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By the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.


Degree. College. University. Austin, John Southgate

BA. Trinity

Oxford Archer, William John Bellew

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Barney, John

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Brown, Frederick

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Craufurd, Robert Gregan

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Crockford, William John

B.A. Brasennose Oxford Godfrey, Daniel Race

M.A. Queen's


PRIESTS. Auchmuty, Samuel Forbes

M.A. Brasennose Oxford Baker, Fred. Walter

B.A. Caius

Cambridge Gardiner, Robert

B.A. Brasennose Oxford Lanfear, William Francis

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Lawrence, William Rogers

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Macmullen, Richard Gell

M.A. Corpus Christi Oxford Poole, Thomas

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Sweet, Charles

B.A. Balliol

Oxford Wills, George William Burrow

B.A. Wadham Oxford Wood, Henry

M.A. St.Edmund Hall Oxford


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Alban's, Worcester 138}

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} 320 Norfolk Norwich Queen's Coll. Camb.


Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Addison, T. Rillington

£105 York York Lord Chancellor Allen, J. C. North Huish

Devon Exeter J. Allen, Esq. Ash, É. J.

Brisley, with Gateley 486 Norfolk Norwich Christ's Coll. Camb. Billingsley, J.F.R. Wormington

143 Glouc. Glouc. S. G. Grist, Esq. Brickel, R. Shireshead

93 Lanc. Chest. Vicar of Cockerham St. Helen's and St. 136 Cameron, D.

Worc. Worc. Bp. of Worcester Collins, H. . Wincanton

123 Somerset B. & W. U. Messiter, Esq. Croft, J.

Eaton Bishop 444 Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Davies, J.

New Ch Runcorn. Cheshire Chester Vicar of Runcorn Dewe, J.

Rockland, Major

and Minor Farringdon, E. H. Thornbury

198 Devon Exeter Mrs. Spencer Fawcett, J. G.. Hockton

York York Flower, W. South Hykeham 340 Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Forster, C., Stisted

466 Essex Pec.Cant. Archbp. of Cant. St. Peter's, Derby, Frizell, R. H..

148 Derby L. & C. C. Wright, Esq. Guillemard, J. Kirtlington

358 Oxford Oxford St. John's Coll. Oxf. Hamilton, J. V. . Little Chart

298 Kent. Cant. Archbp. of Cant. Harington, J.. Little Hinton

444 Wilts G. & B. Bp. of Winchester Harston, E. St. Stephen's, Ipsw. 82 Suffolk Norwich Rev. W. Burgess Holland, T. A. . Greatham

275 Hants Winches. Rev. G. Godbold Holmes, J. . Lower Peover 110 Chester Chester Lord de Tabley Hughes, S. R. Bodewryd

170 Anglesey Bangor Sir T. Stanley Jackson, J. Nettlestead

192 Suffolk Norwich P. Jackson, Esq. Jackson, T. Ovingham

158 Northum. Durham C. W. Bigge, Esq. James, T. G. Openshaw, Manchest.

Lanc. Chester Jeffreys, E. Pemberton

40 Lanc. Chester Rector of Wigan Kennaway, C. Christ Ch.Lansdowne Somerset B. & W. Lane, R. C. Deal

429 Kent Cant. Archbp. of Cant. Lee, W. M. Alverdiscote

168 Devon Exeter W. Lee, Esq.
Leger, W. N. St. Mary Tower, Ipsw. 103 Suffolk Norwich Parishioners
Martin, H.. Steepleton Iwerne 81 Dorset Salisb. Lord Rivers

107 Sussex Pec.Cant. Archbp. of Cant. Peters, M. R..

740 Cornwall Exeter Rev. M. N. Peters

ryn and Morva Potchett, B. Great Ponton

463 Lincoln Lincoln Preb. of Salisb.

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Preferment. Net Value. County.


Patron. Price, W. Llanarth, with Bettwys £285 Monm. Llandaff Chap. of Llandaff Pruen, W. A. . Snitterfield

271 Warwick Worc. Bp. of Worcester Radford, C. Englishcombe 185 Somerset B. & W. Mrs. Salusbury Saunders, T. Moulton

391 Northam. Peterb. G. V. Stanton, Esq. Stewart, T. V. Portsea

696 Hants Winches. Winchester Coll. Teale, W. H.. Asgarby

Lincoln Lincoln Rev.F.V. Lockwood Tucker, P. C..

