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Dalton, Richard
Fellowes, Henry John
Fitzgerald, Richard
Iremonger, Thomas Lascelles
Marychurch, Henry Wealdy
Morris, Elias Walker.
Norman, Frederick John
Pennington, Arthur Robert
Townsend, William Manifold
Utterton, John Sutton
Weight, George



Degree. College. University.
B.A. University Oxford
M.A. St. John's Oxford
B.A. Exeter

B.A. Balliol

Oxford (let. dim.)

St. Edmund Hall Oxford (ditto) B.A. New

Oxford (ditto) B.A. Caius

B.A. Trinity Cambridge
(let. dim.) B.A. Queen's Cambridge
B.A. Oriel

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford
B.A. Caius

M.A. Trinity Cambridge
B.A. Trinity

Oxford Trinity

Dublin B.A. Magdalen Cambridge M.A. Christ Church Oxford S.C.L. Queen's Cambridge B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge M.A.

Magdalen Hall Oxford B.A. Trinity


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By the Lord Bishop of Chester.

DEACONS. Allen, Henry

M.A. New Inn Hall Oxford

B.A. Worcester Boyce, Henry le Grand

Oxford Brancker, Peter Whitfield

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Short, John Holbeche.

P.A. Merton

Oxford Whitelegg, William

B.A. Queen's


PRIESTS. Anderson, David

M.A. Exeter


M.A. Argles, Marsham



B.A. Bell, John


Oxford Bevan, David Barclay


Magdalen Hall, Oxford Fox, William Darwin .

M.A. Christ Church Oxford Hayward, Willian W. Curtis

B.A. Oriel

Oxford Kent, Roger

B.A. Brasennose Oxford

B.A. Lamb, Robert

St. John's Oxford Manby, John Ralph George

B.A. Brasennose Oxford

B.A. Postlethwaite, John



B.A. Wilson, William




By the Lord Bishop of London.

DEACONS. Burney, Charles

B.A. Magdalen

Oxford Symonds, Alfred Radford

B.A. Wadham Oxford

PRIESTS. Barlow, Edward William

M.A. Exeter

Oxford Boutell, Charles

M.A. Trinity

Oxford Butler, Daniel .

M.A. Lincoln

Oxford Clarke, Christopher Somers


Magdalen Hall Oxford Fereday, John

B.A. Worcester Oxford Lamotte, George T. Crespigny.

B.A. Balliol

Oxford Lefroy, Anthony Cottrell

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Price, Edward

M.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford Swaine. James

B.A. Wadham Oxford Winter, Alfred Litt

M.A. University Oxford


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PREFERMENTS. Consecration of the Bishop of Sodor and Man.- The Rev. Dr Bowstead, Bishop of Sodor and Man, has been consecrated at the chapel of Lambeth Palace. The Archbishop of Canterbury acted by commission for the Archbishop of York. The Bishops of Lincoln, Ely, and Hereford, assisted at the ceremony. The sermon on the occasion was preached by the Rev. Henry Calthrop, B.D. Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Amory, T. St. Tethe

£226 Cornwall Exeter Bp. of Exeter Audry, C.

New Sampford 494 Essex London New Coll. Oxford Ayling, H.,

Holy Trinity, St.
Mary, Guildford

171 Surrey Winchest. Lord Chancellor Bailey, J. Stoke Holy Cross 162 Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Barnes, W. Hill Deverell


Salisb. Barton, R. S. Heysham

504 Lancas. Chester R.Godson, Esq. M.P. Binney, H. Newbury

455 Berks Salisb. The Queen Blosse, H. L. Michaelstone-le-Pitt 65 Glamorg. Llandaff T. B. Rous, Esq. : Blundy,

Drayton Beauchamp 275 Bucks Lincoln Mrs. Manners
Boyle, w.

206 Somerset B. & W. Rev. G. Bythesea , Browne, G. A. Rottendon

Essex London The Queen
Browne, H. Little Kimble 107 Bucks Lincoln
Bryans, F. Backford

230 Chester Chester Bp. of Chester
Bull, H.

68 Bucks Lincoln D. & C. of Ch, Ch, Bull, J. G. Godalming

461 Surrey Winchest. D. of Salisbury
Causton, T. B. Highgate, St. Michael Middlesex London Bp. of London
Cobb, R.

110 Norfolk Norwich Earl of Albemarle Cooper, J. H. Old Windsor

270 Berks Salisb. Lord Chancellor Davy, G.

Maidstone, St.Peter's 720 Kent Canterb. Abp. of Canterb.

