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1807 ; and returning to his residence in Oxford in 1808, became one of the Tutors of the College. In 1812 he was appointed a Public Examiner ; Select Preacher in 1819; and on the death of Dr. Cole, was elected to the Rectorship of Exeter. In that year also (Nov. 12th) he took his Degree as Doctor in Divinity. Dr. Jones's other official appointments were Delegate of Accounts, 1824; Vice-Chancellor from October 1828 to 1832; and Joint Curator of the Sheldonian Theatre, 1829. Doctor Jones married Charlotte, widow of Capt. Crawley; she died April 8th, 1836, leaving no surviving issue by her second husband. In deference to the wishes of those who have a right to command us, and in compliance with the well-known sentiments on this subject, of him whose loss is so universally deplored, we forbear any attempt to delineate, at length, the character of Dr. Jones. We may, however, be permitted to say, that a man of more inflexible integrity, more active benevolence, or more genuine kindness of disposition, never lived. Although despising every species of formality and ostentation, he possessed an ease of manner and a natural dignity of deportment which were peculiarly adapted to the official situations in which he was placed; nor is there an individual in his own College, in his own Parish, or in the University at large, from the highest to the lowest, who did not love, esteem, and respect him.

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Allies, T.
Birketi, J..
Carpendale, W.
Carr, J. A..
Hinton, A.
Jefferson, F.
Potchett, .
Purrier, H.
Rolls, H.
Seale, J. B.


Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£143 Glouc. Glouc. J. Gist, Esq.

158 Northum. Durham C. W. Bigge, Esq. Wincanton

123 Somerset B. & W. U. & G. Messiter Silton

379 Dorset Bristol H. C. Sturt, Esq. Hadstock

267 Essex London Bp. of Ely Norwood

128 Middlesex Pec. Cant. Hamborough Grandborough 191 Bucks London Lord Chancellor Ellington

84 Hunts Lincoln St. Peter's Coll.Cam. Great Ponton

463 Lincoln Lincoln Preb. in Sarum Ca. Little Hinton

444 Wilts Sarum Bp of Winchester Aldwinkle, All Saints 311 Upton Peterb. Rev. R. Roberts s Stisted

466 Essex Pec. Cant. Archbp. of Canterb. | Anstey

504 Hertford London Christ's Coll. Cam.


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OXFORD, Richard Clark Sewell, Esq. M.A., and Pembroke College; and Mr. George the Rev. F. Bulley, M. A., Probationary Frederick de Teissier, Scholar of Corpus Fellows of Magdalen College, have been Christi College. The number of candiadmitted Actual Fellows of that Society; dates was sixteen. the Rev. William Hancock, M.A., has Mr. James Meyrick has been elected been admitted Probationary Fellow, and and admitted a Scholar on the Michel Mr. Edward Kaye Burney of Christ foundation at Qucen's College. Church, of the county of Kent, and Mr. The President and Fellows of MagHenry George Joseph Parsons, of the dalen College have subscribed one diocese of Chichester, have been elected hundred guineas to the Wellington testiDemies of the same College.

monial. At Abingdon School, Mr. Thomas A premium has been offered for a Pantin, and Mr. William Coussmaker Memoir of the Foundress of the MarAnderson, have been elected Scholars of garet Professorship in this University.

Particulars of the Lives and Writings of eminent Ecclesiastics will be always acceptable.-Ed. C. R.


The third window consists of the arms of Divines and Benefactors, in the following order :-Ist, Dr. Rennell, Dean of Winchester ; 2d, Dr. James ; 3d, the late Rev. Daniel Gaches ; 4th, the late Rev. John Mainstree ; 5th, the late pious and Rev. Charles Simeon; 6th, Dr. Keate.

The several compartments contain, together with the armorial bearings, scrolls, or labels, inscribed with the names, &c. ; the shields being decorated, according to circumstances, with garters, collars, or other appropriate emblems; the whole reposing on rich diapered backgrounds of a subdued tone, affording the necessary relief to the brighter colouring of the heraldic devices.

COMBINATION Paper, 1838.

Prior Comb.

The following gentlemen. Scholars of King's College, in this University, have been elected Fellows of that Society :George Washbourne Money, Francis Edward Durnford, Walter Young, Frede. rick Edward Long, J. H. Kirwan.

Abraham Hume has been elected a Scholar of the above Society, upon the resignation of the Rev. George William Craufurd, one of the Fellows.

