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Felices ter & ampliùs

Quos irrupta tenet copula; nec malis
Divulsus querimoniis,
Supremâ citiùs solvet amor die.

HOR. Lib. I. Od. 13.


Printed for W. JOHNSTON, in St. Paul's Church



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Elton. gran SET off in Thursday's Stage, the

25th Instant; and beg you will get ,

some Lodging for me. Sa d I received a Letter from you on Saturday last, and another this Day: And, first, of the first. I am very glad you got fafe to Town: But why all this Plaintiveness? Why : will you eternally doubt my Tenderness for. Vol. II.


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you?.. you? Observe, that there is a childish, and a manly one: Perhaps I am a Child in every thing else; and then one may suspect, if I do not appear so in this, it is because I want the Feeling : But if you will allow me to be a Man in other Things, why will you not judge of me all together? If my Letters and Behaviour differ, it is because one proceeds from the Sentiments I have toward you, and the other from a certain Nonchalance, or Want of Earneftness in my Manners, which has been often misinterpreted.

What you say with regard to Love and Friendship is certainly just, as it is ingenious also. The Pleasures of those Affections are the greatest Enjoyments of Life: How , careful ought we then to be to cherish them in their proper Season! which does not extend even fo far as you mention : And yet we have a long Life to labour through after that Æra, which would lag heavily along without those Helps.

The Opinion of a continued Converse after Death has been often disputed, and by me too: But I will come over to your Sentiment for this conclufive Reason ; We are to be happy after Death. Providence always acts, by the most continued, uniform, and constant Means.. Love and Friendfhip are the highest Enjoyments of Mortals : They are likewise in the Series of. Virtue. Would it not be Caprice in Provi


dence, to give us new Objects, and strange Affections, when we can be made as happy by the Improvement of the former, as by the Enjoyment of any other? I will never change my Opinion more on this Subject, for your Sake, my sweet Girl, whose Charms (pardon the Quibble) I wish to enjoy, both above and below; and in that With I live, and in that Hope I die, Your's, all your's, and only your's,



Frances to HENRY.

THOUGH I have been, ever since I came

1 to Town, overwhelmed with Business, I cannot say that I am displeased at this Embarras du Monde, as it prevents my having Leisure to indulge gloomy Reflections, which are the certain Consequence of Indolence and Inactivity : And, though my Spirits are too weak to bear much Fatigue, I would prefer the most laboríous Life to the melancholy Hours I sometimes pass; not for Want of Employment, but Refolution to employ myself.:

I am, however, far from being fatisfied with my present Condition ; for I, almost hourly, B2

o find

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