Aughton cum
Earle, J.

90 York York
Elliot, C. B.

414 Suffolk Norwich Rev. J. G. Bull
Ellis, W.M.

392 Bucks Lincoln Rev. J.C. Townsend Figgins, T. L.. Liverpool, St. Matthew, 107 Lancash. Chester The Rector Flower, W. South Hykeham

340 Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Freeman, H. Folksworth

135 Hants Lincoln Rev. H. Freeman Grant, A. Romford

800 Essex London New Coll. Oxford Hall, J. R..

Oxford, St. Mary Magd. 145 Oxford Oxford D. & C. of Ch. Ch. Haworth, J. Croxton

98 Norfolk Norwich Ch. Coll. Camb. Heathcote, G. W.. Ash

473 Surrey Winchest Winchester Coll. Hill, J. O.. Wootton Underwood 69 Bucks P.of Cant. D. of Buckingham Hurlock, W. M. Stoke, by Clare 130 Suffolk Norwich Mrs. Rush Hutchinson, T. New Ch. Harpurpey

Lancash. Chester Johnson, J. Outwell

417 Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Ely Kent, C. Ludford

105 Hereford Hereford E.L. Charlton, Esq. Lamprell, C. W. Bradley Parva

100 Suffolk Norw, C.&W.Lamprell, Esqs. Law, Arch. Bath Abbey 750 Somerset B. &W.

Trustees of Rev. C.

Lee, F.
Stanton Bury

54 Bucks Lincoln Earl Spencer Legh, E. D.

Aldersgate, St. Botolph,450 Middlesex London D. & C. of Westm. Meek, R. Richmond


Chester Lord Chancellor

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Prefermeni. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Mordaunt, C.. Badg worth

£482 Somerset B. & W. Sir J. Mordaunt Pinder, K. G. Bratton Fleming 511 Devon. Exeter Caius Coll. Camb. Rolfe, C. Shadoxhurst

177 Kent. Cant. Lord Chancellor Symonds, T. M. Bromeswell

150 Suffolk Norwich Marquis Bristol Thwaytes, J. Carlisle, Trinity Ch. 171 Carlisle Carlisle Rev. W. Rees

Pec. D. Turner, W. H.. Banwell

538 Somers. & C. of D. & C. of Bristol

Bristol Tyler, R. T. Llanurithyd 165 Glamorg. Llandaff SirT.D.Aubrey, Bt. Wetbered, F. J. . Hurley

163 Berks. Salisb. Hon, H. Walker Whalley, J. M. Slaidburn

336 York

York R. Whalley, Esq.

Sir J. Marshall, | cum 392 Kent Cant. Rev.W.J.G.Phillips

and Mrs. Phillips William, J.. Euxton in Leyland 125 Lancas. Chester Lady Hoghton. Wood, J. Egham

575 Surrey Winchest. G. Gostling, Esq.


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Wilder, J. M.. Alingham



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} £284 Gloster Gloster D. & C. of Gloster


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

St. Mary de Lode,

Bishop, J.

MinorCanon and Pre

centor of Gloucester Brown, J. Osmotherly

92 York Ripon Bp. of Ripon

147 Northleigh

Oxford Oxford Churchill, B.,

Lord Chancellor Appledram

34 Sussex Chichest. D. & C. of Chester Corbett, J. J. Archdeaconry of Salop Downe, T. Lydden

104 Kent Cant.

Abp of Cant. Ellis, F.

