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Burlington, N. J.


It is indeed no surprise that their house is so prosperous, and that they are the leading advertising agents

Rr. REV. W. H. ODENHEISER, D.D., President. in the world. We would prefer, so far as we are concerned, to have a column or more of miscellanous ad-Fall Session will begin Tuesday, September 29. vertisements from this firm, than to receive the same Board and Tuition per year $450. amount made up of one direct from each house on their

| For admission address the Rector, list. The commission allowed is saved us by losses, as they pay every cent they contract for, and pay it promptly, and the keeping of one open account with

Rev. F. J. CLERC, D.D., such firm is much pleasanter than with the thousand persons whom they send us advertisements for Geo. P. Rowell & Co. do not "bore us” to take it out in irade. They do an honorable, legitimate business, on a business basis. They pay their bills when due, on presentation, if found correct. If publishers, having dealings with them, want anything in their line --- and they supply everything from a spring bodkin to a cvlinder press, types, inks and all, they fill their orders promptly, at manufactures' prices, and we can say that we have received the best new spaper and book ink ever furnished us and at a lower price than we ever bought for elsewhere. The Republican has had dealings with this house for over six years, and in all that time, we never have had any reason to complain of our treatment. - Meriden (Conn.) Republican.

[Founded A.D. 1837.) As the proprietors of the first and most extensive of these agencies in New York, they are well qualified to furnish information. The details of the work transacted by the agency, and the way it is done, the perfection of The Rt. Rev. W. H. ODENHEIMER, D.D., Press the arrangements for facilitating the act of advertising dent. The Rev. ELVIN K. SMITH, A.M., Principal. by relieving the advertiser of trouble and expense, and bringing before him all the various mediums through

Board and Tuition in all the English Branches, out the country, with the necessary knowledge pertain- Foreign Languages, Music and Drawing, $450 per ing 80 them, are given with a minuteness that leaves annum.. No extra charges. Terms begin October 1, nothing to be desired. All the particulars respecting the character and position of a newspaper which an

and February 15. intending advertiser desires to know are placed before him in the most concise form. - New York Times, Address the Principal, at Burlington, N. J. June 7th, 1874.

Are, without doubt, the leading Advertising Agents of the United States, and, therefore, of the world. They have, by the free, liberal and yet well directed use of money, built themselves up in the esteem of the

Lessons on the International leading publisners and advertisers of the continent, and

Series in The National Sunby an unusual energy have succeeded in perfecting in

day School Teacher are preevery detail a business that more than anything else

pared by tells of the growth and importance of the newspaper business. - Memphis (Tenn.) Appeal. Their business has grown to be something enormous.

The most eminent scholars and Every paper in the country is on file at their office, and

Sunday-school men are its contribuit is no uncommon thing for them to receive a mail of

tors. 'its Editorial Departfifteen or twenty bushels of newspapers. - Norwalk

ment is suggestive, fresh, bright, (Conn.) Gazette.

and helpfu. Have completely systematized the business, and after five years' experience we can truthfully state that we find the firm to be prompt, courteous, CORRECT. Grayville (III.) Independent. They can be relied upon in every way, being worthy

TERMS, $1.50 per year. Send for of implicit confidence. - New Orleans (La.) Price

specimen. Current.

While advancing their own interests, advance those un also of every publisher. - South Bethlehem (Pa.) | ADA

MS, BLACKMER & LYON Progress. The trustworthy business character and enterprise is

PUB. CO., weil rettected. Utica (N. Y.) Herald. Il nmletely SYSTEMATIZED the business.

1.) hejiecior.



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