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Life in Ic Spring displays a glorious Scene,
Vig'rous like April, and like May Serene,
The Streams of Pleasure flow as Nectar pure,
Attract the Senses, and the Soul allure,
The fond young Man is ravish'd with the Taft,
Smiles, drinks, and dreams the Relish long will Jast;
And giddy with the Fumes, and with Conceit;,
He deems himself for all great Adions fit,

A Cranmer in the Church, and Burleigh in the
Boundless his Hopes, fantastick are his Schemes,
And gay Idæa's fill his golden Dreams,

But oh! how soon the nauseous Dregs arise,
Disgust the Palate, and pollute his Joys,
Troubles break in, and worldly Cares prevail,
The Brain is heated, and the Visage pale.
The Toils of Day invade the peaceful Night,
And sting the Soul, and in black Dreams affright.


Augustus You will Stile-Thrice happy Prince
Hear first his Groans for Julia's vile Offence:
The vanquish'd World this Godlike Man adores,
This Godlike Man Domestick Ills deplores;
O'er Realms of stubborn Men he can preside,
But can't at home one wanton Daughter guide;
Her Death he long revolves,shock'd with Despair,
The Parent and the Judge his Bosom tear.
This Scene appeases Cleopatra's Ghost,
Pandaria gives her back what Actium loft.

Nor outward Ills alone our Pride chastise

From our own Frame corroding Sorrows rise.
Diseases, barb'rous Armies, Havock make,
Aches and Pangs the yielding Fortress shake.
Beauty and Strength are with reluctance fled,
Potions are drank, and loathsome Rules obey'd;
The Pulse oft number'd with a silent care,
And Death seen hov'ring in the hazy Air.

The Soul her Empire would maintain, but fails,
For in the Strife the mortal Part prevails.
See our undaunted Henry loath to yield,
He combats Sickness, and will cake the field,
The fearless Hero in his Litter goes,
But finds his Fever worse than Gallic Foes;
His vig'rous Mind could cause, but cannot heal
An Ill-fo fatal to the Publiek Weal.
Vanquisht at length, the Pious Princé retreats,
And in the Bloom of Life to grifly Death fubmits.


you may fhun Diseases baleful Power,
Nor pine away in an untimely Hour;
Morofe old Age, incurable Difease,
Stalks on, and soon does the frail Being feize;
-Tir'd with himfelf, he Company desires,
Which scornful flies, for Company he tires. 1307
Now penfive on his Staff he walks alone, sig
Too Conscious what himself in Youth has done:

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So chang'd his Country, that he seems to stand
An useless Gazer in a foreign Land.
So chang'd himself, he's scarce the wither'd Shade
Of the proud Thing in Robes of Glory clad.
Edward, once active as the joyful Sun,
Loaded with Years,' himself but loads a Throne,
The Rays so languid, and the Shadows great,
Almost his English with their Sun would set.
* A sordid Woman's baisie Projects stain
The splendid Annals of that martial Reign.

Still fome Remains of Bliss old Age enjoys, But Time voracious those Remains destroys ; 'Till it can nought but naked Life devour:

[proaching Hour, For this che Dotard weeps, and dreads th' apGrim Death regardless knows not how to save,

(Cave. But drags the trembling Prey to his ungrateful

* Alice Pierce.


You smile, and call this Preaching; be it so, But, Sir, this Preaching does relate to you, That the chief Good you wisely may embrace, And add fresh Lustre to an ancient Race, Nor trifle with your Life, and waste your Days In Deeds reproachful, or inglorious Ease. Let Reason sway, be deaf to Pleasure's Charms, And Death prefer to Circe's wanton Arms ; Never forget what to your God you owe, And chearful pay what to your Country's due, Firm to your Friend, and to your self be true. Be decent, but no Slave to empty Rules, The wife Man's Torture, and the Joy of Fools. Thus hoary Mentor speaks, who loves you well, And best the Dangers of your State can tell! You yawn, and say you're safe; I say no more, But think what Creatures swarm on Nile's too

[fertile Shore.


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