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Company, Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain division, so as to afford better connections at Rouse's Point. Ordered sent to president of Central Vermont Railroad Company and to H. G. Young, second vice-president and general manager of Delaware and Hudson Canal Company.

A public hearing was had in the matter of the application of Jamestown Street Rallway Company for the approval of the Board of the use of electricity as its motive power on newly extended routes. C. R. Lockwood, Esq., appeared on behalf of applicant and submitted various papers, which were received and fled. No one appeared in opposltion either in person or by letter. On due deliberation had, the application was granted and decision of the Board as dictated ordered sent forward in ordinary course.

Board adjourned to 1.30 P. M. Monday, June 29, 1891, at Albany.

JUNE 29, 1891.
The Board met pursuant to adjournment. All prosent.
The minutes of the last meetings were read and approved.
The Secretary submitted the acoumulated business under the rule, as follows:

Communication of W. J. Richardson, secretary Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company, conveying new consents in matter of motive power application; also of Sidney T. Lowell, of counsel, conveying withdrawals. R-ferred to Commissioner Rogers.

Of William A. Baldwin, vice-president Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburg Railroad Company, relative to complaint of I. Eugene William as to Springville high bridge. Ordered usual course.

Of W. W. Atwood, relative to accounts of Wellsville, Coudersport and Pine Creek Railroad Company. Ordered referred to accountant to report by letter.

Of E. C. Smith, vice-president Central Vermont Railroad Company, relative to failure to connect with Delaware and Hudson Canal Company trains at Rouse's Point. Ordered referred to Commissioner Baker.

Potitions and defendant's brief in matter of W. J. Cunningham against New York,
Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company. Referred to Commissioner Baker.
Of E. D. Davidson,

relative to fares on street railroads. Ordered that letter as dictated. copy of which is on file, be sent.

Of John N. Lewis, asking for an opportunity to confer with Board in New York. Ordered Secretary write Board has not set a day for a meeting in New York and suggest that he indicate by letter the subject of such desired conference with Board.

Of August Raymont, complaining of locomotive whistling in Woodside, L. I, and answers of Austin Corbin and Benjamin Norton to the same. Usual course.

Answer of Western New York Car Service Association to complaints of New York and Northern Wood and Lumber Company. Ordered usual course.

answer of New York. Lake Erie and Western to complaint of B. Kennedy against Erie and Genesee Valley Railroad Company, Ordered usual course.

Application of Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad Company for extension of time to August ist in which to make report of quarterly for March 31st. Granted.

Orderol that report of accountant as to Wellsville, Coudersport and Pine Creek Railroad Company be adopted and letter sent.

Letters of Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York. G. Paul Fromm, L. J. Wing Company and Thomas Pratt, relative to tunnel lighting and ventilation. Ordered filled.

Commissioner Rogers submitted a report in the matter of the application of the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company for a change of motive power. Adopted, ordered printer and issued.

Commissioner Rickard submitted a report in the matter of an accident near Cobles kill, April 13th, 1891, on Albany and Susquehanna division Delaware and Hudson Cana! Company. Ordered adopted and issued.

Commissioner Rogers submitted a report in the matter of the application of the Syracuse, Erstwood Heights and De Witt Railroad Company for an increase of capital stock. Adopted and ordered issued, The Board took a recess until Wednesday, June 30th, 10 A. M.

JUNE 30, 1891 – 10 A. M. Secretary submitted communication of George W. Wingate, of counsel of Brooklyn. Bath and West End Railroad Company, relative to the application of that company for an increase of capital stock. Ordered fled.

Commissioner Rogers submitted a report in the matter of the application of the Brooklyn, Bath and West End road for an increase of capital stook. Adopted and ordered isened.

Commissioner Rogers submitted a report in the matter of the application of the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Company for permission to change its motive power. Adopted, ordered printed and issued.

Ordered that the fact of the failure of the New York. Ontario and Western Rallroad Company to comply with the recommendations of the Board in the matter of J. C. Wilbur. be presented to the Attorney-General.

The Board adjourned to Monday, July 6th, 1.30 P. M.

NEW COMPANIES Formed under the Laws of the State of New York by filing articles of

association from June 30, 1890, to June 30, 1891.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Adirondack Extension

Franklin, Warren, Es

sex, Hamilton.... April 30, 1891 Adirondack and St. Lawrence. Franklin, Hamilton,

Essex, Warren, Ful-
ton, Saratoga, Mont-
gomery and Sche-

Dec. 11, 1890
Camden, Watertown and North-

Oneida, Oswego, Jet-

Dec. 17, 1890
Genesee and Wyoming Valley. Wyoming, Livingston April 27, 1891
Gouverneur and Adirondack.. St. Lawrence..

Aug. 26, 1890 Gouverneur and Edwards.. St. Lawrence.

