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Training for Authorship

A guide for the prospective writer, and of practical value to the trained writer.

8vo, cloth. Price $6.00; $6.18, post-paid. Similes and Their Use

Contains thousands of Similes. Ilmo, cloth. Price $2.25; $2.39, post-paid. How to Build Mental Power

A book of thorough training for all the faculties of the mind. Octavo, cloth.

607 pages. Price $4.00; $4.18, post-paid. How to Speak in Public

A practical self-instructor for lawyers, clergymen, teachers, business men, and

others. Cloth, 543 pages. Price $1.75; $1.89. post-paid. How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner

Trains men to rise above mediocrity and fearthought to their greatest possi

bilities. Cloth, 320 pages. Price $1.75; $1.89. post-paid. How to Develop Power and Personality in Speaking

Practical suggestions in English, word-building, imagination, memory, conversation, and extemporaneous speaking. Cloth, 422 pages. Price $1.75; $1.89

post-paid. How to Read and Declaim

Furnishes abundant exercise in the use of the best examples of prose and poetry.

Cloth. Price $1.75; $1.89. post-paid.
Great Speeches and How to Make Them

Methods by which young men may acquire and develop the essentials of forcible

public speaking. Cloth. Price $1.75; $1.89, post-paid. How to Argue and Win

Ninety-nine men in a hundred know how to argue to one who can argue and win. This book tells how to acquire this power. Cloth, 320 pages. Price $1.75;

$1.89, post-paid. Humorous Hits and How to Hold an Audience

A collection of short stories, selections, and sketches for all occasions. Cloth,

326 pages. Price $1.50; $1.64, post-paid. Complete Guide to Public Speaking

The best advice by the world's great authorities upon oratory, preaching, platform and pulpit delivery, voice-building, argumentation, debate, rhetoric, personal power, mental development, etc. Cloth, 655 pages, $6.00. Full Leather,

$8.00. Postage, 26c. extra. Talks on Talking

Practical suggestions for developing naturalness, sincerity, and effectiveness in

conversation. Cloth. Price $1.25; $1.35, post-paid. Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

A practical handbook of felicitous expressions for enriching the vocabulary.

12mo, cloth. Price $1.75; $1.89, post-paid. Inspiration and Ideals

Practical help and inspiration in right thinking and right living. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1.50; $1.64, post-paid. The World's Great Sermons

Masterpieces of Pulpit Oratory and biographical sketches of the speakers.

Cloth. Io volumes, Write for terms.
Grenville Kleiser's Mail Course in Public Speaking

and the Development of Self-Confidence, Mental Power and Personality.
Twenty-five lessons, with special hand-books, letters, side-talks, etc. Write for

terms. Grenville Kleiser's Mail Course in Practical English

Twenty lessons with Daily Drills, special books, letters, etc. Write for terms.



Distinguished Speech Specialist. Author of How to Speak in Public."
"Humorous Hits and How to Hold on Audience," and com-

piler and editor of "The World's Great Sermons”

With an Introduction by
Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology in Yale University

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Printed in the United States of Americo

Published December, 1908

All rights reserved



EVERY man seeks power. It may be social, financial, or political power, physical, mental, or spiritual power, according to the ideal he sets before him. The highest and most enduring power is that which comes from the development of personal character.

The purpose of this book is to give practical suggestions and exercises for building the body, the voice, and the vocabulary, for training the memory and imagination, and for the general development of power and personality in the speaker.

The author's work as instructor in public speaking has brought him into intimate touch with the needs of men of widely varied type and temperament. He has observed in many instances the lack of development in these two essentials to true success power and personality-and it is his hope that this book will help many men to realize more fully their highest ideals.

In conjunction with this work the author has compiled, in ten small volumes, “The World's Great Sermons," which will be found useful in solving many problems of right living.

Appreciative acknowledgment is made to authors and publishers for kind permission to use copyrighted material.


New York City,

December, 1908.

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