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Resolv'd to win, he meditates the way,
By Force to ravish, or by Fraud betray:
For when Success a Lover's Toil attends,
Few ask, if Fraud or Force attain'd his Ends.

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For this, e'er Phæbus rofe, he had implord Propitious Heay'n, and ev'ry Pow'r ador'd, But chiefly Love to Love an Altar built, Of twelve vast French Romances, neatly gilt. There lay the Sword-knot Sylvia's Hands had

trown, With Flavia's Busk that oft had rapp'd his own: A Fan, a Garter, half a Pair of Gloves; And all the Trophies of his former Loves, i With tender Billet-doux he lights the Pyre, And breaths three am'rous Sighs to raise the Fire, Then prostrate falls, and begs with ardent Eyes Soon to obtain, and long possess the Prize:

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The Pow'rs gave Ear, and granted half his Pray’r, The rest, the Winds difpers’d in empty Air.

Clofe by those Meads for ever crown'd with

[Flow'rs, WhereThames with Pride furveys his rising

Tow'rs, There stands a Structure of Majestick Frame, Which from the neighb'ring Hampton takes its

[Name. Here Britain's Statefmen oft the Fall foredoom Of Foreign Tyrants, and of Nymphs at home; Here Thou,great Anna! whom threeRealms obey, Dost sometimes Counseltake---and sometimes Tea.

Hither our Nymphs and Heroes did refort,
To taste awhile the Pleasures of a Court;
In various Talk the chearful hours they past,
Ofs who was Bitt, or who Capotted last:
This speaks the Glory of the British Queen,
And that describes a charming Indian Screen;

A third interprets Motions, Lõoks, and Eyes;
At ev'ry Word a Reputation dies.
Snuff, or the Fan, fupply each Pause of Chatt,
With-finging, laughing, ogling, and all that.

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،و رفت ::

Now, when declining from the Noon of Day, The Sun obliquely shoots his burning Ray; When hungry. Judges foon the Sentence fign, And Wretches hang that Jury-men may Dine; When Merchants from th’ Exchange return in

[Peace, And the long Labours of the Toilette cease The Board's with Cups and Spoons, alternate,

(crown'd; The Berries crackle, and the Mill turns round; On shining Altars of Japan they raise The filver Lamp, and fiery Spirits blaze; From filver Spouts the grateful Liquors glide, And China's Earth receives the smoking. Tyde:


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At' once they gratifie' their Smell and Taste,
While frequent Cups prolong the rich Repaft.
Coffee,' (which makes the Politician wife,
And see thro' all things with his half shut Eyes).'
Sent up in Vapours to the Baron's Brain
New Stratagems, the radiant Locke'to gain.
Ah cease rafh Youth! delift e'er 'tis too late,
Fear the just Gods, and think of * Scylla's Fate!
Chang'd to a Bird, and sent to flite in Air,
She dearly pays for Nisus' injur'd Hair!

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But when to Mischief Mortals bend their Mind,
How soon fit Instruments of Ill they find?
Just then, Clarissa drew with tempting Grace
A two-edg'd Weapon from her shining Case;
So Ladies in Romance assist their Knight,
Present the Spear, and arm him for the Fight,

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He takes the Gift with rey'rence, and extends The little Engine on his Finger's Ends, This juft behind Belinda's Neck he spread, As o'er the fragrant Steams the bends her Head: He first expands the glitt'ring Forfex wide ; • T'inclose the Lock; then joins it, to divide; One fatal {troke the facred Hair does fever · From the fair Head, for ever, and for ever!

The living Fires come flashing from her Eyes, And Screams of Horror rend th'affrighted Skies. Not louder Shrieks by Dames to Heav'n are cast, When Husbands die, or Liap-dogs breath their last, Or when rich China Veffels fal’n from high, In glittring Duft and painted Fragments lie!

LetWreaths of triumph now myTemples twine, (The Victor cry'd) the glorious Prize is mine!

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