Rockland, St. Mary 320 Norfolk Norwich Queen's Coll. Cam. Gelling, Kirk German

I.of Man I.of Man Bp.of Sodor & Man Goe, B. Boston

360 Lincoln Lincoln Corp. of Boston Griffith, F.. Llangar

160 Merion. St. Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph Michaelston-le-Pitt 65 Glamorg. Llandaff J. B. Rouse, Esq. Hancorne, T.. Barry

87 Glamorg. Llandaff W. Romilly, Esq. Hett, W., Elksley

120 Notts York D. of Newcastle Homer, W Wolfhancote

73 Warwick L. & C. Miss Tibbitts StocktonJones, A.

- on-the

140 York York Forest

P. of York

D. of Norf. to a Fell. Newling, J. Ditchingham

of St. John's, Cam. Can. Res. Lichfield St. Crux

94 York York Overton, J..

Lord Chancellor
St. Margaret, York 124 York York
Southoe cum

281 Hunts Lincoln Rev. R. Pointer

Hale Weston Pointer, R. . Boxworth

459 Camb. Ely G. Thornhill, Esq. Preb. of Lincoln

455 Newbury

Berks Oxford Roe, J. .

The Queen (Dorchester

100 Oxford Oxford Trs.of Mr.Fettiplace Saunders, J. Kirtlington

358 Oxford Oxford St. John's Coll, Oxf,

Pec. D.
Spragge, F. R. Combe, St. Nicolas 413 Somers. & C. of Dean of Wells


324 Cheshire Chester Adml. Tollemache Tomkinson, H.

727 Cheshire Chester W.Tomkinson, Esq. Tremenbere, W. Madron cum Morvah 740 Cornwall Exeter Rev. M. N. Peters | Borden


Kent Canterb. G. Musgrave, Esq. Tucker, S. Markshall

158 Essex London W.Honeywood, Esq.

400 Camb. | All Saints, Cumb.

Ely Whitehead, G..

Jesus College 1 hemsing cum Seal 396 Kent Rochester Earl Plymouth

126 Lancas. Chester Rect. of Prestwick St. John's Hey, Ashton 131 Lancas. Chester Rector of Ashton VOL. XX. NO. VIII.

482 Norfolk Norw. {




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{ Davenham

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Adams, T. Coker
Bean, T. P.
Biddulph, H.
Bradley, W.
Burnet, R,
Butler, W.
Christie, S. H.
Clive, A.
Cooke, G..
Cooper, J.
Curtois, R. S.
Digby, W..
Drake, W.
Eaton, W. G.
Fessey, G. F.
Garbett, John
Gooch, Fred..
laslam, J. F.
Phillott, H. W.
hynaston, B.
Moor, J. H. C.
Morgan, M. R.
Palmer, W.
Parkes, J. T.
Penny, C.
Phillips, A.
l'ilkington, C.
Roberts, C.
Rooke, J. E.
Twigger, J.
Twisleton, C. S.
Walford, O.
Weston, W. H.
Williams, T.


Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.
Second Mastership of St. Paul's School.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.

Chaplaincy of Aylesbury Gaol.
Chaplaincy of Nottingham County Gaol.
Prof. of Mathematics in Royal Military Coll. Woolwich.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.

Third Mastership of St. Paul's School.
Chaplain to Marquis of Queensbury.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.
Head Mastership of Leicester Collegiate School.
Chaplaincy of Chester County Goal.
Chaplaincy of Bromsgrove Union.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.

Missionary for Ceylon.
Third Mastership of Charterhouse School.
High Mastership of St. Paul's School.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.
Assistant Curacy of Llangyfelach.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.

Head Mastership of Crew Kerne Free Grammar School.
Principal of King William's College, Isle of Man.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.
High Master's Assistant in St. Paul's School.
Chaplaincy of Duke of Cambridge.
Chaplaincy of Cemetery at Kensal Green.
Rural Dean for the Archdeaconry of Coventry.
Second Mastership of Charterhouse School.
Minor Canonry in Worcester Cathedral.
Curacy of Merthyr Tydvil.



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Browne, T.
Collett, R.
Daniel, J..
Ellaby, F.
Hickes, F.
Ingle, T.
Jones, D. J.
Lacey, H
Neet, C.
Nicholson, M.
Seymour, A.


Appointment or Residence.
Second Mastership of Christ's Hospital.
Westerham, Kent.
Christ Church, Oxford.
Mornington Crescent.
Brasennose College, Oxford.
At Southawe.
Curate of Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire.
High Wycombe, Bucks.
Late Curate of Bishop's Hatfield.
Codrington College, Barbadoes,
King's College, Cambridge.


