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Rev. Mr. Casson.—The inhabitants of Nailstone and Normanton, Leicester, presented this gentleman, on his leaving the Curacy, with a splendid silver tea service, in token of their esteem and respect for the active interest he took in their welfare, both temporal and spiritual, during a ministry of eight years.

LIVERPOOL.—The foundation stone of the Christ Church National Schools, Christian Street, was laid on the 24th of September, when the attendance of both clergy and laity was most numerous and respectable. We cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of laying before our readers the following eloquent and truly appropriate prayer, composed by the Rev. F. Ould, which created a deep sensation upon all present :

“O mighty God and merciful Father, to whom alone belong the issues of life and death, look down from heaven, we humbly beseech thee, with the eyes of mercy upon these dear children, and upon all those in this district for the promotion of whose welfare we desire to erect this school. Visit them, O Lord, with thy salvation, and abundantly bless the enterprise in which we are now engaged, and grant that it may be instrumental to the promotion of thy glory, and the salvation of souls, for whom our Saviour died. Deliver the little ones of our flock from the miseries that are connected with the state and condition of the fall, and save their souls for thy mercies' sake. That, so long as it sball please thee to prolong their days here on earth, they may live to thee, and be instruments of thy glory, by serving thee faithfully, and doing good in their generation. And when thou art pleased to remove them from the sorrows and trials of a sinful world, receive them into those heavenly habitations, where the souls of them that sleep in the Lord Jesus enjoy perpetual rest and felicity. Grant this, O Lord, for thy mercies' sake, in the name of thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen."

The Rev. Dr. Joseph WOLFE, MISSIONARY TO the Jews.—This exemplary and eminent Missionary is now in Ireland, where he has been for some time past preaching and lecturing in most of the churches in Dublin, at which large congregations, including many Jews, have been instructed, and highly edified by his scriptural illustrations of the christian faith, as well as by his extensive proofs in confirmation of its sacred truth, deduced from the writings of the holy fathers, and the collateral testimony of the ancient rabbinical literature. After preaching two excellent sermons on the evidences of Christianity, the University was plea ed to confer upon him the honorary degree of LL.D.; and having been examined by the Chaplain to the Bishop of Kildare, he was presented by the Very Rev. the Dean of Ardagh for ordination to the Lord Bishop of Dromore, who admitted bim to the holy order of priesthood, at an ordination held at the church of Monkstown, near Dublin, on the 24th of June, for the furtherance of which object more than 200 clergymen had previously petitioned his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Dublin, who was pleased to add his testimonial as to Dr. Wolfe's eligibility as a candidate for priest's orders. The Bishop of Elphin and the Dean of St. Patrick's invited him to preach in their respective cathedrals. The members of the Church Missionary Society, the Society for the Conversion of the Jews, and the Bible and Continental Societies, also invited him to advocate their cause at their great meetings lately held at Dublin, and he has since been nominated Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Lord Viscount Lorton.

COMMUTATION OF Tithe.—The following questions have been submitted by the Lord Bishop of Hereford to every Clergyman in his diocese meditating a commutation of tithe, in order that his Lordship may not give his consent before he is thoroughly satisfied as to the fairness of the terms proposed. The Legislature has reposed a trust in the Bishop, which Dr. Musgrave seems inclined to discharge conscientiously; and if other Diocesans were to follow the example he sets perhaps the interests of the Clergy under their superintendence might be all the better for it. We print the Bishop of Hereford's interrogatories, in the hope VOL. XX. NO. X.

4 M

that they may be found conducive to the benefit of incombents, by suggesting something of a similar nature in other quarters. The questions, if of no other value, seem, in our opinion, to be admirably well calculated, if faithfully answered, to prevent the existence of anything like fraudulent and collusive commutations, -if such things be.

1. Is your benefice a rectory or a vicarage? 2. If a vicarage, what tithes bave you been in the habit of receiving, either by endowment or prescription ? 3. Who is the impropriator of the great tithes ? 4. Is he a landowner in the parish, and to what extent ? 5. Are you in possession of any, especially of recent, valuation of the tithes of your parish by competent surveyors, and of what date, and what the value assigned ? 6. If all your tithes have been compounded for, what was the amount of the composition in each of the seven years ending with 1835 ? On what principle were such composition made? Were they on the full value? How long have they existed ? Did they include parochial rates ? Have any abatements been made from the composition as once settled ? How often, and for what reasons ? Do such reasons for abatement still exist ? 7. Has the rate on tithes been more or less than the full proportion they were liable to bear, having reference to the annual profits of the lands, and the rent thereof only?-See the cases of “ Rex v. Joddrell,” | Barnwell and Adolphus Reports, p. 403.-—Are the total quantities and several classes of land in the parish accurately stated in the table in the commutation agreement, as underneath ? Are the same stated from actual measurement, or how otherwise? Are the quantities customary or statute measure ?

