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it is rather an argument against the was erected by himself without a Faeffect of unanimity, that the vote in- culty ;—there is, therefore, no prescripcludes posterity also. In the case of tive right. It appears, that it was not St. Stephen's, Walbrook, where the in- built by leave of the parishioners, and habitants were unanimous, the clause although the Churchwardens have the was inserted. All precedents prove general right, usage in some places only, that in some cases the Court has gives it to the parish in vestry; and thought proper to insert such a clause, on the affidavits that have been exhibut not that it is bound to do so, by bited, I think it is so here. This priany rule of law with which I am ac- vate right, therefore, which is claimed, quainted. If it is a rule of discretion is founded on no legal ground, nor is only, what are the circumstances in it good against the church wardens or this case? Here is a populous parish, the parish. of great public resort, with a rental of “ Considering all the circumstances 12,0001., and with inhabitants in easy of this case, I am of opinion, that the circumstances. The expense on resi- Court has authority to grant the Fadent inhabitants, will be little more culty, and that there is no such genethan one halfpenny in the pound. If ral rule, requiring the unanimous such a parish is willing to have the consent of the parish to obtain the power to tax themselves, and the Faculty without the clause mentioned : Court should refuse, it would amount there is a decided majority in favour almost to a declaration that no parish of the application, and they have acted ought to have an organ.

on a reasonable and prudent confidence. « But it is to be considered also, whe- " It is highly proper that there ther any private right will be affected should be an organ in this church, if by it. All that I find on that point is, in any; and I pronounce for the that one person makes an affidavit, grant, without inserting any clause that three pews, belonging to himself respecting the provision for the orand two other persons, will receive ganist, or for exonerating the parish much detriment; but in what manner from the expenses that may be inis not stated. It appears that his pew curred in maintaining it."



DOMESTIC.—The present month has Negro apprenticeship among the pubbeen important in showing some lic, and a motion for effecting it carried symptoms of offensive warfare on the by a trifling majority against the meapart of the Conservatives. At a splen- sures of Government; but of which no did banquet given to Sir Robert Peel, other results are likely to follow, than by 313 members of the House of a compulsion of the Whig-Radicals Commons, a complete union was openly to resist for once the popular nounced to have been formed with clamour and agitation The Ministers that party by Lord Stanley, Sir James have refused to postpone the CoronaGraham, and those who usually act tion to a later period of the year, but with them. This was shortly followed have altered the day from the anniby a motion for rescinding the cele- versary of the death of George IV. brated Appropriation Clause from the FRANCE.—The celebrated trial of journals of the House, which had been Hubert and others, for a conspiracy the means of ousting Sir Robert Peel to murder the king, has just termifrom office; and though the ministry nated in the condemnation of Hubert succeeded in defeating the motion by himself to transportation for life, a small majority, yet they were com- Steuble, Annat, and Mademoiselle pelled formally to declare that they Grouvelle, his accomplices, to five durst not act upon the resolution thus years' imprisonment; and Giraud to continued on the journals. There has three years of the same penalty. The been also some renewal of the agita

three other accused individuals were tion on the immediate abolition of acquitted. The announcement of the

verdict was the signal for a violent revolt against Don Carlos, and proscene of clamour and outrage on the fessed to seek only the independence part of the prisoners, the bar, and the of the Basque Provinces, and the prepersons present in the court and its servation of their fueros. It must, immediate vicinity.

however, still be acknowledged that Spain. The affairs of the Carlists there is no apparent ground for exseem getting worse, and especially pecting the termination of the civil from the schism and disorder which contest, and of the horrors and ruin have arisen in their ranks, some of them which its continuance occasions. having openly raised the standard of


By the Lord Bishop of Rochester.


Degree. College. University.
Bridger, John

(let. dim.) B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Buckley, John Wall

ditto B.A. Magdalen Coll. Cambridge Buller, Reginald John

B.A. Oriel

Charlton, William Henry

ditto B.A. Trinity Cambridge Dendy, Samuel .

ditto B.A. Trinity

Oxford Guthrie, Lowrie

B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Higgins, Henry Hugh

(let. dim.) B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge Kynnersley, Edm. Clement Sneyd . ditto B.A. Trinity

Oxford Lloyd, Thomas

M.A. Christ Church Oxford Monro, Edward (let. dim.) B.A. Oriel

Oxford Pitts, Thomas

ditto B.A. Queen's Cambridge Radclyffe, Henry Clifford

ditto B.A. Pembroke Cambridge Woodhouse, Walter Webb

ditto B.A. Queen's Cambridge

PRIESTS. Adcock, Alfred

B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Holt, George William

(let. dim.) Lit. Sedger, Thomas

B.A. Queen's Cambridge Taylor, George

B.A., Catharine Hall Cambridge





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By the Lord Bishop of Exeter.

