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“ Ver. 19. O how great is thy Goodness, which " thou hast laid up for them that Fear thee, which "I thou hast wrought for them that trust iņ thee, be« fore the Sons of Men!

20. Thou shalt hide them in the Secret of thy « Presence from the Pride of Man : Thou Ihalt KEEP “ them secretly in a Pavilion from the Strife of « Tongues.

A FEW of these Essays were printed in the Year 1724; since which Time, the Meditations of the Earl of Clarendon upon the Psalms, has been published. * Wherein having found, that in some measure my Thoughts concerning this Sacred Book, were agreeable to the Sentiments of that Noble Person ; I take the Liberty to insert the following Paragraph out of his Lordship’s PREFACE, P. 369.

TO “ MY CHILDREN, you have undergone so great & “ Share with me, in all the INCONVENIENCIES and “ Afflictions of my BANISHMENTS, that it is but

Justice to assign you a Share likewise of whatsoever " I havę GOTTEN by them: and I do confess to you, “ I found so great à SERENITY and TRANQUILITY of

Mind in composing these CONSIDERATION$ and Re' ELECTIONS upon the PSALMS of David, that I

am willing to believe, that the Reading them may “ administer fome kind of Relief and E 4 SE to you, “ in any TROUBLE'or ADVERSITY to which you may “ be exposed : at least, that they may yield fome “ Hints to rouse up other ķipER THOUGHTS of your

own, which may produce that Ease and Relief, " by disposing you to suffer no Day to pass, without “ at least reading some of the Psalms ; and care“ fully to observe, whether there be not in every one

my Children.

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* Publinid 1727.

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of them, SOMEWHAT that doth immediately concern

your felves and refer or refle& upon your own « THOUGHTS, your own Hopes and FEARS, or some « other of your Affe&tions and Passions. Though « there is no Part of the SCRIPTURES, towards which “ we oughę nor to have all the Reverence imaginable; « yet it is plain, both by the Esteem and frequent « Use of them in the Church of the Jews, and the “ Injuncion of all CHRISTIAN Churches, Choy disa. a greeing soever amongst themselves) that the Psalms « be more constantly read than any other Part of the « SCRIPTURE ; that in all Times somewhat extraordi“ nary hath been thought to have been contained there« in, for the INSTRUCTION, ENCOURAGEMENT, and Re« FORMATION of Mankind ; and for the rendring our « Lives more ACCEPTABLE to God Almighty. And « He was a very learned Man, who thought the Book « of Psalms to contain the Sum and ABRIDGMENT of a all that is in the OLD TESTAMENT: That all that a Moses had derived to us in his History, or prescrib’d u to us in the Law; and whatsoever the rest of the Pro« PHETS writ, in exhorting Men to VERTUE, and forea telling what was to come, is all comprehended in the

Psalms. We may in truth believe, that whosoever is a very conversant in the Psalms, cannot be ignorant of “ any Thing that is absolutely enjoined to be done, or “ not to be done; and of any thing that is absolutely « necessary to be BELIEVED, throughout the whole Body “ of SCRIPTURE; and it hath a greater Testimony, and « is more frequently urged for the Advancement of « CHRISTIANITY throughout the New TestAMENT, a than any other part of the Bible,

I AM sensible, that many excellent MANUALS of DE VOTION have been Published, but surely none of these come up to that elegancy of Expression, and ardour of DEVOTION, that is found in the SUPPLICATORY Part of the Psalms, which are the Di&tates of that Divine Spirit, which helpeth our INFIRMITIES, and teaches us how, and what we should PRAY for as we ought, and also maketh InterCession for us with Groanings which cannot be UTTERED.

¿ A S in the Psalms may be found Petitions adapted to all the EXIGENCIES of both Soul and Body ; so there is no PRAYER contain'd therein, to which fome EvANGELICK Promise may not be applied, without any forc'd Construction.


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PRAYER in General;



Appears from the PRECEPTs and PROMISES, contained in the Holy SCRIPTURES; and the great Encouragement we have to this Duty, from the Example of PATRIARCHS, PROPHETS, and APOSTLES:

EBREW S xi. 3. By Faith Enoch

was TRANSLATED that he should not Н. see DEATH; and was not found, because

God had translated him : For before his Translation he had this Testimony,

that he PLEASED GOD. 6. But without Faith, it is impossible to PLEASE Him : for he that cometh to God, must BELIEVE that He is, and that He is a REWARDER of them that diligently seek Him."

Abraham's PRAYER. Gen. xviii. 27. And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the LORD, which am but Dust and Ashes.

Chap. xxv. 21. And Ifaac INTREATED the LORD for his Wife, because she was barren ; and the LORD was intreated of him, and Rebeccab his Wife conceived.



thee: ..

Chap. xxxii. 9. And Jacob faid, O God of


my Father Abraham, and God of my Father Isaac, the LORD which faidst unto me, Return into thy Coun- Ethy try, and to thy Kindred, and I will deal well with :

Hand 10. I am not worthy of the LEAST of all the MER- tt CIES, and of all the TRUTH, which thou hast Dhewed did unto thy Servant ; for with my Staff I passed over this ins, Jordan, and now I am become two Bands.

11. Deliver me, I PRAY thee, from the Hand of Si my Brother, from the Hand of Efau ; for I fear him, zlo left he will come and smite me, and the Mother with Eto the Children.

12. And thou faidst, I will surely do thee GOOD, and make thy Seed as the Sand of the Sea, which cannot be numbred for Multitude.

24. And Jacob was left alone, and there WRESTLED A Man with him until the breaking of the Day.

25. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the Hollow of his Thigh ; and the Hollow of Jacob's Thigh was out of Joint, as he WRESTLÈD with him.

26. And he said, Let me go, for the Day breaketh: And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou BLESS

27. And he said unto him, What is thy Name? And he faid, Jacob.

28. And he said, Thy Name shall be called no more Jacob, but * Ifrael: for as a Prince hast thou Power with God and with Men, and hast PREVAILED.

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Hofea xii. 4. Yea, he had Power over the ANGEL, andP REVAILED: he wept, and made SUPPLICATION unto him : He found him in Bethel, and there he spake with as.

5. Even the LORD GOD OF Hosts, the LORD is his MEMORIAL.


Ifrael, in Hebrew, signifies a WRESTLER.

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