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His lordship was surrounded by many of his clergy resident in this town and neighbourhood. The Report was read by the Rev. William Hesketh, one of the secretaries; from which it appeared that the Liverpool District Committee of the Society was established in the year 1815; but that till 1825 the income arising from the subscriptions towards it did not exceed 1671. 19s. per annum. In 1824, a large meeting was held at the Blue-Coat School, with the Bishop of the diocese in the chair, by which the subscriptions were increased to 5807., and donations were added, the result of the same meeting, to the amount of 2551., from which time, however, the funds had progressively declined. During the first ten years 6947 Bibles, and 12,637 Prayer-books, were circulated; and during the last ten years, 24,165 Bibles, and 29,503 Prayer-books. The claims of the Society were eloquently stated by the Right Rev. the Bishop of the Diocese, and by the Reverends Hesketh, Brooks, Buddicom, and M'Neile.

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By the Lord Bishop of Chester,

DEACONS. Jetiray, William Lockhart

B.A. Balliol Titley, Edward

B.A. New Inn Hall Wentworth, Stephen Exuperius .

M.A. Balliol

IRIESTS. Darcey, John

B.A. Brasennose Hall, John R.

B.A. University Moore, John Walter

B.A. Exeter



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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Atkinson, W.

£223 Cumb. Carlisle Rev. J. D. Clarke Burrough, I. W.. Totness

200 Devon Exeter Lord Chancellor Chester, W. H. C. Elsted

187 Sussex Chich.

Lord Selsey Corbett, A. South Willingham 389 Lincoln Lincoln G. F. Heneags, E:q.

| Hinton St. George 197 7) Cox, R. A. { and Seavington

Somerset B. & W. Earl Powlett Ebden, J. C. , . Great Stukeley 124 Hunting. Lincoln Trinity Hall. Camb.

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199 Gloster Gl. & B. {

Gilbert, J..
Glascolt, C. J.
Hill, w.
Hodges, H.
Howe, G. A.
Ingham, T. B.
Jeane, Dr. .
Keeling, W. R.
Lawrance, R..
Marsden, W. B.
Newman, H. B.
Parker, F.
Pierce, W. M.
Price, D. P.
Pullein, J.
Redy, C. L.
Stubbs, G.
Tuck, G. R.

Preferment. Net Value. Couniy. Diocese. Patron.

£60 Norfolk Norwich Sir C. II. Rich
Staton with Beer 206 Devon Exeter Lord Rolle
New Church

Leicester Lincoln
Wardley with Belton 287 Rutland Peterboro'Lord Chancellor

106 Sussex Clịch. D. & C. of Chichest. Congleton

143 Chester Chester Corp. of Congleton Deanery of Jersey 400

Hants Winton The Queen Blackley 140 Manch. Chester Manchester College

| E. H. Fielder, Esq. Dorsington

W. Lawrance, Esq.
St. John's Bape. 237 Chesh. Chester Marq. of Westmins.
Little Bromley 493 Essex London Wadham, (xon
67 Devon

J. Spettigew, Esq.

140 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Carlisle Himley

258 Stafford L. & Cov. Lord Ward Cornwyl Cayo 224 Carmar. St. David The Queen Warmfield

148 York

York Clare Hall, Camb. Swambourne

158 Bucks Lincoln Lord Chancellor Ebchester

86 Durham Durb. Wallington

398 Herts Lincoln Emmanuel Coll.

(P. of D.) Charminster with

137 Dorset of Rev. G. Pickard Stratton

East Torrington

327 Lincoln Lincoln C. Turnor, Esq. with Wragley


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Exeter {I: Venner, Esq.

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{ Hospital herburn


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Net Value. County. Diocese.

Bayly, Dr. W.

