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These are very plain, but very appal- vince,- because the legislative council ling facts. Ought these things so to have unanimously and repeatedly debe? Let the Church in England dis- precated the agitation of the question tinctly say, No! I venture to suggest in the province, and a large majority and urge on the attention of the clergy in the house of assembly have conand laity of the Church, the absolute stantly dissented from the method of necessity of forwarding petitions to the disposal proposed by the majority,--and imperial legislature. One may be because the imperial legislature alone expected from Upper Canada. The can definitively decide the question. Universities of the land will doubtless The public need only read the Act take the lead. Let every town and (31 Geo. iii. c. 31, § 35—42) to be congregation follow the example. We persuaded, that to the Clergy of the need a bishop. No bishop—no church. Church of England alone these lands Is it right that the Romish Church belong. I am prepared also to show, should have a bishop and priests from the correspondence of the governmaintained at the public expense in ment of the day with General Simcoe, Upper Canada, where their followers the Lieutenant-Governor of the proform but a small fraction of the popu- vince, that such was the only conlation, and that encouragement should struction of the act then thought of. be given to various sectaries in the Let no “ appropriation clause" be province, while to our national Church

forced upon us.

The bishopric of the right and privilege of a bishop Sodor and Man was saved by petitions. should be distinctly refused? I know It was my intention, had I remained we have one bishop in Lower Canada; in England, to have published, at the but is he sufficient to take the opening of the next session of parliaEpiscopal charge of a country 1400 ment, a form of petition embracing miles in length, three times the size of these several objects; but I am perEngland, and containing a population suaded these suggestions will be of 1,100,000 souls?

abundantly sufficient. We need assistance in the mainte- In conclusion, may I be permitted nance of ministers, the restoration of to express the hope that some of my the grant to the “Society for the Pro- brethren in the ministry, who in our pagation of the Gospel,” and an personal interviews have exhibited the annual grant for clearing portions of most lively sympathy in our need, the “Clergy Reserves for glebes, as

will be led to offer themselves as the growing wants of the colony labourers in this most deserted porrequire. Let Christian England be tion of the Lord's vineyard ? How reminded, even by every hamlet, of its thankful should I be to renew our inhigh and holy duty to provide for the tercourse in Upper Canada, and to spiritual instruction of its subjects, to the assist them by my experience of the remotest boundary of its possessions. country: in entering on the sphere Let all remember, that the evil we com- appointed for their future ministraplain of is continually increasing. In tions! May the great Head of the every petition let the prayer be strongly Church inspire the members of his expressed, that the imperial parlia- body here with the spirit of sympathy ment would forth with proceed to the

and love towards his destitute memsettlement of the question of the bers in our colonies.

Clergy Reserves," --because so long William Bettridge, B.D. as the subject remains in its present Rector of Woodstock, Upper Canada. state there can be no peace in the pro

London, Sept. 12, 1838.

CHURCH SOCIETIES. Society for Promoting Christian lection at the door was larger than on Knowledge.

any previous occasion, and the comAt the Wrington Society for Pro- pany far more numerous. moting Christian Knowledge, the col

Incorporated Society for the Propaga- A numerous and highly respectable tion of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. meeting has been held at the County

A MEETING of the friends of this Rooms, Leicester, for the purpose of Society has been held in the Town establishing an Association for the Hall, Manchester; the object of which building, enlarging, and improving of was that of devising the best means of Churches in the county of Leicester. forming local districts of the towns Ata meeting of the Stafford District within the deanery of Manchester, in Committee of the Lichfield Diocesan order to render their cooperation more Church Building Society, the Earl of useful.

Harrow by in the chair, donations to A public meeting of the above So- the extent of 5651. were made towards ciety has been held at the Guildhall, replenishing the nearly exhausted Barnstaple, Sir T. Acland, Bart. M.P. funds of the Society; and of 1551. in in the chair. The collection and new aid of the erection of parsonage-houses annual subscriptions were very liberal. for the new Churches built by the SoA meeting has been held at Canter

ciety. The Shropshire branch of the bury, in behalf of this Society, at same Society also lately held a meetBarnes' Assembly Rooms, his Grace the ing, Sir R. Hill, Bart. in the chair. Archbishop of Canterbury in the chair. Archdeacon Bather addressed the

One of the most influential assem- meeting with great effect; and upblages ever witnessed in Maidstone, wards of 2821. was received in donatook place lately at Maidstone, in aid tions and subscriptions. of the above Society. The Archbishop of Canterbury presided.