DEACONS. Buck, Richard Hugh Keates

B.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Compton, Charles Domvile

B.A. Wadham Oxford French, John

M.A. Worcester Oxford Martin, George

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Polwhele, Edward .

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Smith, Peter Parker .

B.A. St. John's Cambridge

PRIESTS. Gilbard, William

M.A. Worcester Oxford Surtees, Frederick Scott.

B.A. University Oxford Smith, Hinton Castle.

B.A. Wadham Oxford Tippett, Edward

B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge

By the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.

DEACON. Jackson, Richard Henry

M.A. Jesus


PRIESTS. Evans, Edward

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Hughes, Robert Henry Matthews

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Jones, Robert

B.A. Jesus

Oxford Roberts, Robert Jones

M.A. New Inn Hall Oxford

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{ Maulby

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Net Value. County. Diocese.

Patron. Adams, G. East Farndon 400 Northam. Peterb. St. John's, Oxford Ashmor, P. Porthkerry

185 Glamorg. Llandaff Sons of Sir S. Romily Barton, Heysham

504 Lancash. Chester Rev. T. Y. Ridley. Bayley, C. J. Ch. of E.Collinstown

- Smythe, Esq. Bingham, C. W.. Sydling, St. Nich. 169 Dorset G. & B. Winchester College Blake, E.. Bramerton

Norfolk Norwich R. Fellows, Esq.
Aldringham with
Bond, R.

59 Suffolk Norwich Sir C. Blois

Boothby, c. . Barnold by-le-beck 140 Lincoln Lincoln Southwell Ch.
Carter, T. T. Piddle Hinton 264 Dorset G. & B. Eton College
Clough, A. B. Braunston

837 Northam. Peterb. Jesus Coll. Oxford Corrie, H. Kettering

786 Northam. Peterb. Lord Sondes Cosway, S. Chute

244 Wilts Salisb. Rev. M. Marsh Evans, w. Goodworth, Clatford 180 Hants Winches. W. Iremonger, Esq. Shotesham

Norfolk Norwich R. Fellows, Esq.
Fellows, C.

Norfolk Norwich R. Fellows, Esq.
Ferrot, C.

190 Lincoln Lincoln C. Turnor, Esq. Freeland, w.c.. Chelton

150 Suffolk Norwich Mrs. S. Freeland Guille, P. St. Mary's

109 Jersey Winches. Governor of Jersey Hawkins, C., Stillingfleet

412 York York D. & C. of York Heberden, J. West Thurrock 306 Essex London W.H.Whitbread, Esq. Henville, C. B. Hound

160 Hants Winches. Winchester Coll. Herring, A. Asbmanhaugh 42 Norfolk Norwich Sir J. H. Preston Heslop, w. East Witton

93 York Chester Marq. of Ailesbury Holland, E. W. Dunsfold

471 Surrey Winches. The Queen Saundby

100 Hudson, C.

Notts York Lord Middleton
North Wheatley

148 Radnor Sl. Dav. Bp. of St. David's Langdon, J. Nailsea

352 Somerset B. & W. Mrs. Brown Madan, G. Cam 95 Gloster G. & B. Bp. of G. & B.

R. Bowles

York Archd. Musgrave shaw, nr. Halifax Farnboro'

304 Warwick L. & C Radstone

S Panting, L. Chebsea

211 Stafford L. & C. D. & C. of Lichfield Pocock, C. S. Rouslench

346 Worcest. Worcest. G. E. Pocock, Esq. Salkield, E. Aspatria

249 Cumb. Carlisle Bp. of Carlisle Shepperd, w. Margaret Roding 223 Essex London J. Bentley, Esq. Slade, G.

Radcliffe, St. Thomas 100 Lancash. Chester Rector of Radcliffe. Stratton, W. Gressingham

80 Lancash. Chester Vicar of Lancaster Thomas, T. Cregina

120 Radnor St. Dav. Bp. of St. David's. Turner, C. M. Studland

126 Dorset G. & B. Rev. J. Michel. Wellesley,

Woodmancote 369 Sussex Chichest. Lord Chancellor Westmacott, H.. Chastleton

336 Oxford Oxford Sir R. Westmacott. Westbrook, S. West Hampnett

52 Sussex Chichest. Lord Chancellor

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M'Laughlin, H.. Burford, (Ist portion) 377 Shropsh. Hereford { Hon. Bo Plex G.
Ramsden, E.. •{ St. John's in Brad;} 76 York
Ottley, J. B..

