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96. Every thing in the Act relating to Bishops to extend to Archbishops in their 71.

own dioceses and peculiars. 97. Exempt and peculiar benefices are to be subject, for the purposes of this Act, 73.

to the Archbishop or Bishop, according to their locality; but if situate between the two provinces, or between two or more dioceses, the cathedral church nearest to the parish church of the benefice shall determine the jurisdiction; but archiepiscopal and episcopal peculiars, wherever situate, to remain subject

in all respects to their respective Archbishops and Bishops. 98. All other and concurrent jurisdiction to cease, where the Act gives jurisdic- 74.

tion to the Bishop or Archbishop. 99. “Sequestrations under this Act, or under the Act 17 Geo. 3. c. 53., to have

" priority; except over sequestrations founded on judgments duly signed and

“ docketed before the passing of this Act. 100. "No proceeding to be had on appeal to the Archbishop until security given

" for costs; and if decision be against appellant, the Archbishop to award the

“ amount of costs recoverable by the Bishop by action of debt." 101. Points out the regular course of proceeding, when by monition and seques- 75.

tration, 102. Sequestration founded upon monition to reside not to issue until after ser

“ vice of order to reside. 103. No suit against any Incumbent for any penalty under this Act to be insti

“ tuted in any other court than that of the Bishop of the diocese; and at the " instance of the Bishop only; such penalty to be enforced by monition and se“questration; and may be applied, by order of Bishop, to be registered in the " Registry of the diocese, towards the augmentation or improvement of the

“ benefice, or of the house, &c." 104. Fees and costs, unpaid for twenty-one days after written demand, recoverable 77.

“ against ecclesiastical persons” by monition and sequestration. 105. Registrar neglecting or refusing to comply with any direction of this Act to

" forfeit 51. 106. “ Penalties against lay or unbeneficed persons to be recovered by action of

“ debt in any of the Courts of Record at Westminster." 107. Penalties recoverable only for offences within the previous year, ending 31st 35.

December. 108. " Penalties, the application of which is not specially provided for, to go to

“ Queen Anne's Bounty." 109. The year under the Act to be the usual year.

38. 110. Months to be calendar months, unless made up of smaller periods, and then 39.

to consist of thirty days. 111. A certified copy of the entry of any license to be evidence in all courts. 112. “ Affidavits, required by this Act, to be made before some Ecclesiastical

“ Judge or bis Surrogate, or before a Justice of the Peace, or a Master or

“ Master Extraordinary in Chancery. 113. “ The term Cathedral Preferment' to comprehend (unless it shall otherwise

“ appear from the context) every Deanery, Archdeaconry, Prebend, Canonry, “ office of Minor Canon, Priest Vicar or Vicar Choral, having any prebend or “ endowment belonging thereto, Precentorship, Treasurership, Sub-Deanery, “ Chancellorship of the Church, and other dignity and office in any cathedral “or collegiate church, and every Mastership, Wardenship, and Fellowship, in " any collegiate church.”

The term “ benefice" to mean benefice with cure of souls and no other, “(un- 72. “ less it shall otherwise appear from the context)" and therein to comprehend all “ parishes” perpetual curacies, donatives,“ endowed chapels," parochial chapelries, “and chapelries or districts having churches or chapels with districts

"belonging or reputed to belong thereto. 114. “ Form in which the consent of Patron is to be testified where patronage is 115." in the Crown, or where the Patron is a minor, idiot, lunatic or feine covert, or 116. " where the patronage is attached to the Duchy of Cornwall.

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117. “ Annual value of benefices to be the net value in the Report of the Ecclesi

“ astical Revenues Commissioners, dated 16th June, 1835, until other such “ returns are made; then according to the latest returns printed ; and in case “ of no returns, the Court or Bishop may proceed on the best information to be

“ procured. 118. · Distance between two benefices to be computed from church to church by

" the nearest road, footpath, or ferry; if more than one church on a benefice, “ from or to the nearest; and if no church, then in such manner as the Bishop

" shall direct. 119. Population to be computed from the latest returns at the time the question

16 shall arise." 120. Nothing in the Act to affect the jurisdiction of Archbishops and Bishops, ex- 83.

cept as specified. 121. “ Act not to extend to Ireland."


