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An A&t for the Uniformity of Common Prayer, and Service and
the Church, and Administration of the Sacraments.


HERE at the death of our late Soversign
Lord King Edrrayd the Sixth, there remain-
Çd one uniform Order of Copimon Service
and Prayer, end of the Admiuturation of
Sacrament; Rites, and Ceremonies in the
Church of Irgland, rhich was fet forth in
one Book, Intituled, 7be Book of Common

Prayer, and Administration of Sacraments,
and other Ritos and Ceroponius in i be cburib of England,
Autborized by Act of Parliament, holden in the nith and fixth
years of our faid late Sovereign Lord King Edurind the South,
Intituled, Anna for the Uniformity of Cominot Prayer,
and Administrasion of the Sacraments, The which was re-
pealed, and taken away by Act of Parliamenty in the firft Year
of the Reign of our late sovereign Lady Queen Mary, to the
great decay of the due huneur of God, and duconfort to the
Protetors of the Truth of Christs Religior:

Be it therefore Enated by the Authority of this present Parliameut, That the (ud Siscute of Repeal, and every thing thereia contained, only concerning the said Book, and the Ser. vice, Aduniaitration of Sacran.ents, Rites and Ceremonies contained, or appointed in or by the faid Buck, Mall be void and of nene ettec, from and after the Featt of the Nativity of 8. John Dap:ift ocxt coming and, That the raid Book wiin the Order of Sunrice, and of the Administratiou of Sacra. meots, Bites and Ceremonies, with the alteration, and additions tercin acued 101: ppointed by this sta ute, thall ftand, and be, from, aad after the faid Feast of the Nativity of S. Job Baptift, in full force and effect, according to the tenór and effect of this statute: Any thing in the forefaid Sistute of Repeal to the contrary potwith ftanding.

And further beit Enacted by the Queens Highness, with the A Tent of the Lord ard Commons in this present Parlia. meat a Tembled, 209 by Authority of the same, That all and singular Minders in any Cathedral, or Parith-Church, or other place within this Recim of England, Wales, and the Marches of the famę, or other the Queens Dominions, mall, from and after the Feast of the Nativity of S. Jobu Basti4 next comin, be bounden to fay and use the Martens, Evenfonk, Celebrsion of the Lords supper, and Adminiftration of each of th: Sacra ents, and all their Common and Opea Prayer, in such order and form as is mentioned in the said Book, f) Authorized by Parliament in the said fifth and sixth Years of the cign of King Edward the Sixth with one alteration, or addition of certain Lellons to be used on every Sunday in the year, and the worn of the Litany altered aud corrcétod, and two Sentences only added in the delivery of the Sacrament to the Communicants, and none other, or 0therwise: And, That if any manner of Parron, Vicar, or other whatsoever Mioitcr,that ouçar or should fint or say common Prayer mentioned in the fald Book, or minifter the Sacra. ments, from abi atter the Feast of the Nativity of s. job B.:/ if next coming, retufc to use the said Common Prayers, or to minifter the Sacramcats in such Cathedral, or Parith: Church, or other places, as he mould use to ininifter the fume, in such order and form, as they be meationed, and let forts in the Mid Book; or call wilfully, or obstinately standina in tie fame, use any other Rice, Ceremony, Ordar, Form, Manner of celebrating of the lords Gupper openly, or privily, or Martens, Evenfong,or Adminifration nfthe Saciaments, or other Oren Prayers than is mentioned and set forth in the said Book ; (Open Prayer in and throughrict this Aa, is meant TA! Prayer wlich is fer obers to come un!007 kcar,citber in Conmon Courbe, cr Private Coanels, cr Oratories comienly called tbe Service of the Churcb) or that preach, declare, or speak any thing in the derogation, or depraviac of the said Book, or any think therein ccntained, or of any part therect, and shall be thereof lawfully convicted, according to the laws of this Realm, by verdict of twelve mues, or by his own con. Perfion, or by the notorious evidence of the Fid; he lait lore aad Porfeit to the Queens Highness, Her Heirs and succeflors, for his Offence, the pront of all his SpiritualBenetices, or Promo'ions, coming or arising in one whole Ycar next afrer his convi&tion: and all that the person so convicted hail for the fame Ofrece fuffer Imprisonment by tbe hace of fix Mnaths, without Dail or Mainprite: And if any ruch Cerior, once convict of any Oflence concerning the Premifits, thall Rhter pis first conviction cftions offend, and be thereof in form afurefaii laufully convict; Tha then the fame ferrco thall for his fecond offence suffer Imprisonmeur by the pure of one whole Year, and allo shall therefore be deprived info Jano of all his Spiritual Prorxotions; and, That it shall be law. 'ful to ali Patrens,or Donors of all and fingular the fame Spiritual Promotions, 0: of any of them, ti present of collate to the same, as thoapa the Perfon or Persons to offending were dead: and, That if any futh Perfon or Persons, after he mall be twice convicted in form aforesaid, hall offend against any of the Premites the third tinc, and mhall be tiereof in foronaforesaid lawfully convicted that then the Perfop tend11 and couricted the third time, fall be deprived ipfe fado of all bis Spiritual Promotions, and also fall nuffer linprifonment during his lite: And if the Perfon that mail offend, and be convitted inform aforesaid,concerning any of the Premilles, Balicct Sc Bcaciced, nor have any Spiritual l'rounotion; That