Metropolis Churches Fund. Church Building Society, &c. The Second Annual Meeting of the The Bath and Wells Diocesan Church Metropolis Churches Fund was held Building Association, and the Society on the 6th of June last. The Comfor promoting the Employment of ad- mittee stated that fourteen churches ditional Curates in Populous Places, were either completed or in progress, have had highly important and inte- and that the Fund is pledged to the resting meetings during the past month. cost of building, wholly or in part, of The report of the former is a most twelve other churches in different pavaluable document, and we regret that rishes of the metropolis, making a our confined space will not admit of total of twenty-six churches to be its insertion, at all events in the pre- erected from this Fund; which will sent number.

afford additional provision for 31,200. A public meeting has been held at The Committee lament the falling off Chelmsford, for the purpose of forming of subscriptions for the present year; an Essex Association, in aid of the in- the amount at the last meeting being corporated Society for building and 117,4231 23. 6d., while the present enlarging Churches and Chapels. The amount, up to the 6th of June, is only subscription is already a munificent 9,9461. 10s. Id. one, amounting to nearly 20001., the greater portion of which was subscribed At the anniversary of the Berkshire at the meeting

Church Missionary Association, at A public meeting has been held at Reading, the collections, together with the National School, Bangor, under those made in churches a short time the presidency of the Lord Bishop, for previous, amounted to about 1411. the purpose of forming a Church Build- From the annual report, it appeared, ing Society for the above Diocese, and that the County Association had last 13821. in donations, and 2 151. 19s. in year remitted 9551. 6s. 6d. to the Paannual subscriptions, raised.

rent Society.

CONSECRATION OF NEW CHURCHES, &c. BY THE ARCHBISHOP Of Canter- street, near Cranbrook. A meeting was BURY.--The new church, which has afterwards held at Taylor's new room, recently been erected at Milkhouse- at which his Grace presided, in aid of the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts.

BY THE ARCHBISHOP of York. The church which has been erected in the village of Fullwood, by the munificence of Miss Silcock, of Whiteley Wood Hall.

By THE LORD BishOP OF Bath AND Wells.The church lately erected in the town of Frome.

Burrowbridge church, adapted for the accommodation of 360 persons, most of whom have free sittings.

BY THE LORD Bishop of Chester. - The new church at Eccleston, in the parish of Prescot, built, we believe, solely at the expense of Samuel Taylor, Esq., of Eccleston Hall. The church is a neat Gothic edifice, adapted for the accommodation of 600 persons, and is fitted up in the interior in a manner much superior to the great majority of modern churches.

The new church at Harpurley,

built by the Manchester and Eccles Church Building Society, aided by the generous contributions of a few respectable individuals in the neighbourhood.

The chapel at Walkden Moor, near Worsley, which has been recently erected and endowed by the Right Hon. Lord Francis Egerton.

BY THE LORD Bishop of WorcesTER. — The new episcopal chapel, lately purchased from the Independents, situated at Hart's-hill, near Dudley, has been opened according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, under a license from the Lord Bishop of the diocese.

BY THE LORD Bishop of EXETER. - The new burial ground at Crediton, Devon.

BY THE LORD Bishop or LONDON. - The new church at East Doneyland, Essex.

PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS OF THE CHURCH. The first stone of a new church at The earl of Harewood has given the Bury, Lancashire, has been laid by munificent sum of 10001. towards the Lord Stanley, in the presence of an

establishment of a Diocesan Associaassemblage of persons amounting to tion for the West Riding of Yorkshire. nearly 4000.

The Rev. J. W. Minton, the esThe foundation stone of the new teemed and much-respected minister church to be erected in the parish of of Darlington, and his brother, have Slebech, in the vicinity of Haverford- given the very handsome sum of 20001. west, has been laid by the Baroness towards the endowment of the new de Rutzen, patroness of the living, and church at that place. proprietor of the principal part of the We have to record more munifilands in the parish.

cent donations, in continuation of the The ceremony of laying the founda- series which we have observed, on the tion stones of two new churches within part of the Rev. Dr. Warneford, in the the borough of Dudley, has recently cause of our Church. That great betaken place.

nefactor has presented a sum of 500l. The Earl of Stamford and Warring- towards the endowment of a district ton has made a donation of 1001. to church at Whiteshill, in the parish of the Church Building Society of the

Stroud. The Diocesan Church Buildcounty and town of Leicester.

ing Society have already fixed upon The Marquess of Salisbury has sub- this as one of the places which has a scribed 501. towards the expense of strong claim on their funds. This dobuilding a new church at Barking- nation of the Rev. Dr. Warneford has side, Essex.

been preceded by two gifts of 501. Lord Hotham has subscribed 2001. and 100 guineas for the church at towards building a gallery at Leomin- present building in the town of Stroud. ster church.

He has also given four other sums of Sir John Walsh, bart. M. P. has 5001. for similar purposes in different subscribed the sumn of 1001. towards parishes. rebuilding the old church of Llanvi- The church of St.Thomas, in the city hangel, Wales.

of Salisbury, has been recently repaired.

