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UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY, Containing an Accurate, Authentic, and Entertaining Deseription of EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, AND AMERICA. Being a Complete and Universal History of the WHOLE WORLD,

As divided into EMPĪRES, KINGDOMS, STATES, REPUBLICS, doc. With their Situations, Extent, Latitudes, Longitudes, Boundaries, Cile

mates, Animals, Minerals, and Vegetable Productions, Curioskies, &r. Including interesting narratives from all the Navigators that have MADE NEW DISCOVERIES,

PARTICULARLY, Narchand Wallis

Forest) Maurelle Vancouver Fwneaux Carteret Portlock Wilson Perouse Edwards Bougainville King, Dixon Missionarias

Mulgrave Cook Bligh D'Entreeastonus

Likewise copious Accounts of Modern Travellers, as Wood Sparmann Macartuey Barrow

Bruce Thunberg

Mungo Parke

Wraxall Shaw



Lancourt Denon

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. In which is given a particular Description of the respective Ivhabitants, their Religions, Laws, Customs, Manners, Habits, Amusements, Cero monies, Arts, Sciences, Mauufactures, Trades, Commerce, Govern.

ments, Revenues, &c. The whole comprising an authentic and enterturning account of

cuery thing worthy of notice, both Geographical and Entertaining, founded on the most spectate, authorities, formed with the greatest accuracy from Mate kiasi ai undeniable Authority, and corrected by every moderní Obserdation,

BY GEORGE ALEXANDER LOOKE, Esq. To render the work as voefui as passiblebritis illustrated with a great Bumber of New Maps executed with accowcy and elegances fesung

A COMPLETI MILAS. It is also decorated with SEVENTY ENGRAVINGS. This work is comple*e in two Quarto Volumes; and being divided inten One Hundred und Thirty-Four Numbers, price Sixpence eachi, affords She Reader the choice of purchasing one or more at i vime.

The price of it complete, unbound, is 31.78.; neatly boendy 41.; e.egaatly bound, H. 46.

4 Superior Edition Is printed in only One Hundred Numbers, on Wove Vellum Paper, vaich possesses the advantages of coloured Maps, exura Plates, and arst Impressions. Price One Shilling eacle Number,

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