then the fame person fo offending, and convict, thall for the
firft Offence fufer Imprifonnent during (ne whole Year next
after his faid conviction, with Ba'l or Mainprite: And if
any fuch Prion, not having any spiritual Premtior, afret
his fir cooviation, Thail enticons ontund in anything concern-
ing the Premides, and shall in form afixctad beroereot las
fully Convicted ; That then the faine Perron shall for his fee
cond offencc fuffer Inpinrinnent during his life.

And it is ordiined and Eraded hy the Authority aforesaid,
That if any Perfon, or Perton wharfoever after the fa d F caft
of the Nativity of S. John Baptist next cutning, mali in any
Interludes, Plays, Song, Riner, or by other open Words de-
clare, or ir ak any thing in the derok!100, depravior, or de-
spiling of the fahre Book, or of any think therein contained,
or any part thereof, or shall by open fact, decd, or by open
threatenings compel, or cause, or ctherwise procure, or inain-
tain any Parfon, Vicar, or other Minifter in any Cathedral, or
Parish Church, or in Chapel, ct in any other place, to fine, or
Say any common cr Opca Prayer, or to initcr any Sacrame.it
ocherwise,or nanyter manner and furm than is mentioned in
the fad Book; or by any of the land means that unlaw fully
interrup, or yet any Parfon, Vicer, or other Minister in a try
Cathedral, or l'arish Church, Chapel, cr any other place, to
fing or lay Counion and op o Prayer, or to minifter the Sacra-
ments, or any of them, in inch banner and torm as is men-
tioned in the lid Bouk; that the very rich Perion, heing
thereof lawfully cuided in forin abovefaid,thall forfeit to be

Queen our Sovereign Lady, Her Heirs abe $110o, for the Siit Offence on hundred Marks: And it any Pe 00:or Perfons, being once convict of anyluchoffence,effoons offend gain any of the !!!t recited Ontonces, and fall in forzo aforcaid be thereof lawfully convict; That then the fame Perfun foo". festing, and convict, thall for the facend Offence torteat to the Queen our sovcre en Lady, Her Heirs and succeiibrs, four hun. dred Marks : Auf any Perion, attor he in form aforesaid, mall have been thice convict of any offence concerning any of the lait rccitcd offence, thall ofend the third time, and be tereot in ferm abovefaid lawfully convict; That then every Perfon lo offending and convict, thail for his third Offence for feit to our Soreign Ladythe Queen all his Goods and Chattels, and thall fufter impitonnent during his Life: And if any Perfon or Perfoos, that for bis firt Otel ce concerning the PreIni Tes, mhall be convict in form afort said, do not ray the Sum to we paid by virtue of his Conviction, in fuch manner and form, as the fanc ouent to be paid within fix Wecks next after his Conviétion; That then every l'erfus fo coprict, and To not paying the time, thall for the fame frit Offence in Arad of the said Sum, toffer Imprisonment by the space of fix Months, witheut Kail or M&inprise : And it any person or Petons, tha: ror his cond onence concerning the Promilles Thall be convict in forin aforesaid, do not pay the said fun to be paid by Virtue of his Convitior, and this Eitatute, in luca manner 3d form as the fame ou;ht to be paid, within fix Weeks Dexi after his faid second Conviction; that then every Perfen 10 canvicted, and not to paying the same, mall for the fainc iccoad offence, in the ftead of the said sum, fuffer imprisonment during twelve months without Bail of Mainprite: and, That from and after the said Feast of the Nativity of $. Bestift rex comink, all and every person and Perious ir biring within this Realin, rany other the Queens Majeftys Dominions, ihall diligently and faithfully, having no lawfel or reainable excut to bc abient, endcavour themselves to re fort to their Parish Church, or Chapel accuftomed, or upon reasonable Let thereof, to fone usual place, where common Prayer, and fren service of God thall be afidio fich time of Let.upon every Sunday and other days ordajucd and used to be kept as Holy-days, and then and there to abide orderly and soberly during the time of the Common Prayer, Preaching, &r other Service of God there to be uiter, and ministered, unao pain of Puniment by the Ce fure3 urtie Church, and also upon pain, that every rerion for fendine hall forfcit for every such Offence twelve Penec, he levied by the Church-wardens of the Paris: where fuch Offence avall be done, to the use of the Poor or ve fame Perih, of the Goods, Lands and TeDemonts of fuch Ofrender, by way of dit cis.