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And what is the average rent per acre of each description, as above ? 9. What is the nature of the woodland ? Is it coppice, fellable at stated periods, and what period on an average ? What is the average value of the coppice per acre? What, in fact, has been received from this source on an average of twenty or thirty years; and if the actual receipts do not afford an average, what is the value of the tithe according to the produce of similar woods in the neighbourhood? 10. What is the usual course of tillage on the arable lands, and what the average produce of the several crops of wheat, barley, oats, or other grain, per acre ? 11. What is the number of acres at present cultivated as hop grounds or orchards in your parish? Is the number likely to increase or otherwise, and why? 12. Have you or any of your predecessors claimed tithe, which has not been rendered ? Has any suit or question been raised respecting any modus or claim to exemption from tithe? If so, have you taken counsel's opinion on the subject, and what is the nature of that opinion ? 13. In what way, and on what ground is the calculation made for the commutation at & per annum ? Is it in your opinion a fair and adequate sum for a permanent commutation ?

Berks CLERICAL FUND.-It will be gratifying to our readers to learn that, in consequence of an application from the Rev. J. Bushnell, the treasurer of the Berks Clerical Fund, Her Majesty the Queen has graciously consented to renew the patronage and support accorded by the late sovereign to that excellent and unobtrusive charity. The following is the reply of Sir Henry Wheatley, her Majesty's treasurer, to the letter of the rev. treasurer of the Clerical Fund:

St. James's Palace, June 19, 1838. “Sir Henry Wheatley presents his compliments to Mr. Bushnell, and, in reply to his letter of the 12th instant, is honoured with the Queen's commands to acquaint him that her Majesty will graciously continue the same patronage and support towards the charity for the relief of widows and orphans of poor Clergymen in the county of Berks, &c., as it enjoyed during the late reign. “ The Rev.John Bushnell,

» Beenham Rectory, Reading."

New CHURCH AT STROUD.-The Rev. Dr. Warneford has presented 100 guineas toward the fund now being collected for the endowment of the new church at Stroud, which is now rising rapidly, and presents the appearance of a very chaste and church-like structure.

New CHAPEL AT LAMBETA.—The Archbishop of Canterbury has given a piece of ground in Carlisle-lane, Lambeth, upon which a chapel will be forthwith erected, and will, when completed, afford accommodation for 1000 persons. The cost of the building, (3,4001.) will be defrayed by the Commissioners appointed for the Rebuilding of Churches, &c.

New CHURCH, NEAR KILLERTON.-It is stated, in the last Exeter Gazette, that Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, D.C.L. of Christ Church, intends erecting, at his own expense, a very handsome church, near Killerton, for the accommodation of that part of the inhabitants of Broadclift whose residences are at a distance from the parish church. The sum of 3,0001. will be expended on it.

CARIST Church, ADIINGTON.-The venerable Major, Sir Robert Clayton, Bart., bas invested in the bank of Messrs. Woodcock and Sons, Wigan, the munificent sum of 5001. towards an endowment to the above church, in addition to 2001. which he has given towards the building. Lady Clayton has kindly promised to give the communion plate and books.

The Hannah MORE Schools, TRINITY DISTRICT, St. PHILIP's, BRISTOLThe ceremonial of laying the foundation of these Schools took place on the 11th September; and it is earnestly hoped that the twofold object for which they are about to be erected, namely, as a tribute of public respect to the memory of Mrs. Hannah More, as well as a provision for the sound scriptural instruction of the children of a most necessitous population, will be fully attained.

STATISTICAL ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE PRINCIPAL CNIVERSITIES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.-- In Oxford there are 24 heads of colleges, with a revenue of 18,3501 ; 557 fellows, with 116,5601.; 3.3 scholarships, with 6,0301. ; 199 college officers, with 15,6501. ; 885 benefices and incumbents, with 136,5001. ; college revenues, 152,6701. ; and receipts for rent of rooms, 11,7301. The revenues of Cambridge, containing 17 colleges, is for an equal number of heads, 12,6501. ; 431 fellows, whose revenue is 90,3301.; 793 scholarships, with 13,3901.; 179 college officers, 17,7501. ; 252 prizes, of the value of 1,0381. ; 591 benefices and incumbents, with 93,3001. ; rent of rooms, 15,6801. ; and college revenues, 133,2681. In Dublin, the head of Trinity College receives 2,0001. ; 25 fellows 25,4001. ; 70 scholars, 2,1001. ; 10 college officers, 20,0001. ; 62 benefices and incumbents, 9,2001. ; rent of rooms, 2,000l.; and college revenues, 31,5001.


The Lord Bishop of Exeter will hold an Ordination in his Cathedral on Sunday, the 28th of October.

The Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells intends to hold a general Ordination on Sunday, October 21. Candidates are required to send their papers to bis Lordship's Secretary, Mr. Brookes, Wells, on or before the 22d of September.

The Bishop of Ely will hold an Ordination, at Ely, on Sunday, the 2d day of December next.

Candidates for Holy Orders are desired to transmit the requisite papers to his Lordship, at the Palace, Ely, in covers not exceeding one ounce in weight, on or before the 1st day of November next. Candidates for Deacon's Orders are to give immediate notice to his Lordship of their intention to offer themselves.

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Preferment. Net Value. County.


Patron. Blatherwick £394 Northam. Peterb. S. O'Brien, Esq. . Brixton Deverell 260 Wilts Salisb. Bp. of Salisb.

Marlborough,St. Mary 100 Wilts Salisb. Dean of Salisb.

240 Sussex Chichest. H. W. Bates, Esq. Stodmarsh

128 Kent Cant. Archd. of Cant. Rottingdean

332 Sussex Chichest. E. of Abergavenny Osmotherly

92 York York Bp. of Durham

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Name. Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Burton, F. .
New Church, Old

Kent Winchest. Trustees
Kent Road

£98 Derby L. & C. Sir W. Dixie
Chaplin, H.
Ryhall, with

295 Rutland Peterb. Marq. of Exeter

Essendine Clifton, G. H.. Ripple, with

1186 Worc. Worc. Queen's-hill

Bp. of Worcester Cocks, C. R. S. Wolverley

250 Worc. Worc. D. & C. of Worc. Collyns, C. H.. Farringdon

262 Devon Exeter Bp. of Exeter Craufurd, G. W. . Burgh,with Winthorpe 97 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Emly, F. s. Kirby Underwood 170 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Hayward, J. · Kensing cum Seale 396 Kent Rochest. Earl of Plymouth Henville, C. B. . Hound


Hants Winches. Winchester College Holmes, E. Thornbury

198 Devon Exeter Mrs. J. Edgecumbe James, G. T. Burnley, Trin. Ch.

Lanc. Chester
South Stoke, with
Johnson, C.

C. Johnson

110 Devon Exeter Gov.ofCredito Char.

247 MiddlesexLondon R. Kynaston, Esq.

tolph, Aldgate Kynnersley, C. S.. Draycott

452 Stafford L. & C. Dow. Lady Stourton Lee, R.

434 Derby L. & C. Dean of Lincoln and South

Rector of Prestwich
Oldham, St. Peter's 126 Lanc. Chester

cum Oldham
Mingaye, G.

509 Suffolk Norwich Rev. H. Owen Nieven, Chelsea New Church Middlesex London Trustees

Masters & Fellows Nind, w. Cherry Hinton 164 Camb. Ely of St. Peter's Coll.

Cambridge O'Brian, H. Heywood, St. James 196 Lancas. Chester Rector of Bury

Annexed to HeadRichards, J. L. Kidlington

297 Oxford Oxford ship of Exeter

Coll. Oxford
Sneyd, E.

309 Somerset B. & W. Subdean of Wells Staunton, W.J. C. Aslackley

453 Lincoln Lincoln Rev. R. Lee Thompson, C.. Elkesley

120 Notts York Duke of Newcastle Townley, C. Hadstock

267 Essex London Bp. of Ely Trenchard, J. A. . Stanton Fitz-Warren 174 Wilts Salisb. Incumbent Tyler, C. R. Llantrissant

555 Glamorg. Llandaff D. & C. of Glouc, Ward, Blacktoft

48 York York D. & C. of Durham Woodward, J. H. Bristol, St. James 551 Glouc. G. & B. Corp. of Bristol

Kynaston, H. . { London, St. Bo





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Alderson, G.
Ashworth, J. H.
Austin, J. V.
Bagshaw, E. B.
Bayley, W. F.
Bull, E. S.
Edge, W.J.
Harvey, T.
Heaviside, J.
Huntingford, H.
Kempthorne, R.
Lindsey, s.
Little, J.
M'Ghie, J. P.
Pratt, J. H.
Richards, J. L.


Chaplain to Duke of Leeds.
Chaplain to Earl of Carnarvon.
Chaplain to Basford Union, Notts.
Rural Dean, Eyam, Derby.
Chaplain to the Queen Dowager.
Curacy of St. Botolph's, Colchester.
Chaplain to Earl of Westmoreland.
Her Majesty's Resident Chaplain at Frankfurt.
Professor of Mathematics, &c. E. I. Coll. Haileybury.
Canon Residentiary, Winchester.
Civil Chaplain, St. Helena.
Chaplain, Genoa.
Chaplain to Lunatic Institution, Northampton.
Curacy of Wilton, Wilts.
Chaplain to Hon. E. I. Comp. and to Bp. of Calcutta.
Rector of Exeter Coll. Oxford.
Chaplain to Axbridge Union.


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