Questions to be transmitted to Incumbents resident and non-resident, under clause 42.



THE CANADAS.-Since our last no- tionable solution. Not only was no tice of political events, there have adequate care taken to prevent such occurred few matters of much import- seizure, first at Buffalo, and again at ance. The force of rebels, who called Detroit; but the United States' officer, themselves Patriots, but seem to have when they were ultimately restored been a collection of the very refuse back to bim, quietly received them, of the United States, who had seized without asking a question, or attempt

“ Nary Island” in the St. Law- ing to enforce the law for the robbery. rence, and established a sort of mock We fear the difficulties of this CanaProvisional Government, have at length dian question are but just beginning. seen it proper to abandon that spot. Domestic.—The balloting for the A portion of them, however, proceeded Committees for trial of the disputed farther, and seized on another Island election-returns has so almost uninear Detroit, which also they soon formly gone against the Conservatives, abandoned, and now may be con- that some suspicions seem to exist of sidered ultimately dispersed. Although foul play in the management of these the General Government of the Union matters. Beside this, the only subjects seems to have acted with good faith, of interest have been a division in the yet the feelings of the border popula- House of Commons, on the Ballot, tion of the Union, have been so which was rendered remarkable by fully displayed, and the connivance several persons in the employ of the of the border authorities in not pre- Ministers voting directly against then venting the seizure of the public stores in its favour, and whom they have not and ammunitions, argues either such had the courage to turn out: and also a participation in those feelings, or such the notice of a motion by one of the a want of power and authority to re- ultra-radicals, for the removal of Lord strain them, that we confess the ques- Glenelg from the administration of tion of peace or war with the United Colonial affairs, which is fixed for the States, is one of very grave and ques- 6th of March.



TRIBUTES OF RESPECT. The Rev. FREDERICK WILLIAM BLOMBERG, VICAR OF THE PARISH OV St. Giles WITHOUT, CRIPPLEGATE, LONDON.- At a meeting of the Committee appointed to consider of a proper testimonial to Dr. Blomberg, for his munificent aid of 7501. to the poors' rate, held on the 22d of November, 1837,

It was resolved unanimously, That a candelabrum, of the value of 100 guineas, be presented to the Rev. Dr. Blomberg, Vicar of the said parish, and that the following inscription be engraved thereon, viz. :—"Presented by the Inhabitants of St. Giles Without, Cripplegate, to their much esteemed Vicar, the Rev. FREDERICK WILLIAM Blomberg, D.D., as a grateful testimonial due to him for his liberal, generous, and considerate conduct to the parishioners."

Rev. R. GREEN.-Several ladies of the parish of All Saints having resolved to present their respected incumbent, the Rev. Robert Green, with a superb gown and cassock, a subscription was set on foot for that purpose. When the object became known, the contributions increased to such an extent, that, aided by a handsome donation from the Trinity House, it was resolved that the present should be enhanced by the addition of an elegant silver inkstand. These tributes of respect were presented to the Rev. Gentleman by the two ladies who had undertaken the management of the subscription, as a sincere testimony of the very high opinion entertained by the subscribers of the zeal, assiduity, and faithfulness, with which he has discharged his duties as their pastor, for a period of upwards of twenty years.

Wickliffe.—A monument to Wickliffe, by Mr. R. Westmacott, jun., has recently been fixed in the church at Lutterworth. The great Reformer is represented in the act of addressing a group of his countrymen, and directing their attention to his translation of the Holy Scriptures, which is lying open by his side. Two Romish ecclesiastics are present; one looking angrily at him, while the other appears attentively listening to his address, and is grasping the wrist of his fellow to prevent his striking him.

Rev. F. BLANDY.– The Parishioners of Preston Candover have presented their late and respected curate, the Rev. F. Blandy, with a handsome piece of plate, as a lasting proof of their deep sense of his mild and conciliatory conduct as a neighbour, and his valuable and effective services as their revered pastor.