£196 Gloster G. & B. Bp. of Glost. & Brist. Borradaile, W.. Wandsworth 840 Surrey Winton Mrs. Borradaile Bright, T. S.. Forton

474 Staff. L. & Cov. Sir T. F. Boughey Corry, R.. Tarrant Hinton 370 Dorset G. & B. Mrs. Diggle Davies, T. Llansaintfread 171 Radnor St. David Bp. of Si, David's Deans, W. Aughton with

90 York York Cottingwith Drake, J. . Warmfield

148 York York Clare Hall, Camb. Farmer, T. Chirbury

179 Salop

Hereford Corp of Shrewsbury Graham, W. Wardley

287 Rutland Peterboro'Lord Chancellor Gray, R. Sunderland

264 Durham Durham Bp. of Durham Harding, J. St. Margaret, Roding 223 Essex London Incumbent Knapp, P.

Shenley Mansell 426 Bucks Lincoln Rev. P. Knapp Langdale, E. R.. Chignal Smealey 120 Essex London T.Austen &- Cook Lawrence, B. Darleydale

434 Derby L. & Cov. D. of Lincoln

Lee, H.

Hound with Burlsdon 160 Hants Winton Winchester Coll.

473 Surrey
Leyson, T.

353 Mon. Llandaff Bp. of Llandaff Luffincotte Martyn, T. W.

67 Devon

S J. Venner, Esq. Exeter

J. Spelligew, Esq. Wicken

405 Noith. Peterboro'Sir J. Mordaunt Quartley, H.

Trustees of late Dr. Wolverton

38 Bucks Rathbone, J. E.. Romford

SCO Es ex London New Coll, Oxford Ridley, T. Y.

| Executors of Rev. Heysham

504 Lanc. Chester Sivewright, G. Blakesley

176 North. Peterboro'— Wright, Esq. Hinton St. George

197 Stambury, H.

Somerset B. & W. Earl Powlett and Seavington

Lincoln { " "Radcliffe



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Mastership of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Bath.
Chaplain to R. B. Sheridan, Sheriff for Dorsetshire.
Rural Dean of Rochford.
Domestic Chaplain to H. R. H. the Duke of Cambriilge.
Mastership of Free Grammar School, Carmarthen.
Rural Dean of Abingdon.
Chaplain to East Harnham Union.
Chaplain to Lord Lieut. of Ireland.
Classical Master of Grosvenor Coll. Bath.
Chaplain to the Sleaford Union.
Chaplain to the Lord Lieut, of Ireland.
Chaplain to Devon and Exeter Hospital.
Assistant Chaplain at Bombay.
Head Mastership of East Retford Free Grammar School.

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Bridge, R.
Crook, C.
Darrah, P. J.
Fellowes, J.
Fox, A.
Gibson, E.
Thomas, J.
Thurland, F.


Appointment or Residence.
Curate of Lisburn, Ireland.
Mastership of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Bath.
Chaplain to H. C. S. Madras.
Of Shottisham, Norfolk.
'Queen's College, Cambridge.
Curate of Brompton, near Northallerton.
Mastership of Lupton School, Herefordshire.
Curate of Rouston and Dorrington, Lincolnshire.

OXFORD. The Letters Patent of his Grace the “Cuivis etiam licebit, veniâ ejusmodi Duke of Wellington, as Chancellor, ap- non impetrata, in sequenti aliquo Terpointing the Right Honourable William, mino respondere : in Registro autem Earl of Devon, High Steward of the peculiari penes Procuratorem Juniorem University, in the room of John, Earl of asservando inseratur nomen ejus, et reEldon, deceased, have been communi- pellatur a Gradu per unum Terminum, cated to Convocation, and unanimously et sic deinceps, pro ratione Terminoconfirmed by an unusually large assem- rum, Responsionibns scilicet assignatoblage of Doctors and Masters.

rum, quibus coram Magistris Scholarum With the design of remedying the ad respondendum comparere neglexerit. hardship which might in some cases arise Proviso insuper quod nomen ejus in Exout of the interpretation of some enact- aminandorum Schedulam a Procuratore ments of the Statute, tit. VI. sect. I. $ 2. Seniore non referatur, nisi post tres Teraddenda, p. 175, the following form of a minos exactos inter Responsionem suam paragraph, to be introduced into that et Examinationem publicam subeunStatute, immediately after the words dam." “sequenti aliquo Termino respondere,” The Professor of Poetry will read his in the page above mentioned, will be Terminal Lecture on Tuesday the 13th submitted to Convocation in the course of March, in the Clarendon, at two of the present term :-