Washford Pyne 144 Devon Exeter W. Comyns, Esq. Tryon, F. Deeping, St. James 191 Lincoln Lincoln SirT. Whichcote,Bart. Wilkinson, W. H. Portsea, All Saints 160 Hants Winches. Vicar of Portsea Woodham, T. F. . Walcot

886 Somerset B. & W. Sir H. Rivers, Bart.

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Abraham, C. J.
Baines, E.
Campbell, D.
Campbell, J. U.
Carver, J.
Claxon, B. S.
Dakins, W.
Dyne, J. B.
England, T.
Gallwey, G.
Hallward, N. W.
Harrison, B.
Kendall, N.
Knox, G.
Lea, G.
Lloyd, T.
Meek, R.
Moyle, G.
Penrose, T.
Rolph, T.
Simpson, W.
Thorp, C.
Tomlinson, G. C.


Assistant Master in Eton Coll.
Examining Chaplain to Bp. of Ely.
Chaplain to Duke of Leeds.
Chaplain to the Hastings, 74.
Ordinary of Newgate.
Chaplain to Gloucester Infirmary.
Chaplain to Colchester Union.
Chaplain to Whitecross-street Prison.
Head Master of Highgate Grammar School.
Chaplain to the Reformitory, Isle of Wight.
Chaplain to Earl Beauchamp.
Chaplain to Visc. Lorton.
Chaplain to Archbp. of Canterbury.
Missionary to Canada.
Prebend of Exeter.
Chaplain to Madras.
Curacy of St. Clement's, Worcester.
Chaplain to Earl Cowper.
Surrogate in Prerog. Court, York, and Archdeaconry

of Richmond.
Assistant Master Birmingham Grammar School.
Chaplain to Earl of Egremont.
Chaplain to Earl Bathurst.
Minor Canonry, Durham.
Chancellor of Diocese of Bristol.
Chaplain to Marquis of Huntley.
Head Master of the Fryars' School, Bangor.


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CLERGYMEN DECEASED. The Rev. ROBERT HALIFAX.--In our last REMEMBRANCER appeared an account of the death of the Rev. Robert Halifax. We have since learnt the following particulars of that gentleman. He was in the seventy-ninth year of his age ; fifty-three years Vicar of Standish with Hardwicke annexed, to which preferment he was presented at an early age by his relative, Bishop Halifax. He was formerly Demy of Magdalen College, Oxford, but did not prɔceed to a Fellowship, having married before there was a vacancy for his native county, Berkshire. Hr. was for many years Rural Dean of the Gloucester Deavery, and a magistrate for the county. Highly gifted with the powers of genius, he was fond of literary pursuits and literary men, being himself a member of the Geological Society. The agreeable and instructive companion, the sincere and steady friend, ever open-hearted and generous to all, he was peculiarly a "father to the poor." Long will the inhabitants of Standish and Hardwicke generally revere his memory, and more particularly will the poorer parishioners have cause to regret the loss of him, whose hands were always widely extended to relieve tbeir wants, and to join in any work and labour of love, as his numerous liberal subscriptions to various charitable institutions and religious societies can tesify. As a mark and tribute of respect his last remains were attended to the grave by more than twenty clergymen of the neighbourhood.

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Collingham £414 York York Mrs. Wheeler,
St. Martin's-le-

97 York York D. & C. of York.
grand, York
| Redhill Church,

Hants Wint. Rector of Havant.
Weston Longville 583 Norfolk Norwich New Coll, Oxford.
Shimplingthorne Suffolk Norwich Rev. T. Fiske.

223 Suffolk Norwich Rev. T. Fiske.
Brington with By:S

thorn and Old 492 Hunts Lincoln Clare Hall, Camb.


82 Cumb. Carlisle Land Owners.
Brandon with

500 Suffolk Norwich Admiral Wilson. Wangford Bobbingworth 333 Essex

& C. Cure,

Esqrs. Walkern

488 Herts Lincoln King's Coll. Camb. Vaynor

88 Brecon St.David's The Queen.

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Smith, T.
Wright, J. C..
Walters, M.

OBITUARY. In Dublin, the Right Hon. and Rev. Henry Lord Farnham. His Lordship was in his 65th year, and succeeded to the title upon the decease of his brother, the late lord, which occurred in Paris, on the 20th of September. His Lordship was the second son of the Hon. Henry Maxwell, Bishop of Meath, He married Lady Anne Butler, eldest daughter of the second Earl of Carrick, and by her (who died in 1831) he has left seven sons and three daughter. He is succeeded in his title and estates by his eldest son, the Hon. Henry Maxwell, M.P. for the county of Cavan, who was born August 9ih, 1799 ; married December 3d, 1828, the youngest daughter of Thomas Lord Le-Despencer, but has no issue. There is now a vacancy for the county of Cavan.

On the 9th of July last, the Right Hon. Sir Robert Grant, Governor of Bombay. Sir Robert was third Wrangler in 1801, second medallist, and afterwards Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge.

At his residence at Whitehall, in his 88th year, the Right Hon. Lord Carrington, LL.D. of Magdalen College, Cambridge.