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Net Value. County.


Patron. Bamford, R. W. . Bishopton £165 Durham Durham Sherburn Hospital Beloe, H. P. St. Mary, Guildford 171 Surrey Winchest. Lord Chancellor Biddulph, T. T. St. James, Bristol 551 Bristol G. & B. Corp. of Bristol

353 Kinnersley Clutton, J.


D. & C. of Hereford Colson, J. M. Studland

126 Dorset G. & B. Rev. J. Michel Cornthwaite, T. Crick

98 Derby

L. & C. Sir W. Dixie Dumaresc, C. . St. Mary's, Jersey 109 Hants Winchest. Governor of Jersey Feaver, G.. Sydling, St. Nicholas

169 Dorset G. & B. Winchester College with Hilfield

Mautby Fellows, J.. Shotesham

Norfolk Norwich R. Fellows, Esq. Bramerton

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{ Radstone

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Godbold, G. B.
Harding, J.
Hardwick, W.
Holbech, c.
Holder, W. C.
Hue, c.
Jones, W.
Kitchen, J.
Knipe, J.
Laurence, T. F.
Lee, H..
Maul, J.
Poole, W.
Richards, D.
Ridley, T. Y.
Stewart, A.
Vevers, R..


Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


L275 Hants Winchest. Rev. G. Godbold
Margaret Roding

223 Essex London J. Bentley, Esq. Outwell

417 Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Ely
304 Warwick L. & C.

W. Holbech, Esq.
90 Northam. Peterb.)

95 Gloster G. & B. Bp. of G. & B. Braunston

837 Northam. Peterb. Jesus Coll. Oxford East Witton

93 York Chester Marq. of Ailesbury St. Stephen's, Ipswich Middleton

100 Westmorl.Chester V.ofKirkby Lonsdale East Farndon

400 Northam. Peterb. St. John's Coll. Oxf. Hound

160 Hants Winchest. Winchester College Brisley

486 Norfolk Norwich Christ's Coll. Camb. Gateley Moulton

391 Northam. Peterb. Rev. S. Stanton Aberavon


Glamorg. Llandaff J. Richards, Esq. Heysham

504 Lancash. Chester Own Presenation Burford, (1st portion) 377 Shropsh. Hereford Ho.& Rv. R. Bowles Kettering


Northam. Peterb. Lord Sondes
Eaton Bishop 444 Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford
Newton Valence

512 Hants Winchest.Own Petition.
with Hawkley

346 Worc. Worc. G. E. Pocock, Esq.

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Bennett, E.
Byam, R. B..
Campbell, J. C.
Cassan, S. H.
Edgar, R.
Estcourt, E. H. B.
Evans, J. H.
Gooch, J. H.
Hodgson, W.
Hopkins, H. J.
Lane, R. C.
Litchfield, F.
Pollock, W.
Prower, J. M.
Rickards, H. H.
Sandford, J.
Sanderson, T.
Smith, W. B.
Smith, R. H.
White, T. R..


Head Mastership of Collegiate School, Leicester.
Chaplaincy of Orsett Union, Essex.
Sunday Even. Lecturesh.in St. Mary Radcliffe, Bristol.
Chaplain to the Duke of Sussex.
Curacy of Michaelston-le-pit, near Cardiff.
Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge.
Chaplaincy of Nacton House Union.
Rural Deanery of Kineton.
Head Mast. of Sedburgh Free Gram. School, Yorksh.
Assistant Master at Grammar School, Wakefield.
Mastership of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.
Chaplaincy at Winchester Union.
Chaplain to Marquis of Queensbury.
Chaplain to Earl Clanwilliams.
Curacy of St. Thomas, Stockport.
Rural Deanery of Cricklade.
Curacy of Woodford, Essex.
Chaplain to Dowager Marchioness of Queensbury.
Chaplaincy at Wellingborough Union.
Chaplain to the Garrison at Edinburgh Castle.
Mastership of Grammar School, Andover.
Chaplain to Marquis of Ely.


