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THE ROAD OF RETREAT (continued).

Avenue to the centre constituted by the history of monasteries-interwoven with

history of Christianity, 84; with that of the best kings, 87. The historical

associations of many abbeys supply signals, 90; the illustrious men who die in

them, 96; value of some monastic traditions as sources of history, 98; the

false critics who attacked them, 101. Signal by observing the mo of men

in founding and enriching monasteries, 102; the charters show that they were

built through natural affection sanctified and spiritually directed, 103; through

love, 104; through remorse and repentance, 105; to do good to mankind gene-

rally, 107 ; to manifest love of Jesus Christ, 109; to benefit the soul, 112;

through a desire of heaven, 114. Avenue by a consideration of the character

of monastic life in general, 116. What may suit some may not suit others,

116. These institutions provide for that variety of wants, 121 ; it is the life of

the prophets and apostles, 122 ; the diversity of rules explained, 124; the sanc-

tity of this life, 129; its temptations, 135 ; its spirit of prayer, 139; the chant

and nocturnal office, 143; its mystic side-visions, 147 ; its humility, 150; its

spirit of poverty, 158; why misunderstood in England, 165 ; its frugality and

austerity, 167; its happiness contrasted with worldly alternations, 172; its

poetry, 177; its adaptation to the desires of the ancient philosophy, 181.

Avenue by the facts of conversion, 183; forms of admission and precau-

tions significative, 184; must be voluntary, 186; causes of conversion,

desire of changing life, 187; calamity, 188; love, 190; sickness, 19); grati-
tude, contempt for riches and glory, 195; discourse of the holy, 197; casual


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