Rev. J. MULES.-A meeting of the inhabitants of Combe St. Nicholas was held on Thursday, Jan. 18, for the purpose of presenting the Rev. James Mules, late Curate of that parish, with a testimonial of the high sense they entertain of the manner in which he has fulfilled his pastoral duties, during his short residence amongst them.. The present consisted of a silver Sacramental Service, a copy of Poole's Synopsis Criticorum, in 5 vols. folio, and a copy of the quarto edition of Bagster's Comprehensive Bible-the latter with the following inscription richly emblazoned on the side:

“ E dono incolarum parochiæ Nicholas Sancti agro Somersetensi, ad Jacobum Mules, V. D. M., in memoriam benevolentiæ eorum ob laborem ejus in pre

dicando evangelium Domini Salvatoris Jesu Christi solius sapientis Dei:"with a cross impressed in gold, surmounted by the inscription, gloriamur."

" In cruce

Rev. J. COYTE.—The inhabitants of Saxmundham have presented the Rev. James Coyte with an elegant silver salver, as a token of their regard and esteem, upon his resigning the curacy of that parish for the living of Boyton.

Rev. C. W. Pitt.—The Rev. W. Pitt, M.A., Chaplain of the Episcopal Chapel at Epping, having accepted a living in a distant part of the country, his friends and the members of his congregation determined on giving expression to the feelings which his upright, benevolent, and conscientious discharge of his duties for ten years and upwards, had inspired; and voted him a piece of plate valued fifty guineas, which was immediately raised by subscription, and a deputation, consisting of the following gentlemen,-viz. Henry J. Conyers, Esq., the Rev. H. L. Neave, Vicar of the parish, James and John Windus, Francis Woodgate, and Daniel Reid, Esqrs.-presented it to him with a suitable address.

The Late Bishop of SODOR AND MAN.-His Lordship died at the Rectory House of Great Horkesley, Essex, at twelve o'clock on Friday night, the 26th January. The Bishop was in his 76th year. In the year 1827, the Earl of Ripon (then Viscount Goderich) being First Lord of the Treasury, wished to recommend his old tutor to his Majesty to fill the vacant see of Sodor and Man; but at first he declined to undertake the charge, not desiring to leave his retirement of Horkesley for a distant island; till one day calling upon a friend, he told him of the offer he had received, upon hearing which his friend exclaimed, “I would rather be Bishop of Sodor and Man than of any Diocese in the Church, for I should there learn my duties at the very tomb of the sainted Wilson." These few words determined Dr. Ward not to shrink from the task, to which he seemed so especially called. How he learnt tu perform his duty, and how his labours have been blessed, that island, formerly so miserably poor in its consecrated buildings, but now studded with beautiful and even stately churches, can best tell.

COPYRIGHTS OP AUTHORS, ARTISTS, &c. IN PRUSSIA.-By a law promulgated at Berlin, dated June 11th, the authors of works of literature, the sciences, and the arts, in Prussia, are secured an exclusive privilege of publishing, multiplying, and copying them during the term of their natural lives; and the same privilege is extended to their representatives for a period of thirty years from the day of their deaths. Violations of this privilege are punishable respectively with fines of from 50 to 1,000 thalers, and to a confiscation of the pirated copies.

The same privileges and protection are granted to anonymous and pseudonymous authors for fifteen years; and to academies, universities, and other corporations, for thirty years, from the first publication of the works.

Also, all persons printing and publishing sermons delivered in churches, or lectures of professors, are deemed guilty of the same offence of piracy, and are liable to the same penalties.

The following cases are not to be considered as piracies :-1, the re-production of isolated passages from a work already printed ; 2, the citation of isolated paragraphs, pieces of poetry, &c. in critical or historico-literary works, or in collections for the use of schools; 3, translations of printed works.

Translations, however, are to be considered as piracies under the following circumstances :- viz. such as are made into Gerinan of a work published by a German author in any one of the dead languages; and when an author has published a work in several living languages at one and the same time, another is published in any or either of those languages in which it originally appeared. By subsequent provisions, the same protection is granted to the authors of works in geography, topography, natural history, and architecture, and other productions of a similar nature; and likewise to musical compositions.

Further, all multiplications of paintings or drawings, by means of engravings on copper, steel, wood, stone, or other materials, are interdicted under the same penalties; and likewise of all casts or copies of works in sculpture.