Aug. 30, 1890 Henning Rapid Transit. Kings, New York,


Jan. 10, 1891 Little Falls and Dolgeville.... Herkimer

Feb. 20, 1891 * Metropolitan Underground... New York, Kings Jan. 19, 1891 Mohawk and Adirondack.. Hamilton,

Essex, Herkimer,

Oneida, Lewis... May 5, 1891
Mohawk and St. Lawrence.... Oneida, Lewis, Jeffer-

son, St. Lawrence Dec. 30, 1890 Mohawk Valley and Northern.. Herkimer, Dneida.. Oct. 31, 1890 • New York and Brooklyn. New York, Kings April 30, 1891 New York and Long Island Suburban...

Westchester, Queens. Feb. 4, 1891
*New York and Jersey City
Railway Company

New York....... April 30, 1891
New York and New Jersey

New York..

Feb. 2, 1891 New York and South Beach Richmond.

April 30, 1891 Niagara Falls and Lowiston Niagara .


8, 1890 Niagara Shore Terminal Niagara

Jan. 28, 1891 Onondaga Lake.


Sept. 9, 1890 River Bridge.,


Jan. 9, 1891 Rondout Valley,


Sept. 9, 1890 Saratoga and St. Lawrence Ex: tension


April 22, 1891 Seneca County


Feb. 24, 1891 Silver Creek and Dunkirk. Chautauqua..

Nov. 11, 1890 West Davenport.


Feb. 25, 1891


1,500,000 2,000,000

850,000 100,000

[blocks in formation]

Oct. 16, 1890
Dec. 10, 1890

4, 1891
Nov. 17, 1890
Aug. 23, 1890
April 30, 1890
Jan. 19, 1891
July 18, 1890
June 4, 1891
Jan. 19, 1891
June 13, 1891

1.000.000 6,000,000

10,000 200.000


New York.. Buffalo...

Erie.. Capitol.

Albany Oitizens' Railway of Jamestown

20,000 100,000

Chautauqua Citizens' Street.

Depot Belt Line.

Dunkirk and Fredonia Rapid

Geneva Electric.

Ontario Geneva Surface

Ontario Gloversville Street Electric Fulton Long Island Boynton Bicycle..l Suffolk

* Underground cable,



90,000 30.000 50,000 40,000 200,000

New companies formed under the Laws of the State of New York,

etc. (Concluded).

[blocks in formation]

Articles of association recite that these companies are organized under "General Railroad Act" of 1850.


The following companies were during the year sold under mortgage foreclosure and reorganized, to wit: “Syracuse and Baldwinsville Řailroad Company” sold and reorganized as the

“SYRACUSE AND BALDWINSVILLE RAILWAY COMPANY." Capital stock, $160,000. Articles of incorporation filed January 27, 1891. The New Rochelle and Pelham Railroad Company” and the" New Rochelle Street Horse Railroad Company were sold, reorganized and new company formed under name of

“NEW ROCHELLE RAILWAY AND TRANSIT COMPANY." Capital stock, $125,000. Articles of incorporation filed September 12, 1890.

The “Richmond County Railroad Company” was sold, reorganized and a new company formed under name of



The following corporations were consolidated and name changed during the year as follows, viz, :


NAME OF OLD COMPANIES. Name of present company.



Capital stock.


Cooperstown and Charlotte Val

ley, and the West Davenport Rallroads Companies

Cooperstown and Charlotte

Valley Railroad Company.. April 13. 1891
Herkimer, Newport and Poland,
Narrow Ga ge and the Mo-
bawk Valley and Northern
Railway Companies.

Mohawk Valley and Northern
Railway Company.

April 30, 1891


[ocr errors][merged small]

The following companies have, during the last year, filed articles of extension of route, viz. :




Length of extension.

Fifth Ward Railway Company

July 9, 1890 Troy and Albia Horse Railroad Company.

Sept. 19, 1890 Stillwater and Mechanicville Railway Company.

Sept. 18, 1890 Jamestown Street Railway Company

Oct. 6, 1890 Brooklyn City Railroad Company

Nov. 17, 1890 Binghamton Btreet Railroad Company

Nov. 25, 1891 Troy and Lansingburgh Railroad Company


7. 1891 Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Company

Jan. 16, 1891 Long Island City and Newtown Railroad Company

Mar. 23, 1891 Second certificate of extension filed......

April 28, 1891 Jamestown Street Railway Company

April 29, 1891 Fiftieth Street, Astoria Ferry and Central Park Railroad Co. Aug. 23, 1890

1,645 feet 1.896 feet 41.51 miles 5 miles 1 4-5 miles 3 miles

miles 680 feet 10 miles 14.66 miles 3 3-5 miles


The capital stock of the following companies has been increased during the year, to wit:

Split Rock Cable Railway Company from $78,000 to $100,000. Certificate filed in the office of the Secretary of State, February 4, 1891.

The Houston, West Shore and Pavonia' Ferry Railroad Company, from $250,000 to $1,050,000. Certificate of increase filed in office of Secretary of State, January 30, 1891.

The Manhattan Railway Company, from $26,000,000 to $30,000,000. Certificate filed in the office of the Secretary of State, June 4, 1891.




The capital stoek of the Niagara Falls and Whirlpool Railway Company has been reduced during past year from_$100,000 to $30,000. Certificate filled in the office of the Secretary of State, December 31, 1890.

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