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Gentiles; that whereas they speak


ET your light fo fhine beagainst you as evil-doers, they fore men, that they may fee may by your good works, which your good works, and glorify they shall behold, glorify God in your Father which is in leaven, the day of vifitation. Subinit S. Matth.

Ś. Matth. 5. 16. yourselves to every ordinance of fifter the Prayer [ For the whole man for the Lords fake : whether Itate of Christs Church, r.? it be to the King, as supreme; theleCoilccts following mall be ujid. or unto governors, as unto thein

A Priver for Unity. that are sent by him for the pur the IO Lesus Chrift, our only Sayi

God the Father of our Lord ment of evil-doers, and for the praise of them that do well. For our, the Prince of Peace; Give lo is the will of God, that with us grace ferioully to lay to heart well-doing ye may put to filence the great dangers we are in by the ignorance of foolih men: As our unhappy divisions. Take free, and not uiing your liberty away all hatred and prejudice, for a cloke of maliciousness, but and whatsoever elle inay hinder as the servants of God. Honour us from godly Union and Conall men. Love the brotherhood. cord : That as there is but one Fear God. Honour the King. Body, and one Spirit, and one The Gospel. S.Matth.22.16. tov.23. Hope of our Calling, one Lord,

ND they sent out unto him one Faith, one Baptifm, one God

their disciples, with the He- and Father of us all; fo we may rodians, saying, Master, we know henceforth be all of one Heart, that thou art true, and teacheft the and of one foul, 'united in one way of God in truth, neitlier Holy Bond of Truth and Peace, carest thou for any man : for of Faith and Charity, and may thou regardeft not the person cf. with one mind and one mouth men. Tell us therefore, What glorify thee, through Jesus Christ thinkest thou? Is it lawful to our Lord. Amen. eive tribute unto

Cefar, or not? Ghce, that the course of this But Jefus perceived their wickednefs, and said, Why tempt ye me, world may be fo peaceably orderye hypocrites ? Shew me the tri- ed by thy governance, that thy bute-money. And they brought Church may joyfully serve thee in unto him a penny. And he faith all godly quietness, through Jesus unto them, Whose is this image Christ our Lord. Anten. and superscription? They say unto hin, Celars. Then faith the Grant wc beleech thee, Alunto them, Render therefore un- which we have heard this day with to Cesar, the things which are our outward ears, may through Cesars : and unto God, the things thy grace be so grafted inwardthat are Gods. When they hadly in our hearts, that they may heard these words, they marvel-bring forth in us the fruit of good led, and left him, and went their living, to the honour and praise way:

of thy Name, through Jesus Chrift After the Nicene Creed fall our Lord. Amen. follow the Sermon.

of all , tence be read : our necessities berore we ask, and


Fin the offertory sha!! this Sen- A Lonighty God, the fountain our ignorance in alking

: We bei 1 Tapet caly understanding,

| God

feech thee to have compassion passeth , upon our infirmities; and those keep your hearts and minds in the things which for our unworthi- knowledge and love of God, and ness we dare not, and for our of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord : blindness we cannot ask, vouch- and the blessing of God Almighsafe to give us, for the worthiness ry, the Father, the Son, and the of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and Amen.

remain with you always. Amen.



URWill and Pleasure is, that these Four Forms of Prayer

and Service, made for the Fifth of November, the Thirtieth of January, the Twenty ninth of May, and the Twenty fifth of October, be forthrith Printed and Published, and annexed to the Book of Common Prayer and Liturgy of the Church of England; to be used Yearly on the said Days, in all Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Chapels, in all Chapels of Colleges and Halls within both Our Universities, and of Our Colleges of Eaton and Winchester, and in all Parish Churches and Chapels within that part of our Kingdom of Great Britain called England, the Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed.

Given at our Court at St. James's the Seventh Day of

Oktober, 1761. In the First Year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command,



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Agreed upon by the ARCHBISHOPS and BISHOPS

Of both PROVINCES, And the whole Clergy in the Convocation holden at LONDON in the Year 1562"; for avoiding of Diversities of Opinions, and for the establishing of Content touching True Religion. Reprinted by His Majesty's Command

ment; with his Royal Declaration prefixed thereunto. His MAJEST Y's DECLARATION.

Eing by God's Ordinance, according to Our just Title, De

fender of the Faith, and Supreme Governor of the : Church, within these our Dominions, We hold it most agreeable to this our Kingly Office, and our own religious Zeal, to conserve and maintain the Church committed to our charge, in the unity of true Religion, and in the bond of Peace : and not to suffer unnecessary Disputations, Altercations, or Quejlions to be raised, which may nourish Faction both in the Church and Common wealth, We have therefore, upon mature deliberation, and with the advice of so many of our Bishops as might conveniently be called together, thought fit to make this Declaration following :

Thal the Articles of the Church of England (which have been ellosed and authorized beretofore, and which Our Clergy generally have subscribed unto) do contain the true Doctrine of the Church of England, agreeable to Gods Word: which We do therefore ratify and confirm, requiring all-Our loving Subjects to continue in the uniform profession thereof, and prohibiting the least difference from the said Articles, which to that end 1/e command to be new printed, and this Our Declaration to be published therewith.

