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377 } Gloster

Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Andrews, R. Spaldwick

84 Hunts Lincoln Preb.in Linc. Cath. Beadon, H. W. Lation with Eisey

380 Wilts Salisb. Earl of St. Germans Stanton cum SnowsBloxsome, W. H

G. & B. E. Bloxsome, Esq. hill

Rev. G. Capper Bond, J. T. Freston

369 Suffolk Norw.

Rev. T. Mann Bransby, W. B. Charsfield

66 Suffolk Norw. Earl Howe Balsham Chapman, W. H.

SGovernors of Char1104 Camb. Ely

ter House Close, J. Kirkby Ravenswth. 104 York Chester Bishop of Chester

Archdn. of Sodor & Cole, W. G.. Walpole

82 Suffolk NO

Colf, C.

177 Kent Canterb. Lord Chancellor Coope, W. J. Falmouth

668 Cornwall Exeter Lord Wodehouse Coulcher, G. St. Benedict, Camb. 151 Camb. Ely Corpus Christi Denison, G. A. Broad Windsor 558 Dorset G. & B. Bishop of Salisbury Dolignon, J. Hilborough 390 Norfolk Norw. Own petition

Trustees of Sir G. Dryden, L. G.G. Ambrosden

228 Oxford Oxford

P. Turner Earle, E. R. Wardley with Belton 287 Rutland Peterb. The Queen




Lancaster Chester Dr. Whittaker

{ "interbourne,

Fenis-cowles Evans, R. Wherwell

301 Hants Winchest. Preb. of Wherwell Fitzroy, T.W.C. Ringstead

Norfolk Norw. H.L.Styleman, Esq. Foster, I.

157 Dorset Bristol Earl of Ilchester

Monkton Gambier, F. Barford St. Martin 798 Wilts Salisb. All Souls' College

Shaston St. Rumbold, Gane, W.

196 Dorset G. & B. Earl of Shaftesbury

alias Cann Gaselee, J. Little Yeldham 222 Essex London Lord Chancellor Gisborne Croxall

489 Derby L. & C. Lord Chancellor Green, E T. Orleton

156 Hereford Hereford Govs. Lucton Sch. Hunt, C. A. St. Peter's, Blackburn 153 Lancaster Chester Vicar of Blackburn Hutton, . Warton

187 Lancaster Chester D. & Ch. of Worc. Johnston, W. D. Ifield

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120 Kent P.of Cant. W. Edmeads, Esq. Jones, D. Panteague

351 Monm. Llandaff C. H. Leigh, Esq. Litchfield, F. Farthinghoe

Northam. Peterb. E. of Wilton
St. George, Little
Lyon, w.

168 Lancaster Chester Trustees

M'Conkey, J. All Saints, Liverpool Lancaster Liverpool Trustees
Newby, G. Borrowdale

62 Cumb. Carlisle Rev. J. Lynn Poole, T.

Firbeck with Letwell 122 Yorkshire York Chan. of Ch. York Powell, w. Llanhenoch

64. Monm. Llandaff Ch. of Llandaff Raine, w. Swinbrook

57 Oxford Oxford Ch. of Salisb. Catb. St. Margaret's Chap., 150 Sussex Chiches. Prop. of Chapel Read, F. .



Robinson, C. W.
Scott, J.


Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Patron. Prestwold and Hoton 24 Leicester Lincoln C. W. Packe, EsqUppington

70 Salop

Hereford Duke of Cleveland St. Thomas at Radcliffe 100 Lancaster Chester Rector of Radcliffe

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Rev. W.w.red.} Ombersley

417 } Worces. Worces. Lord Sandys

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Tate, J.
Tracy, e.
Turner, S. B.
Tyrwhitt, J. B.
Vaughan, H.
Wetherall, J.
Whichcote, c.