J. Bell, B. A. Scholar of Clare Hall, is elected a Foundation Fellow.

The beautiful and spacious hall of King's College, in this University, is now receiving some splendid additions to its chaste and ornamental appearance, by the filling up of three of the north-west windows with elegant devices of stained glass. Each device is presented by the individuals themselves whose armorial bearings they represent, or by their executors or friends. The work is being executed by Mr. Hedgeland, of Groveplace, Lisson Grove, London; to whom great credit is due for the great skill and able workmanship he has displayed. The windows will be completed in the course of a day or two. We have been favoured with the following description:

These windows consist of armorial escutcheons, crests, and heraldic devices of benefactors and distinguished members of the College, arranged in the principal openings of the several windows, and surmounted by the College emblems, or other ornamental designs in the tracery compartments.

Each window contains the arms, &c. of six individuals, and the first is appropriated to those of Peers and Statesmen, educated at this College :-in the first compartment, are the arms of Sir Robt. Walpole, Earl of Orford, Prime Minister to George I. ; in the 2d, those of the Rt. Hon. Stephen Poyntz; 3d, Horatio, first Lord Walpole, brother to Sir Robert; 4th, the late Lord Bolton ; 5th, the Rt. Hon. Sir Stratford Canning, G.C.B.; and 6th, the late Earl of Carlisle.

The second window contains the arms of Bishops and Heads of Colleges, namely,-- Dr. Luxmore, late Bishop of St. Asaph; Dr. Sumner, Bishop of Chester; and Dr. Bethel, Bishop of Bangor ;- Dr. Goodall, Provost of Eton College; Dr. Thackeray, the Provost of King's; and Dr. Cooke, late Provost and benefactor.

Aug. 5. Coll. Trin.

12 Coll. Joh.
19. Mr. Boydell, Magd.

26 Mr. Vinall, Cath. Sept. Mr. Baily, Clar.

9. Mr. Birkett, Emm.
16. Coll. Regal.
23. Coll. Trin.

30. Coll. Joh.
Oct. 7. Mr. Goldsmith, Pet.

14. Mr. Purvis, Cath.
21. Mr. Pullen, Corp.

28. COMMEM. BENEFACT. Nov. 4. Mr. Pulleine, Emm.

11. Coll. Regal.
18. Coll. Trin.

25. Coll. Joh.
Dec. 2. Mr. M'Carthy, Pet.

9. Mr. Liveing, Pemb. 16. Mr. J. S. Cox, Corp. 23. Mr. Chapman, jun. Emm. 30. Coll. Regal.

Poster. Comb.

Aug. 5. Mr. Locke, Trin.

12. Mr. M. Gibson, Trin.
19. Mr. Blofield, Trio.
24. Fest.S.Bart.

(Mr. Kenrick,

.7 Trin. 26. Mr. Hale, Trin. Sept. 2. Mr. Middleton, Trin.

9. Mr. Cobden, Joh. 16. Mr. Langshaw, Joh. 21. Fest. S. Mr. D. Baker,

Matt.) Joh.

Dec. 26. Fest. S. Mr. Philpott, STEPH.] Cath,

Mr. Clarke, 27. Fest. S. Joh.


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Fest. Innoc. { Mr. Packer,

Sept. 23. Mr. Sparkes, Joh.

Mr. Cassels,

SMT; 29. FEST. ST. Joh. Mich. Mr. J. Smith,

Joh. 30. Mr. W. Clarke, Joh. Oct.

7. Mr. Bostock, Joh. 14. Mr. Luckock, Joh. 18. Fest. S. Mr. Lutwidge, Luc.

Joh. 21. Mr. Paley, Joh.

28. Mr. Cockburn, Joh. Nov. 1. Fest. Om. Mr. Butler,



4. Mr. Sadler, Joh.
11. Mr. Sayer, Joh.
18. Mr. S. Smith, Joh.
25. Mr. Adams, Regin.

Mr. Parkin, 30. Fest. ST. AND.

Regin. Dec. 2. Mr. Phillips, Regin.

9. Mr. Scott, Regin. 16. Mr. Capper, Regin.

Mr. Michell,

Regin. 23. Mr. Morris, Regin.

Mr. Leeke, 25.

Cath. 30. Mr. Lakeland, Cath. Resp. in Theolog. Oppon.

Coll. Regal. Mr. Hodgson, Corp. Coll. Trin.