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Name. Palmer. J. F. Parsons, J. Shattock, N. J.

Portishead, Somersetshire.

OXFORD. The following gentlemen have been The Denyer Theological Prizes have elected Proctors and Pro-Proctors for the been awarded by the Judges as follow:ensuing year:

“ On the Divinity of the Holy Ghost." Senior Proctor - The Rev. William - The Rev. Robt. Scott, M.A. Fellow of Ricketts, M.A. Fellow of Merton College. Balliol College.

Junior Proctor. - The Rev. Thomas “On the Influence of Practical Piety Tyssen Bazely, M.A. Fellow of Brasen- in Promoting the Temporal and Eternal nose College.

Happiness of Mankind.” The Rev. Pro-Proctors.—The Rev. Walter Kerr Thos. Wm. Allies, M.A. Fellow of Wad. Hamilton, M.A. Fellow of Merton Col- ham College. lege; the Rev. William Fraine Fortescue, M.A. Fellow of New College ; the Rev. The Public Examinations in Disciplinis Joseph Walker, M.A. Fellow of Brasen- Mathematicis et Physicis commence on nose College; the Rev. George Casson, the 12th of June. M.A. Fellow of Brasennose College.

The Rev. William Daniel Conybeare, The following notice has been issued

M.A. of Christ Church, has been elected by the Vice-Chancellor:

to preach the Bampton Lecture Sermons Whereas it has been represented,

for the year 1839. that several Members of the University have lately used fire-arms, loaded in Dr. Ogle and Dr. Daubeny are nomimany instances with ball, in the neigh- nated to be Examiners of Candidates for bourhood of the river, and of other public Medical Degrees. and frequented places, to the great peril of her Majesty's subjects, and contrary to the express prohibition of the statutes :

DEGREES CONFERRED. -All persons are hereby warned, that BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY, the penalties enacted by the statutes here

BY ACCUMULATION. unto subjoined will be enforced without

The Rev. John Edward Nassau Molesmitigation against those who shall be

worth, Trinity College, Prebendary of found, after this public notice, offending

Canterbury, grand compounder. in that manner.

DOCTOR IN MEDICINE. Extract from the Statute “Tit. XV.

Henry Sumner Dyer, Worcester Coll. Sect. 7. De Ludis prohibitis.


Rev. Wm. James Butler, Fellow of Mag“ 2. Item quod abstineant ab omni

dalen Coll. genere lusus vel exercitii, ex quo aliis

Rev. Wm. Wheeler, Fellow of Magdalen periculum, injuria, vel incommodum

Coll. creatur; veluti ::.. ab omni apparatu

MASTERS OF ARTS. et gestatione Bombardarum, et Arcubalistarum; sub pæna pro arbitrio Rev. Chas. Archdale Palmer, Student of Vice-Cancellarii aut Procuratorum infli- Christ Ch. grand compounder. genda.”

Rev. W'm. Frenl. Wingfield, Christ Ch. * Sect. 15. De reprimendis sumptibus non Rev. John Fisher Hodgson, Christ Ch. Academicis.

Rev. Walter John Clarke, Balliol Coll. " 7. Denique ab omni certaminis ge- Rev. Richard Stephens, Magdalen Hall. nere interdictum est in quo volucres Rev. J. Hannay, Fell. of Worcester Coll. feræve e caveis emissæ, vel scopus aliquis, Rev. Thos. Parry, Wadham Coll. bombardis petuntur; et si quis hac in William Frederick White, Trinity Coll. parte deliquerit, a Vice-Cancellario aut Henry Beaumont Leeson, Caius Coll. Procuratoribus vel penso aliquo literario, Cambridge, incorporated of Trinity vel mulcta, vel bannitione, puniatur." Coll. grand compounder.

Rev. John Williams, Balliol Coll. grand The Board of Heads of Houses and compounder. Proctors have fixed the Commemoration John Adams, Student of Christ Ch. grand of Founders and Benefactors for Wed- compounder. nesday, the 27th of June.

William F. Fletcher Boughey, Christ Ch.

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