That We are Supreme Governor of the Church of England: And that if any difference arise about the external policy concerning Injunctions, Canons, and other Conftitutions whatsoever thereto belonging, the Clergy in their Convocation is to crder end settle them, having first obtained leave under Our Broad Seal so to do: and We approving their joid Ordinances and Conflitutions; providing that none be made contrary to the Laws and Customs of the Land. That out of our Princely Care, that the Churchmen

may do the work which is proper unto them, the Bishops and Clergy, from time to time, in Convocation, upon their bumble Defire, shall bave Licence under our Broad Seal to deliberate of, and to do all fuck things as being made plain by them, and assented unto by Us, jhall concern the settled continuance of the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England 120w established; from which we will not endure any varying or departing in the least Degree.

That for the present, though some differences have been ill raised, yet We take Comfort in this, that all Clergy-men within Our Realm, have always most willingly subscribed to the Articles established; which is an Argument to Us, that they all agree in the true, usual, literal meaning of the said Articles, and that even in those curious Points, in which the present Differences lie, Men of all sorts take the Articles of the Church of England to be for them ; thich is an Argument again, that none of them intend any Desertion of the Articles established.

That therefore in these both curious and unhappy Differences, which have for so many hundred Years, in different times and places, exercised the Church of Christ, We will that all further curious Search be laid aside, and these Disputes shut up in God's Promises, as they be generally set forth to us in the holy Scriptures

, and the general meaning of the Articles of the Church of England, according to them. And that no man hereafter shall either print or preach to draw the Article aside any way, but hall submit to it in the plain and full meaning thereof; and shall not put his own Sense or Comment to be the meaning of the Article, but shall take it in the literal and grammatical Sense.

That if any publick Reader in either of our Universities, or any Head or Master of a College, or any other Person respectively in either of them, shall afix any new Sense to any. Article, or shall publickly read, determine, or bold any publick Disputation, or suffer any such to be held either way, in either the Universities or Colleges respectively; or if any Divine in the Universities shall preach or print any thing either way, other than is already established in Convocation with our Royal Assent; be or they the offenders fball be liable to Our Displeasure, and the Churches Censure in our Commission Ecclefiaftical, as well as any other : And we will see there hall be due Execution upon them.




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I. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. all things appertaining to the Per

Here is but One living and fection of mans Nature, where

true God, everlasting, with with he ascended into Heaven,

out vody, parts, or paf- and there fitteth until he return fion ; of infinite power, wisdom, to judge all men at the last day. and goodness; the maker, and V. Of the Holy Ghost. preserver of all things both visible HE Holy Ghost, proceedand invisible. And in unity of

from the Father and the this Godhead there be three Per-Son, is of one Substance, Majesty, sons of one substance, power, and and Glory, with the Father and eternity; the Father, the Son, the Son, very and eternal God. and the holy Ghost.

VI. Of the sufficiency of the holy II. Of the Word or Son of God, Scriptures for Salvation. which was made very man.

Oly Scripture containeth all HE Son, which is the Word things necessary to Salvaof the Father, begotten from

tion: so that whatlover is not everlasting of the Father, the very

read therein, nor may be proved and eternal God of one substance thereby, is not to be required of with the Father, took mans na

any man, that it should be believed ture in the womb of the blessed

as an Article of the Faith, or be Virgin, of her substance : so that thought requisite or necessary to two whole and perfect natures,

Salvation. In the name of the holy that is to say, the Godhead and Scripture we do understand those Manhood, were joined together Canonical Books of the Old and in one Person, never to be di

New Testament, of whose Auvided, whereof is one Christ, very thority was never any doubt in God, and very Man, who truly

thc Church. fuffered, was crucified, dead, and of the Names and Number of the buried, to reconcile his Father to Canonical BOOKS. us, and to be a sacrifice, not only

The II. Book of for original guilt, but allo for GEnfis, ,

Exodus, Kings, of men.

Leviticus, The I. Book of III. Of the going down of Chrif Deuteronomium, The II. Book of

Chronicles, into Hell

s Christ died for us, and Loue,

Chronicles, 1 was buried : so also is it to


The I. Book of be believed, that he went down



The Í. Book of The II. Book of into Hell.


Esdras, IV. Of the Resurrection of Christ. The II. Book of The Book of Hefter Hrist did truly rise again

Samuel, The Book of Job, from death, and took again The I. Book of The Psalms, his body, with flesh, bones, and Kings, The Proverbs,



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