Coll. Joh.

Mr. Barlow, Pet. Mr. Beynon, Magd.

Mr. Hustwick,

Mr. Cape, Corp.

Mr. Palmer, Jes. Mr. Brooks, Trin. Coll. Regal.

Coll. Trin. Resp. in Jur. Civ. Oppon. Mr. Venables, Jes. {Mr. Scott

, Emm.

, Resp. in Medic.

Oppon. .

Mr. Jeaffreson, Mr. Lockley, Cai. jun., Pemb.

Mr. Willis, Cai.

21. Fest.S.Thom.

Fest. Nativ. { "Regina


At the parish church of Rodmershan the Rev. Jas. Morant, A.M. of Magdalen College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company at Madras, second son of George Morant, Esq. of Wimpole-st. Cavendish-square, London, to Barbara Wilson, third daughter of W. J. Lushington, Esq. of Rodmersham Lodge, Kent, and niece of Major-General Sir James Law Lushington, K.C.B.

At Penmark Church, Glamorganshire, the Rev. J. Montague Cholmeley, M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College, on the Lincolnshire Foundation, to Rosa Antonia, youngest daughter of the late Major.General Oliver T. Jones, and sister of Robert Oliver Jones, Esq. of Fonman Castle, Glamorganshire.

At Rotherfield Grays, Sussex, by the Rector, the Rev. J. Ř. Roberts, B.D. of Trinity College, the Rev. Miles Atkinson, M.A. Fellow of Lincoln College, to Mary, second daughter of the late Richard Lansdale, Esq. of the Marsh, High Wycomb.

Rev. Humphrey Senhouse Pindar M.A. one of the Senior Fellows of Caius College, Cambridge, and Rector of Bratton Fleming, Devon, to Henrietta, second daughter of the Rev. Thomas Bowdler, M.A.

The Rev. J. H. Evans, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Head Master of Sedburgh School, Yorkshire, to Kate, youngest daughter of the late Leonard Pickering, Esq. of Winterborn Abbas, Dorsetshire.

At Fobbing, Essex, the Rev. Samuel S. Greatheed, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Margaret, third daughter of the Rev. W. Rose Stephenson, Rector of Corringham, Essex.

At Marylebone Church, the Rev. H. Kynaston, M.A. Student of Christ Church, High Master of St. Paul's School, and Perpetual Curate of St. Botolph's, Aldgate, second son of R. Kynaston, Esq. to Elizabeth Selina, second daughter of H. Kenedy, Esq. of Cultra, Down, Ireland.

At Gorlestone Church, Suffolk, Peter Le Neve Foster, Esq. M.A. Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and Barristerat-Law of the Middle Temple, to Georgiana Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Rev. Clement Chevalier, Rector of Badingham, in the above county.

At Fairlie, Ayrshire, by the Rev. Thomas Chalmers, D.D., Edward Card. well, Esq. M.A. Fellow of Balliol College, to Annie, youngest child of the late Charles Stewart Parker, Esq.


......... ditto.

Harcourt on the Deluge, 2 vols.
Edgar's Variations of Popery.
Fysh's Beast and the Image.
Thompson, E. on Prophecy.
Butt's Sermons.
Euis's Sermons.
Miller's Sermons.
Moxon's Sermons.
Nolan's Warburtonian Lectures. The Chrono-

logical Prophecies.
Nolan's Evangelical Character of Christianity.
Parkinson's Hulsean Lectures.
Keith's Illustrations of Christianity.
Scobell's Christ in the Wilderness.
Watson's Spiritual Life.
Paterson's Remains.
Tre velyan on Education in India.
Bingham's Works, Vol. II.
Christian Modes of Thinking and Doing, Vols.

II. and III.
Typical Part of our Lord's Preaching.
Simpson's Poetic Illustrations of the Bible, Ist

and 2d Series.
Clarkson's Strictures on the Life of Wilber-

The Christian's Daily Treasury.
Sherer's Travels.
Prayers of the Church.
Nicholl's Help to reading the Bible.

Peer's Minutiæ.
Condensed Discourses.
Wilson's History of Christ's Hospital.
Moody's Eton Grammar.
Sydney's Life of Walker.
The Confessions of Adalbert.
Ward's Records of the Isle of Mann.
Collyer's Visitation Sermon.

