious Rival, mindful of thy Crime,

Suspended thus to waste thy future time, " This Punishment involves thy num'rous Race, “ Who, for thy Fault, inherit thy Disgrace: Her Incantation Magick Juices aid, With which she sprinkles o’er the pendent Maid, And thus the Charm its noxious Pow'r display'd. Like Autumn Leaves she sheds her falling Hairs, With these, her Nose, and next her rising Ears, Her Head to the minutest Substance shrunk,

[Trunk; And the strong Juice contracts her changing Strait to her Sides, her slender Fingers clung, And there, her nimble Feet, in order hung; Her bloated Belly swells to larger size,

[plies; Which now with smallest Threads her WorksupThe Virgin in the Spider still remains. And in that Shape her former Art retains.


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