POLITICAL RETROSPECT. Domestic.-By the Quarterly Ac- Governor-General has caused no little count it appears that the increase on ferment; and altogether this country the revenue of the quarter is 655,9101. is by no means in a satisfactory state. The income for the year ended 10th Russia is arming. October, 1838, is 43,628,6831.; and Spain.—King Charles V. is making for the year ended 10th October, most satisfactory progress. 1837, 42,887,6381.; and the increase France. The blockade of Mexico 741,0451. In the quarter the chief is about to terminate, in effect it never increase has been in the Excise, existed. 388,4921.; and in the Stamps, 129,2241. The East.-Affairs wear a very In the year there is an increase in the unpromising appearance. The natives Customs of 450,675l., in the Stamps are dissatisfied; the Burmese panting of 174,9221., and in the Post Office of

for revenge, and forming alliances 45,2571.; while there is a decrease in with neighbouring powers, for mutual the Excise of 179,4501., and in the protection against English aggression; Taxes of 46,2231.

which means, for the purpose of Rumours have been rife of an im- making war at the first favourable mediate re-assembling of Parliament, opportunity. in consequence of Lord Durham's re- The political aspect of affairs, indeed, signation; but for the last few days throughout the whole world, leads us the political horizon has not presented to fear that a general convulsion is any new feature.

not far distant. Canada.—The resignation of the





TRIBUTES OF RESPECT. The Tributes or Respect to the Clergy, alike highly honourable to all parties, are so much increased in number, that we have been compelled to adopt the following plan of making these gratifying announcements: Name.


Article, Burrows, S. H.. Ombersley .

Worcester. Tea service. Chapman, W. H. Charter House

Middlesex. Silver epergne. Cobbold, F.. Ipswich

Suffolk.. Plate. Cotton, J. H. Llanllwhid


£207 12s. 7d. Davies, J.. St. Clement's

Worcester. Service of plate.
Dewdney, E. Portsea.

Hants... £80 for plate.
Fenn, P.

Somerset . Silver tea-pot.
Field, J. K. Taunton

Somerset :

Tea service.
Grant, A.

Tea service.
Gray, R.

Durham. . Splendid Polyglot Bible. Howorth, w. Ipswich.

Suffolk Piece of plate. Hudson, C. ... Bessenby

Nots ...

Salver and tankard. Hutchinson, T.. St. John's, Manchester. Lancaster. Complete tea service, four

candlesticks, and £80. Jackson, H... Wilbraham

Cambridge. Silver tea pot, M'Ghie, J. P... Portsmouth

Hants . . Tea service. Wood, A.W... Ouseburn .

York Piece of plate.


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DIOCESES IN ENGLAND AND WALES.- The following are the number of benefices in each of the dioceses in England and Wales :-Canterbury, 343; St. Asaph, 131; Bangor, 124 ; Bath and Wells, 441; Chichester, 267; St. David's, 407; Gloucester and Bristol, 535; Exeter, 611; Hereford, 256; Lichfield and Coventry, 606; Lincolo, 1,234; Llandaff, 192; London, 635; Norwich, 1,021; Oxford, 209; Peterborough, 290; Rochester, 94; Salisbury, 386; Winchester, 416; Worcester, 212; York, 891; Carlisle, 127; Chester, 554; Durham, 146; Ely, 149.

Norwich.—The dean and chapter of Norwich have resolved materially to augment the stipends of the minor canons, and also of the lay clerks in the cathedral.

HEREFORD.—By the demise of the Rev. Job Walker Baugh, chancellor of the late diocese of Bristol, a prebendal stall in Hereford cathedral is become vacant, which will not be filled up.

CORONATION Cushion.- The Queen has presented to the Bisho of Bath and Wells the cushion on which his lordship knelt at the coronation of her Majesty. It is composed of cloth of gold, richly embossed with velvet flowers, and decorated by gold tassels. It measures two feet and a half square, and has been forwarded to his lordship.

Church of SCOTLAND.--Her Majesty has subscribed three hundred pounds in aid of Church Extension in Scotland. We trust that her example will be followed by her numerous subjects of rank and fortune who have hitherto delayed sending their subscriptions.

STAFFORD.—Her Majesty the Queen Dowager has forwarded, through the medium of the countess of Lichfield, a variety of fancy articles, in needlework, and other tasteful specimens of female ingenuity, towards the fund now raising for the endowment of a church at Stafford, for which a fancy bazaar has been held in that city.

Exeter.-An order in council directs that, at the next avoidance of the sce of Exeter, in order to raise the annual income of the bishop to the sum of 50001., in accordance with the plan of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the annual sum of 34001. shall be paid to him half-yearly, out of the fund provided for the purpose of equalizing the incomes of the prelacy. It is further declared, that the Scilly Isles are in the jurisdiction of the Bisliop and the Archdeacon of Cornwall for the time being.

ORDINATIONS.-1838. The Bishop of Winchester will hold his next General Ordination on Sunday, Dec. 16.

The Bishop of Ely will hold an Ordination, in the Cathedral at Ely, on Sunday, December 2; candidates to transmit their papers to the Palace, Ely, by November 1; candidates for Deacons' Orders to give immediate notice to the Bishop.

The Bishop of Lincolu's next Ordination will be held at Lincoln, on Sunday, 16th of December next; candidates must send their papers thither 10 his Lordship before the 4th of November.

The next General Ordination of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, will be held at Gloucester, on the Sunday before Christmas day.

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