Horne's Coronation Sermon.
Sermon. By Wayland.
Sermon. By Mortimer.
Hart on Purgatory.
Hodson on the Church of Rome.
The Wonders of the World, No. I.
The Christian Examiner, No. I.
Stapleton's Life of St. Chrysostom, Vol. I.
G. S. Faber's History of the Ancient Vallenses

and Albigenses.
Letters from Ireland. By Charlotte Elizabeth.
Essays on the Church. By a Layman.
The Call upon the Church. By W. Roberts,

Esq. and Rev. W. Nicholson. Prize Essays.
Twenty Essays on Providence.
Short Family Prayers. By a Member of the

Church of England.
Not Tradition, but Revelation. By P. Shuttle-

worth, D.D.

ADDRESS TO CORRESPONDENTS. Tue Christian REMEMBRANCEr having been transferred by the late talented, long tried, and faithful Editor into new hands, it becomes a duty to address a few words to our many contributors, and the public at large, upon this occasion. The new Editor has from the commencement in 1819 been a constant supporter, and for the last ten years a considerable contributor, to the work ; so that the principles which it has hitherto so successfully advocated will be consistently maintained, and every exertion made to increase the estimation in which, as a soundly religious and orthodox publication, The Christian REMEMBRANCER has been held for nearly TWENTY YEARS!

It is earnestly hoped that those kind and able friends, to whose talent and exertions the high character of the Miscellany is greatly indebted, will continue their valuable support to the new Editor, as the work will be conducted in every respect on the same principles by which it has hitherto been so successfully regulated.


The hint of our Blandford correspondent shall be attended to.
P. A. E. will accept our thanks; and, we repeat, similar curiosities will be always acceptable.

R. P. Broughton. All communications from that quarter, will find their appropriate place in the CHRISTIAN REMEMBRANCER.

A correspondent asks, "Where a child, in the absence of godfathers and godmothers, is baptized at church, can the service be completed at a future time at home?" Certainly not; the reception of the infant into the congregation of Christ's flock, must be done in the "presence of all His people."

T. A Lecturer, though not bound by law, is so by custom and prescription, to give the usual notice of resignation.

S. S. A couple may insist upon being married immediateiy after the last publication of their banns, in the course of divine service; but it is not usual.

We shall be obliged to any of our readers for a reply to the following queries of T-n:-
Is it improper or incorrect to preach on the Apocrypha?
Is there any canon, or other legitimate authority, which prohibits preaching without a text?

Articles for immediate insertion are requested to be forwarded by the 21st of each month, as the arrangement and details are materially benefited by early communications.

Births, Marriages, and Deaths, with matters of local interest connected with the Church, if duly authenticated, will be inserted without delay.

Several Clergymen who have been in the habit of contributing articles to the CARISTIAN REMEMBRANCER, having kindly offered to continue their valuable services, we beg to acknowledge their favours, and shall be always most happy to hear from them.



OCTOBER, 1838.


Art. I.- Rationalism and Revelation ; or, the Testimony of Moral Phi

losophy, the System of Nature, and the Constitution of Man, to the Truth of the Doctrines of Scripture; in Eight Discourses, preached before the University of Cambridge, in the year 1837; with a Memoir of the Founder of the Lecture, the Rev. John Hulse. By the Rev. RichaRD PARKINSON, B.D. of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Fellow of Christ's College in Manchester. London: Rivingtons.

Pp. xlvii. 224. AMONGST the greatest benefactors of the human race, may fairly be enumerated those who, from pious and holy motives, have instituted prizes, established lectures, or endowed fellowships, for the advancement of the “excellency of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Nor is it possible for men to have taken more effectual means to secure an earthly immortality, if ever these great and good characters had such an object in view. For, once a year, at least, their bounty is brought under public review; once a year a new stone is added to the altar erected to perpetuate their memory. Not to enumerate the founders of our colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, -not to mention the royal and noble benefactors to whom, under Providence, their rise and progress must be referred, let any man, even a stranger to these mighty institutions, refer to the calendars alone and there behold the host of goodly names enrolled as founders of fellowships, professorships, scholarships, or annual prizes,-and then let him say whether England has not a proud right to glory in such a galaxy of illustrious characters.

But with us these names are familiar as household words; and first and foremost ranks John Hulse, "one of the greatest benefactors to the university of Cambridge in modern times;" who founded two Divinity Scholarships in St. John's College ; the Hulsean Prize, the office of Christian Advocate, and that of Hulsean Lecturer, of Christian Preacher.

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