Rev. R. Williams, Jesus Coll.
Wm. Andrews, Fell. of Exeter Coll,
Rev. C. W. Edmonstoire, Cn. Ch.
Wm. H. Pearson, Ch. Ch.
Wm. C. Fowle, Wadham Coll.
Ellis P. Kitson, Balliol Coll.
Rev. C. Scriven, Fell. of Worcester Coll.
R. H. Jackson, Jesus Coll.

The Examiners appoin:ed by the trustees of Dean Ireland's Foundation have given notice, that an examination will be holden in the Clarendon, on Saturday, the 10th of March, and the following days, for the purpose of electing a Scholar on that foundation. Gentiemen, who desire to offer themselves as candidates, are requested to leave their names with Mr. Carr, of Balliol College, together with certificates of their standing, and of the consent of the head or vicegerent of their College or Hall, on Monday the 5th, or Tuesday the 6th of March, before half-past two o'clock. The Scholarship is open to all Undergraduate Members of the University who have not exceeded their sixteenth term. The examiners are Mr. Short, Christ Church; Mr. J. Carr, Balliol; and Mr. G. Denison, Oriel.

The examiners appointed by the trustees of the Mathematical Scholarships have given notice, that an examination will be holden on Monday, the 12th of March, for the election of a scholar on that foundation. The scholarship is open to all members of the University who are Bachelors of Arts, or have at least passed the public examination, and who have not exceeded the twentysixth term from their matriculation inclusively. Candidates are to call on Professor Powell, with certificates of their standing, and of the consent of the head or vicegerent of their College or Hall, on Monday, March the 5th. The exami. hers are Mr. Professor Powell, Oriel; Mr. Twiss, University; and Mr. Pocock, Queen's.

BACIIELORS OF ARTS. Chas. J. Ryle, Ch. Ch. David Roberts, Jesus Coll. Evan Baillie, Trinity Coll. John P. Clowes, Worcester Coll. A. P. Stanley, Scholar of Balliol Coll. George Butt, Ch. Ch. T. L. Iremonger, Balliol Coll. Geo. M. Fort, Exeter Coll. Isaac H. Gosset, Exeter Coll. G. A. Blakeley, Worcester Coll. Sam. J. Jerram, Worcester Coll. Thos. C. Briggs, Worcester Coll. George Maule, University Coll.

LINCOLN COLLEGE. A Scliolarship and iwo exhibitions on the Foundation of Lord Crewe, now Vacant, will be filled up on Monday, March 26. The Scholarship is without limitation as to place of birth. Candidates for the exhibitions must be natives of the Diocese of Durhaın; or in default of such, of North Allertonshire or Howdenshire, in the county of York, of Leicestershire, and particularly of the parish of Newbold, Verdon, or of the counties of Oxford and Northampton.

NEW COLLEGE. Mr. J. M. Holland from Winchester School has been admitted a Probationary Fellow of New College ; and Mr. Charles Bedford an actual Fellow of that College.



Rev. F. P. Hodges, Fell. of New Coll.

BACHELOR'S IN CIVIL LAW. Rev. R. R. Stephens, Fell. of New Coll. Rev.G.K.Morrell, Pell. of St. John's Coll.

PEMBROKE COLLEGE, Mr. D. P. Chase has been elected a scholar on the Cutler Boulter Foundation, of Pembroke College; and Mr. J. P. Tweed has been appointed a Bible clerk, and to the exhibitions on the foundation of Mrs. Stafford, and the Rev. W. Ordes.