Another clause forbids the publication of any works of art resembling originals, whether upon a larger or smaller scale than the originals, or under any other circumstances which may warrant their being considered as simple imitations of originals.

All representations of dramatic works upon licensed theatres, without perinission of their authors, are forbidden; and if any such are made, the full receipts of the house, without any deduction for the expenses, and whether the piece is performed alone or in conjunction with others, are to be payable as a fine, two thirds of which are to be paid to the author, and the other third to the fund for the benefit of the poor of the place in which the surreptitious performance is made.

The new law is applicable to all literary, scientific, musical, and dramatic works, and productions of the arts already in existence ; this law is to be applicable to works published in a foreign state, in so far as the rights established in that state are conferred equally by the laws of the said state to works published in Prussia.

PALACE FOR THE Bistar of RIPON,--Her Majesty has been pleased to ratify a scheme proposed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, for the purchase (with a view to the erection thereon of a suitable residence for the Bishop of Ripon) of certain lands called Bramley Grange Farm, situated in the township of North Stainley, in the West Riding, Yorkshire, now held by Elizabeth Sophia Lawrence, spinster, on a lease of lives, under the Archbishop of York.

New CHURCHES-LONDON.-The Metropolitan Church Building Committee have decided on building a new church in the Tenter-ground, Goodman's-fields, capable of accommodating about 1200 persons. It comprises a tower and spire, 100 feet high, and the cost is estimated at 3,8001. A new church is also to be built in Curtain-road, for the parish of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch.

LIBERALITY OF the Bishop of LINCOLN.—The Lord Bishop of Lincoln has, unsolicited, presented the munificent donation of 8001. towards the erection and endowment of a Chapel of Ease, at Holbeach Fen Ends, in the parish of Holbeach.

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON.—The following resolution has been adopted almost unanimously by a committee of the whole senate of the University of London, at which 25 members were present:-" That examination in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, and in the Greek text of the New, and in Scripturę history, shall be instituted by this University, to be followed by certificates of proficiency; and that all candidates for degrees in arts may, if they think proper, undergo such examination."

IHISH ECCLESIASTICAL REPRESENTATIVES.—The Archbishop of Cashel, and the Lords Bishop of Derry, Kildare, and Meath, are the Irish Representative Prelates for the present session.

DIOCESAN COMMITTEE OF THE SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KnowLEDGE WITHIN THE Diocese of ELY.- At a General Meeting of the above Coinmittee, holden in the Combination-room of St. John's College, on Saturday, January 27, 1838, the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Ely in the chair, the List of Annual Subscribers, and the Treasurer's Account for the year ending December 31, 1837, having been presented, the Report was then read, of which the following is a brief abstract:

1. A concise account of the Parent Society's proceedings at home and abroad during the past year, stating, with much other interesting matter, that the income of the Society has amounted to 80,5421. 178. 6d.; being greater than that of the preceding or of any former year.

2. The operations of the Society through the District Committee in the Diocese of Ely, showing the distribution of the Society's books and tracts for 1837, as under :574 Bibles,

1,491 Prayer Books, 585 Testaments,

12,277 Other Books and Tracts. 3. A recommendation of the Sub-Committee to frame Regulations concerning the Sale of Books, in accordance with certain alterations lately made by the Parent Society.

4. A declaration on the part of the Committee, that their Depository is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, at the usual hours, to Non-Subscribers, where they may obtain the Society's publications, for charitable distribution, at cost price.

The following Resolutions were unanimously adopted :1. That the Report now read be adopted.

2. That a donation of 201. be remitted to the Treasurer of the Parent Society, for the general purposes of the Society.

3. That the Rev. E. Baines, and the Rev. G. Ray, be requested to audit the Treasurer's accounts for the year 1838.

4. That the recommendation of the Sub-Committee with reference to the Alterations made in the Parent Society's Rules concerning the distribution of Books, be adopted.

LIVERPOOL Christian KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY.-On Thursday, Feb. 8th, the annual meeting of the Liverpool District Christian Knowledge Society was held in the Chapel of the Blue-Coat Hospital, the Lord Bishop of the Diocese in the chair.



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