In the 75th year of bis age, George Hanner Leycester, Esq. M.A. of White Place, Cookham, Berks, and formerly of Merton College, Oxford.

Name. Bassett, w. Clarkson, A. Dunn, J. Marsden, S. Rawlins, C. Rutier, H. Smith, J. Tunney, w.

Appointment or Residence.
Nether Hall, Suffolk.
Jesus College, Cambridge.
Regent's Park.
Windsor, Australia.
Chaplain, Bengal.
Dodding Green, Kendal.
Vice-Principal of Brasennose College, Oxforu.
Kingsland Crescent.


OXFORD. The Rev. Ashurst'Turner Gilbert, D.D. Congregations will be holder for the and Principal of Brasennose College, has purpose of granting Graces and conferring been re-nominated Vice-Chancellor of Degrees on the following days of the the University. Dr. Jenkyns, Master of

present Term, yiz Balliol; Dr. Bridges, President of Corpus; Nov. Friday, Nov. Thursday, 29 Dr. Marsham, Warden of Merton; Dr. Thursday, 15 Dec. Thursday, 6 Hawkins, Provost of Oriel, Pro-Vice- Thursday, 22 Monday, 17 Chancellors.

No person will, on any account, be


admitted as a candidate for the degree of B.A. or M.A. or for those of B.C.L. or B.Med.(without proceeding throughArts) whose name is not entered in the book, kept for that purpose, at the Vice-Chancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the day of Congregation.


A Fellowship is vacant on the Williamson, or Port Foundation. Graduates of this University, not exceeding eight years from their matriculation, being natives of the City, or County Palatine of Chester, and of the kindred of John Williamson, sometime Rector of Canterbury, or of John Port, Serjeant-at-Law, and producing testimonials from their respective Colleges or Halls, are admissible as Candidates.

Four Fellowships, open without limita: tion, to any Candidates who have taken the Degree of B.A.

Two Scholarships, open without limitation, to any Candidates, who, on the 29th of November shall not have completed the 19th year of their age.

Four Exhibitions, severally confined to Candidates from the Counties of Somerset and Devon, Hanley Castle School, and the City and County of Oxford; particulars of each exhibition may be obtained from the Master.

Candidates for the Fellowships must present to the Master, on or before the 16th of November, certificates of their birth and baptism, and testimonials from their respective Colleges or Halls.

Candidates for the Scholarships and Exhibitions must present to the Master, on or before the 19th of November next, certificates of their birth and baptism, together with testimonials from tbeir Colleges or Halls, or from the Schoolmaster or Tutor under whom they have been educated.

QUEEN'S COLLEGE. An Election of an Exhibitioner, on the Michel Foundation at Queen's College, will take place on Thursday, the 15th day of November. Candidates must be natives of the Province of Canterbury, who have attained the full age of 15, and have not exceeded the age of 20 years ; and if Members of the University, must not have been matriculated longer than twelve calendar months. Certificates of baptism, and testimonials of good conduct, must be delivered to the Provost of the said College, on or before Saturday, the 10th of November.

An Election of two Exhibitioners, on Sir Francis Bridgman's Foundation, at this College, will take place on Thursday, the 15th of November. Candidates must be natives of the Counties of Lancaster, Chester, or Wilts. Testimonials of good conduct from their respective Schools or Colleges, with certificates of their baptism, must be presented to the Provost of the said College,

or before Saturday, the 10th of November.

The Senior Proctor has nominated the Rev. Henry Wall, M.A. Vice-Principal of St. Alban Hall, a Public Examiner in Literis Humanioribus; and Travers Twiss, B.C.L. Fellow of University College, a Public Examiner in Disciplinis Mathematicis et Physicis.

Messrs. George Eveleigh Saunders, Henry Adderley Box, and John Harrison Miller, have been admitted Scholars of Wadham College.

'The Rev. Dr. Bridges, President of Corpus Christi College, has been nominated and approved as a Delegate of Accounts, in the Room of the late Rector of Exeter.

The further Meetings of the Ashmolean Society for the present Term, will be holden on the following days :-Monday, Nov. 21 ;{ Monday, Nov. 26.

The Savilian Professor of Astronomy has commenced a course of Lectures on that Science.


The Rev. John B. Maude, M.A senior Fellow of Queen's College, has offered to endow four additional Fellowships at that College ; thus increasing the number from sixteen to twenty. The offer has been accepted by the Provost and Fellows, and will be acted upon immediately.


BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Wm. Hancock, Fell. of Magd. Coll.



An Election will take place at this College on the 29th of November next, to the following vacancies; viz.

Rev. M. J. Green, Fell. of Lincoln Coll. T. W. Weare, Student of Christ Church. Rev. Henry Mackenzie, Pembroke Coll.

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