92 York Chester The Queen Sully

250 Glamorg. Llandaff Mrs. Thomas Linstead Magna 97 Suffolk Norw. Lord Huntingfield Claxby Pluckacre 70 Lincoln. Lincoln H. Dymoke, Esq. Llansaintfraed in Elvel 171 Radoor St. Dav. Bishop of St. Dav. Rushton, All Saints 674 Northam. Peterbo. W. W. Hope, Esq. St. Michael's in Stamford

136 Lincoln Lincoln Marquis of Exeter Necton and Holm

1122 Norfolk Norw. Hale

Bishop of Norwich Rayleigh

778 Essex London R. Bristowe, Esq.

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Yonge, w.
Yorke, P. W.


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Preferment. Net Value. County.


Barnes, J.

187 Lancaster Chester D. & C. of Worcest.
Buxton, T. Kirkby Ravensworth 104 York Chester Bp. of Chester.
Cooke, C.

385 Suffolk Norwich Rev. C. Cooke. Dowland, J. J. G.. Broad Windsor 558 Dorset G. & B. Bp. of Salisb. Dreyer, R. Thwaite

143 Norfolk Norwich Duke of Norfolk. Dunkin, W. Pilham

200 Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor. Edgecombe, J. Thornbury

198 Devon Exeter Mrs. Spencer. Wolverly

250 George, R.

Worcest. Worst.
Stoke Prior

D. & C. of Worcest.

270 Gray, R..

Little Yeldham 222 Essex London Lord Chancellor. Hooker, Dr. Rottingdean 332 Sus ex Chichest. Leyson, L. Panteague

351 Monm. Llandaff C. H. Leigh, Esq. Milward, E. Farthinghoe

Northam. Peterb. Earl of Wilton. Mitford, J. R. Manaccan

193 Cornwall Exeter Bp. of Exeter. North, H. Ringstead

Norfolk Norwich H. L. Styleman, Esq St. Thomas at Parkinson P.

100 Lancaster Chester Rector of Radcliffe.

Radcliffe Porter, R. Draycott

452 Stafford L. & C. Dowag. L. Stourton. Downton and Prescott, C.

Hereford Hereford Lord Chancellor. Burrington

146 Great Stambridge 600 Essex London Gov. of Charterh. Ramsden, W. B.

Little Wakering 190 Essex London St. Barthol. Hosp.

98 Norfolk Norwich Christ Coll. Camb. Rideout.

Woodmancote 369 Sussex Chichest. Lord Chancellor. Saunders, G. Wollaton

792 Notting. York Lord Middleton. Portishead

729 Somerset B. & W. Corp. of Bristol. Shipton, Dr. .

Stanton Bury 54 Bucks Lincoln Earl Spencer. Sockett, T. Ombersley 417 Worcest. Worcest. Lord Sandys. Thompson, E. Aspatria

249 Cumb. Carlisle Bp. of Carlisle. Tucker, W.c.

Washford Pyne 144 Devon Exeter W. Comyns, Esq. Wasey, G. Ulcomb 379 Kent

ford. Wetherall, J. L. Rushton, All Saints 674 Northamp.Peterb. W. W. Hope, Esq. Wiglesworth, H. Slaidburn

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336 York York

Name. Baxter, T. Bowen, c. Cooper, J. Davis, E..


Under Mastership of Grammar School, Worcester.
Domestic Chaplain to Lord Bateman.
Chaplain to H.M.S. the Malabar.
Curacy of Clodock, Herefordshire.


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Curacy of St. John's, Worcester.
Domestic Chaplain to H. R. H. Duke of Cambridge.
Chaplaincy at Chumar.
Domestic Chaplain to Earl of Eldon,
Head Mastership of Grammar School, Worcester.
Sub- Librarian in British Museum.
Chaplain to H. R. H. Duke Cambridge.
Head Mastership of Christ's Hospital, Hertford.
Head Mastership of Grammar School, Chester.
Domestic Chaplain to Earl of Eldon.
Chaplain to High Sheriff for Shropshire.
Domestic Chaplain to Earl of Dunmore.
Domestic Chaplain to Duke of Argyle.
Mastership of Grammar School, Donnington.
Chaplain to Droit wich Union.
Head Mastership of Grammar School, Houghton-le-

Spring, Durham.