OXFORD. Tue Earl of Devon, the recently-ap- the Dean of Christ Church and the Subpointed High Steward, having, on the pro- dean, Dr. Barnes, to the Theatre, where per day, made and signed the Declaration, the ViceChancellor having opened the in lieu of the sacramental test, in the Convocation, the High Steward took the presence of the Vice-Chancellor and Proc- oaths of supremacy and allegiance, totors, at the Deanery of Christ Church, gether with ihe oath of office; and having returned in procession, accompanied by taken possession of his official chair, lo

the right of, and a little behind, that of the Vice-Chancellor, the Convocation was dissolved.

At the Commemoration of Founders and Benefactors, the Theatre was crowded to overflowing ; the number of M.A. and of male strangers appeared to us to be less than we have seen for many years. The only honorary degree conferred was that of Doctor in Civil Law, on the Hon. William Reginald Viscount Courtenay, Bachelor of Law, originally of Christ Church, and late a Fellow of All Souls' Coll., eldest son of the Earl of Devon. He was presented by the Regius Professor of Law, Dr. Phillimore, who alluded, in a very feeling manner and elegant Latinity, to the long intimacy that had subsisted between himself and the father of the candidate, the new High Steward. It is singular that Dr. Phillimore and Lord Devon went through Westminster together, entered Christ Church the same day, were called to the bar at the same time, and afterwards sat together in the House of Commons. Lord Courtenay was received with great enthusiasm, and when the Professor alluded to the honorary distinction his Lordship had attained in the University, namely, that of the highest class in Classical Literature, the whole Theatre resounded with applause. The Creweian oration was delivered by the Public Orator, and the prizes read and recited by their respective authors, viz. :

Latin Verse.-T. C. Trower, Scholar of Balliol Coll.

English Essay. - T. H. Haddan, Fellow of Exeter Coll.

Latin Essay.-W. Dickinson, Scholar of Trinity Coll.

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize.-J. H. Dart, Commoner of Exeter Coll.

Sir Roger NEWDIGATE's PRIZEFor the best Composition in English Verse, not limited to fifty lines, by any Under-Graduate who, on the day above specified, shall not have exceeded four years from the time of his matriculation6 Salsette and Elephanta.”'

In every case the time is to be computed by calendar, not academical, years, and strictly, from the day of matriculation, to the day on which the Exercises are to be delivered to the Registrar of the University, without reference to any intervening circumstances whatever.

No person who has already obtained a Prize will be deemed entitled to a second Prize of the same description.

The Exercises are all to be sent under a sealed cover to the Registrar of the University, on or before Friday, the 22d day of March next. None will be received after that time. The Author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguish his composition by what motto he pleases; sending at the same time his name, and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.

The Exercises to which the Prizes shall have been adjudged will be repeated (after a previous rehearsal)in the Theatre, upon the Commemoration-day, immediately after the Creweian Oration.

MRS.DENYER'S THEOLOGICAL PRIZES. -The subjects for the year 1839 are-“ On the Justification of Man before God only by Christ, proving also that true Faith must be accompanied with Good Works. On the Necessity of the Two Sacraments retained by the Church of England, and that they only are necessary to be retained.” Persons entitled to write for the above-mentioned Prizes must be in Deacon's Orders at least, and on the last day appointed for the delivery of the Compositions to the Registrar, have entered on the eighth and not ex. ceeded the tenth year from their matriculation. The Compositions are to be sent under a sealed cover to the Registrar of the University on or before Wednesday, the 27th day of February, 1839. None will be received after that day.The author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguislı his Composition by what molto he pleases; sending at the same time his name, and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the molto inscribed upon it.

The ELLERTON THEOLOGICAL PRIZE, " On the Conduct and Character of St. Peter," has been awarded to T. D. Bernard, B. A. of Exeter Coll.

The following subjects are proposed for the CHANCELLOR's PRIZES for the ensuing year, viz. :

For Latin Verse-“ Marcus Atilius Regulus fidem hostibus solvit.”

For an English Essay—"The Classical Taste and Character compared with the Romantic."

For a Latin Essay—“Quænam sint erga Rempublicam Academiæ officia ?”

The first of the above subjects is intended for those gentlemen who, on the day appointed for sending the Exercises to the Registrar of the University, shall not have exceeded four years, and the other two for such as shall have exceeded four, but not completed seven years, from the time of their matriculation.

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