MASTERS OP ARTS. Charles Cobbe, Exeter Coll. H. B. Mayne, Student of Christ Church. Rev. F. J. Kitson, Fell. of St. John's Coll. Rev. T. W. Mason, Queen's 'Coll. 'incor

porated from Trinity Coll. Dublin,

Grand Compounder. Rev. C. Evanson, St. Edmund's Hall. H. L. Dodds, Christ Church. E. Evans, Scholar of Pembroke Coll. Rev. J. H. Stuart, Trinity Coll. Rev. W. Birley, Trinity Coll.

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Candidates are required to call on the Sub-Rector, on or before Thursday, March 22d, and to present the usual testimonials, accompanied, in the case of Exhibitioners, by an affidavit of the place of their birth.

GRACE. — At a convocation it was agreed to affix the university seal to the forms of consent on its part to an agreement for the commutation of tithes in the parish of Ingatestone and Kelvedon Hatch, Essex.

ASHMOLEAN Society, Feb. 12.- The President in the Chair.-W. H. Ridley, Esy. B.A. of Christ Church, and J. S. Hodson, Esq. B.A. of Merton College, were elected Members. The Secretary announced the receipt of Mr. Hope's Work on the Lamellicorns of Linnæus and Fabricius, presented by the author. The Secretary read a letter from Dr. Daubeny, dated Philadelphia, December 26th. In the letter, the writer detailed the progress which the science of Meteorology is now making in North America. From a series of observations kept for the last seven years at Montreal and Cape Diamond, it appears that no amelioration of the annual temperature has taken place in consequence of the cutting down of the woods. The temperature of the springs of Balston and Saratoga is more than two degrees higher than the annual temperature of the surrounding country. The recommendation of Sir J. Herschell, of the quarterly observations, has been attended to at several places in North America. He

then entered into a description of the theories by which Mr. Redfield and Mr. Espy account for the circumstances of tornadoes; and related the circumstances of a storm which happened to himself in crossing, which was calculated to prove the existence, in the tornado, of a gyratory motion about an internal axis, as well as of a progressive motion.

In conclusion, he slightly alluded to Davenport's machine for producing motion by electromagnetic power. A conversation ensued, in which the President and other members took a part. Mr. Stroud, of Wadham College, presented to the Society some specimens from the Ulinois anit Arkansas territories, of galena,limestone, and magnetic iron. The specimens of magnetic oxide of iron presented to J. Stroud, Esq. by A.M. Stirret, were taken from a ridge about twelve miles from the famous hot-springs of the Arkansas territory. The abundance of the mineral is such as to prevent the survey of the government lands in the vicinity of the magnetic region, by the use of the compass. These two specimens are not so magnetic as specimens are generally found. Dr. Buckland said that the limestone was of the tertiary era, and coralline. On the table were exhibited a series of casts of the great seals of great Britain, presented to the Museum by Mr. Kirby, of New College. The President presented a copy of his work " On the Connexion of Natural and Divine Truth,” and made a few remarks on the nature of inductive reasoning-a subject which forms the basis of the argument of that work.

CAMBRIDGE. The Vice-Chancellor has given notice, that is about to take place; in the hope that the following letter and notification that your Lordship, by forwarding this have been transmitted to him from the document to the University of Cambridge, Chancellor of the University; in order will assist them in their object of making that the circumstances therein stated may it known to such qualified Clergymen of be known to its members:

the Church of England, as may feel disBritish Legation, Florence, posed to offer themselves for this situaJan. 18, 1838.

ation; and that in consequence of the “MY LORD,—A vacancy being about applications the Committee may receive, to occur in the Chaplaincy to the British they may have it in their power to select residents in Florence, those gentlemen an individual, who may exercise his who form the committee for the direction ministry among his fellow-countrymen, of the affairs relating to the Protestant with credit to himself, and satisfaction to Church in this city, are extremely desi- his congregation. rous to appoint a person to fulfil the duties “ I have the honour to be, my Lord, of Chaplain, who shall be fully qualified, “Your most obedient humble servant, on the score of clerical as well as literary

“ Ralph ABERCROMBIE. acquirements. They have therefore re- The Rt. Hon. the Marquis of Camden, quested me to transmit to your Lordship K.G., Chancellor of the University of the enclosed notification of the vacancy Cambridge.

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