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OXFORD. Congregations will be holden for the purpose of granting Graces and confer. Robert Jackson, Fellow of New Coll.

egrees on the following days in the present Term, viz. Thursday, May 3 Thursday, May 17 Thursday, May 10 Friday

May 25

Rev. J. A. Harvey, St. Edmund Hall. Saturday, June 2

Rev. E. J. Carter, Exeter Coll. No person will, on any account, be ad

Rev. J. Overton, Magdalen Hall. mitted as a candidate for the degree of

Rev. A. C. Tarbutt, Fell, of Wadham Coll. B.A. or M.A. or for those of B.C.L. or

A. F. Foster, Trinity Coll. B.M. (without proceeding through Arts), whose name is not entered in the book, kept for that purpose, at the Vice-Chan

J. J. Randolph, Student of Christ Ch. cellor's house, on or before the day pre- Lord Viscount Emlyn, Christ Ch. ceding the day of congregation.

J. P. Severn, Christ Ch.

T. R. Agnew, Fell. of New Coll.

J. H. Wardroper, Exeter Coll.

W. Winchester, Commoner of Christ Rev. C. Abel Heurtley, Fellow of C.C.C. Church



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CAMBRIDGE. The Chancellor's medals for the two C. Baldock, St. John's Coll. best proficients in Classical learning E. Baylis, St. John's Coll. among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, C. Grain, Pembroke Coll. have been adjudged to Lord Lyttelton W. Bond, Caius Coll. and Ds. C. J. Vaughan, both of Trinity G. R. Medley, Corpus Christi Coll. College, but without determining the W. Price, Corpus Christi Coll. order of the candidates ; and at an addi- T. M. Wythe, Queen's Coll. tional meeting of the Examiners, those R. R. Ford, Queen's Coll. gentlemen were declared to be equal. R. P. Waller, Jesus Coll.

W. Walsh, St. John's Coll. Bell's Scholarships.—The following are the names of the gentlemen who have

ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE. been elected Scholars on the above Foun- The following gentlemen have been dation :

elected Fellows of St. John's College :

Ds, Collison Ds. Brumell Robinson, Trinity College.



Chapman Norrisian Prize.-The Norrisian Prize has been adjudged to Mr. Daniel Moore,

KING'S COLLEGE. of Catharine Hall, for his Essay on the

George Goldney, Scholar of King's following subject :

College, has been elected a Fellow of “The state of the Christian Religion that society. from its promulgation to the present time not inconsistent with the belief that it is

MAGDALEN COLLEGE. a Revelation from God."

George Augustus Chichester May, B.A.

and William Wellington Willock, B. A. of DEGREES CONFERRED.

Magdalen College, have been elected Fellows of that society.

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C. F. Partridge, Trinity Coll.
J. May, Trinity Coll.
C. Evans, St. John's Coll.


D. Calliphronas, Trinity Coll.
T. M. Nicholson, Trinity Coll.
T. Livesey, Trinity Coll.
E. C. Terot, Trinity Coll.

Osborne Reynolds, Esq. B.A. of Queen's
College, has been elected a Foundation
Fellow of that Society.

Meetings of the Philosophical Society for the Easter Term :-Monday, May 14; and Monday, May 28.

At the Rectory, Freckenham, Suffolk, the lady of the Rev. George B. Paley, of & son.

At Mapperton-house, near Beaminster, the lady of the Rev. William Maskell, of a daughter.

At Stepney, Barbadoes, the lady of the Ven. Archdeacon Parry, of a son.

At Cation, the lady of the Rev. Dacre Barrett Lennard, of a daughter,

At Collumpton School, the lady of the Rev. W. F. Good, of a son.

At Burghfield Rectory, Berks, the lady of the Rev. H. C. Cherry, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. H. Pountney, of

a son,

In Achill, the lady of the Rev. Joseph Baylee, of a daughter.

At the Glebe-house, Binsted, the lady of the Rev. Samuel J. Lockhart, of a daughter.

