A Glossary of the Lancashire Dialect, Брой 10; Брой 35

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A. Ireland & Company, 1875 - 290 страници

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Страница 157 - A man may see how this world goes with no eyes. Look with thine ears : see how yond justice rails upon yond simple thief. Hark, in thine ear : change places; and, handy-dandy, which is the justice, which is the thief?
Страница 101 - And shortly for to tellen, as it was, Were it by aventure, or sort,*
Страница 138 - And it came to pass, that there went out some of the people on the seventh day for to gather, and they found none.
Страница 112 - Were I in England now, as once I was, and had but this fish painted, not a holiday fool there but would give a piece of silver: there would this monster make a man ; any strange beast there makes a man : when they will not give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian.
Страница 77 - And next to him malicious Envy rode Upon a ravenous wolfe, and still did chaw Between his cankred teeth a venemous tode, That all the poison ran about his chaw ; But inwardly he chawed his owne maw At...
Страница 39 - Now also let it be according unto your words. He with whom it is found shall be my servant; and ye shall be blameless.
Страница 199 - An', sometimes, th' wayter in his e'en, 'At fun has teyched to flow, Can hardly roll away, afore It 's wash'd wi' drops o' woe. Then, here 's to Jone, an' Ab, an' Ned, An' Matty, — an' er Joe, — My feyther, an' my mother ; an' Er t'other lads an
Страница 85 - That mouth, whence it was wont to draw the breath Which gave it strength to pierce the guarded wit, And pass into the panting heart beneath With lightning and with music: the damp death Quenched its caress upon his icy lips; And, as a dying meteor stains a wreath Of moonlight vapour, which the cold night clips, It flushed through his pale limbs, and passed to its eclipse.
Страница 46 - I tell, [And, as thy queen, command thee to conceal) : Beneath his locks the king my husband wears A goodly royal pair of ass's ears. Now I have eas'd my bosom of the pain, Till the next longing fit return again.
Страница 33 - Yet I argue not Against Heaven's hand or will, nor bate a jot Of heart or hope, but still bear up and steer Right onward.