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"Tis love, not devotion, that turns up her

eyes ; 15
Those stars of this world are too good for the kies.
But Cloe fo lively, so easy, fo fair,
Her wit fo genteel, without art, without care ;
When she comes in my way, the motion, the pain,
The leapings, the akings, return all again.


O wonderful creature ! a woman of reason !
Never grave out of pride, never gay out of season 1,
When so easy to guess who this angel should be,
Would one think Mrs Howard ne'er dream'd it was the?

* B A L L A D.

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F all the girls that e'er were seen, ,

There's none fo fine as Nelly,
For charming face, and shape, and mien,

And what's not fit to tell ye.
Oh! the turn'd neck and smooth white skin

Of lovely deareft Nelly!
For many a swain it well had been,

Had the ne'er pafs'd by Calai-.

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For when as Nelly came to France,

(Invited by her cousins),
Across the Tulleries each glance

Kill'd Frenchmen by whole dozens.
The King, as he at dinner fat,

Did beckon to his buffar,
And bid him bring his tabby-cat,

For charming Nell to buss her.
The ladies were with rage provok'd

To see her so respected:
The men look'd arch, as Nelly ftrok’d,

And puss her tail erected.



But not a man did look employ,

Except on pretty Nelly :
Then said the Duke de Villeroy,

Ab! qu'elle est bien jolie !
But who's that grave philosopher

That carefully looks at’er ?
By his concern it should appear,

The fair one is his daughter.
Ma foy! (quoth then a courtier fly),

He on his child does leer too :
I wish he has no mind to try

What some pappas will here do. The courtiers all with one accord,

Broke out in Nelly's praises, Admir'd her role, and lys fans farde,

(Which are your termes Françoifes). Then might you see a painted ring

Of dames that stood by Nelly ; She like the pride of all the spring,

And they like fleurs de palais.




In Marli's gardens, and St Clou,

I saw this charming Nelly,
Where shameless nymphs, expos'd to view,

Stand naked in each alley :
But Venus had a brazen face,

Both at Versailles and Meudon, Or else she had resign'd her place,

And left the stone ihe stood. on.


Were Nelly's figure mounted there,

*T'would put down all th' Italian : Lord! how those foreigners would stare !

But I should turn Pygmalion :

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For spite of lips, and


and mien, Me nothing can delight so, As does that part that lies between

Her left toe and her right toe.


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HE longitude miss’d on

By wicked Will. Whifton ;
And not better hit on
By good Master Ditton.

So Ditton and Whifton
May both be bep-ft on;
And Whifton and Ditton
May both be beth-t on.

Sing Ditton
Befh-t on;
And Whiston,

Bep-it on.
Sing Ditton and Whifton,

And Whifton and Ditton, Berh-t and bep-it on,

Bep-it and befh-t on.



* EPIGRAM on the feuds about HANDEL and BONONCINI.

STRANGE! all this difference should be

'Twixt tweedle-dum and tweedle.dee !


* On Mrs T OF TS.

O bright is thy beauty, fo charming thy fong,

along : But such is thy av'rice, and such is thy pride, That the beasts must have stary'd, and the poet have






A Receipt to make a CUCKOLD. TWO or three visits, and two or three bows,

Two or three civil things, two or three vows, Two or three kisses, with two or three fighs, Two or three Jesuses and let me dies. Two or three squeezes, and two or three towzes, 5 With two or three thousand pound loft at their

houses, Can never fail cuckolding two or three spouses.

* On a LADY who pt at the tragedy

of CATO; occasioned by an epigram on

a Lady who wept at it. WHILE maudlin Whigs deplored their Cato’s fate,

Still with dry eyes the Tory Celia sate : But, while her pride forbids her tears to flow, The gushing waters find a vent below : Tho' fecret, yet with copious grief she mourns, 5 Like twenty river-gods with all their urns.

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Let others screw their hypocritic face,
She thews her grief in a fincerer place :
There nature reigns, and passion void of art ;
For that road leads directly to the heart.


* EPIGRAM, in a maid of ho

nour's Prayer-book.

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WHEN Israel's daughters mourn’d their past of

They dealt in fackcloth, and turn'd cinder-winches:
But Richmond's fair ones never spoil their locks ;
They use white powder, and wear Holland smocks.
O comely church ! where females find clean linen 5
As decent to repent in, as to fin in.

E P I G R A M.

Written in the year 1712.


S Thomas was cudgell'd one day by his wife,

He took to the street, and fled for his life :
Tom's three dearest friends came by in the squabble,
And fav’d him at once from the shrew and the rabble;
Then ventur'd to give him some sober advice 5
But Tom is a person of honour so nice,
Too wise to take counsel, too proud to take warning,
That he sent to all three a challenge next morning.
Three duels he fought, thrice ventur'd his life ;
Went home, and was cudgell'd again by his wife. 10


N°W Europe's balanc’d, neither fide prevails ;

For nothing's left in either of the scales.



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