At the Vicarage, Barton Stacey, Hants, the lady of the Rev. David Jackson, of a


The lady of the Rev. W. S. Robinson, Rector of Dyrharn, Gloucestershire, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. Dr. Moberly, late Fellow of Balliol College, Head Master of Winchester School, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. W. W. Malet, late of Magdalene Hall, of a daughter, stilla born.

At South Newton, Wilts, the lady of the Rev. G. Pugh, of a son.

At Handley, Dorset, the lady of the Rev. T. Mason, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. J. E. Shadwell, Rector of All Saints, Suuthampton, of a

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At the Rectory, Meshaw, Devon, the lady of the Rev. W. H. Karslake, late of Oriel College, of a daughter.

At Deene, the lady of the Rev. John Daniel, of a son.

The lady of the Rev. Arthur Fane, of a daughter.

At Great Gransden Vicarage, the lady of the Rev. T. A. Grice, of a son.

At the Vicarage, East Grinstead, Sussex, the lady of the Rev. C. Neville, of a daughter.

At Bondshill, near Dublin, the lady of the Rev. J. S. Monsell, of a daughter.

At the house of her father, G. Bennett, Esq. Merrion-square, Dublin, the lady of the Rev. Delves Broughton, of a daughter.

At the Rectory, Boughton, the lady of the Rev. Claudius Sandys, of a daughter.

At Horley Vicarage, the lady of the Rev. C. Thompson, of a daughter.

At Woodville, Kildare, the lady of the Rev. W. J. Aylmer, Curate of Donadee, of a daughter.



At Upham, Hants, the Rev. Francis
John Eyre (third son of the late George
Eyre, Esq., of the Warrens, Hants), to
Ann Louisa, second daughter of the Rev.
John Haygarth, Rector of Upham.

At Leamington, the Rev. Joshua
King, M.A. late Fellow of Brasennose
College, Rector of St. Matthew, Bethnal
Green, Middlesex, and of Woodchurch,
Cheshire, to Hamilton Georgiana, young-
est daughter of the late Rev. Thomas
Aveling, Rector of Milbrooke, Bedford-

At Weymouth, the Rev. George Cæsar Hawkins, B.A. of Oriel College, Vicar of Pinhoe, Devon, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of George Villiers Villiers, Esq., late of the Royal Horse Guards.

At Saint Benedict's, Cambridge, by the Rev. T. B. Stuart, Fellow of Queen's College, the Rev. James Nelson, of Ludden. ham, in the parish of Halifax, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Hall, Esq., of Saffion Walden, Essex.

At St. Cuthbert's, Wells, the Rev. F. Fleming Beadon, M.A. of Oriel College, Vicar of Pilton, Somerset, only son of the Rev. Canon Beadon, of Stoneham, Hants, to Augusta, daughter of the late J. P. Tudway, Esq., M.P. for Wells.

At Marcham, by the Rev. Benjamin Morland, the Rev. Henry Wm. Bowles Daubeney, of Cainscross, Gloucestershire, son of Col. Daubeney, of Bath, to Peggy Louisa, fourth daughter of the late Benjamin Morland, Esq., of Sheepstead-house, near Abingdon.

In Beaumont-street, Oxford, ihe lady of
the Rev. Richard Greswell, of Worcester
College, of a daughter.

At the house of her father, Robert Williams, Esq. of Grosvenor Square, London, the lady of Arthur Henry Dyke Ac. Jand, Esq. M. A. of Christ Church, of a daughter.

At Fulham, the lady of the Rev. Evan Nepean, of a daughter.

The lady of the Rev. H. C. Brice, Rector of St. Peter's, Bristol, of a son.

At Cheltenham, the lady of the Rev. Henry Griffiths, of a daughter.

At the Vicarage, Colebrook, Devonshire, the lady of the Rev. Arthur Grueber, of twins, a son and daughter. This is the second tiine this lady has had twins; the former, two boys.

Al Colchester, the lady of the Rev. W. H. Graham, of a daughter.

At the Vicarage, Beverley, Yorkshire, the lady of the Rev. W. T. Sandys, of a


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