Ani for due execution hereof, the Quercs rcft excellent Majety, tge Lords Temporal, and a!1 the Commons in this prefent Parlataent allembled, do in Gods name ca neftly requive and chary all the Archhinhope, Bihops, and other Ortineries, that they thall endeavour themselves to the uttermoil of their knowledeas that the due ana cruc execution hereof may he had throughout their Diocesan Charges, as they will ane swer before God for such evils and plafis wherewithalmichty God mayjudly punith his people or neglecting thus mood and wholfome law. And for their Authority in this behalf, Beit further enacted by the Authority afortfaid, That all and his gular the said Archbishops,Buthons, and all thertheir officers, exercione Ecclefiaftical Jurifdition as well in RCCS €wemt, as not exempl, within their Disce:les, hall have full Pouer. and Authority by this Act, to retriem. correct, and punith by Cenfures of the Church, all, and ligular Perfons which the offend within any of their jurifdictloos, or Dioceflis, after the faid Feast of the Nativity of s. yon Eajrit next coming, against th Ad and Statute: An, other Law, Statułc, Privi


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An As for the Uniformity of Publick Prayers.

leire Liberty, or Prorian heretofore mide, had, or suffered

the cr fuary withitanding. And it is Ordained, and tracted by the Authority afore. faid, Tha 2: and every Jurite of Oyer and Determiner, or Jufics of Afizethall tave fu Foutr and Authority in every of their open and genera! SetFons, to enquire, bear, and de. tertrise all, and all panner of Cec7s that hay be committes, of d e cantrary to any Artie contained in his present Ad, wine limits of the Commifhun to the directed, and to the prices for the execution of the fame, 35 they try to realist a' y Perfon being isdicted betore them of Trebal., ur sfully cons ctes inticor.

Provided days, and be it sed by the Authority 2 fretad, Tha: au and every Athup and Binop thai and may xal time and times arnis liberty and pleaftve join and 2012:e hisnic'' by virtue of his A to the fait faces of ore and Determiner, or to the said Justices of Afise, at trery of the fideipen and general Sitions to he holden in any face within bis Divoris, fo? acd to the inquiry, hez, 20 decermining fib: Otelcos aforesaid.

Prerit sail an Enacaly the Atthority aforesaid, Thuhe fonks coce Ding the raid Corsicos tall at the Cits and Chartsofthe Parith ones of every larith, and Cathedral Chutch, he attained, and potent before the laid Feast of the Nury of S. John Bapiit bent clicine; and that all fuch Farthes ard Caseral Churches, Op uither places, where the Belongs a:l be attained and poeien bete the fa d Feast of the Naseirofs. John Baptif, all within three weeks next after the fait looks tu attained and pottan, ure thc laid SerVKS, wd put the came in ule accordin: to this AA.

Arbeit ficher Enacted by the Ausrity aforefa:d, That Die Person persons thall be at any time hereafter impeachred,

Rensile racleted ut, or for assile Osences above mentiere tereer ob committed, er done contrary to this Ad, enlef : + they fo offending be thereof indicted at the bat general Selfoss to be holdea before any such Justices of Ogst ita Dererminer, or juftices of Alize, next after any olence comited or done contrary to the tcnor of this ac.

Provided always, and be it Ordained and Ented by the Au. thorny aforelaid, Tha: all and fagular Lords of the FacliaTaer for the third Offeace above mentioned, Mau be tried by their peers.

Yrovided all, and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Autheri'y sforefad, That he Mayor of Linaon, and all other Nays, Brilits, and other Head Officers at all wd fagular Curles, Boroughs, agd Town- Corpora.c, within this calin, Wales, and the Marches of the time, to the which Juftices of Afze do minimnonly renair, thall have fan power and Authorny by virtue of this Act, to enjuire, hear, and deter

mine the Offences abovefaid, and every of them yearly within
Esteen Days after the Feafts of Bajiet, and 8. Micba! u.
Archanpel, in like manner and form as Jutices of Alize, and
Oyer and Determiner may do.

Provided always, and be it Ordained and Epacted by the
Authority atoresaid, That all and firicular Archbishops, 24
Bithops, and every of their Chancellors, Commiffaries, Aich
deacons, and other Ordinaries, having any peculiar Écclefi
astica Jurisdiction, thall have full power and Authority by
virtue of this Act, as well to enquire in their Vilitations,
Synods, and esteu here within their jurisdiction, at any other
time and place, to take Accufations and Informations of all
and every the things above men ioned, done, Campitted,
per ctrated, within the limits of their purifdiction 300 Au-
thority, and to punith the same by Admonition, Excomu-
Dicain, soucitration, or Deprivation, and other Centures
and Procele in like tom, as heretofore bath deca used in
like Cafes by the Queens Ecclefiaftical Lains.

Prasided always and be it Enacted, That whatfoever Person ofending in the Preplies, thau, for the Offence, first receive Punishment of ths Ordinary, having a Teftimonial thereof under the fad Ordinary's Seal, shall not for the famc offoace effoons ne conviated before the Juftices, and likewise receive ing, for the said Oilencey Puniliment firit by the Justices, he shall not for the faite Ostence effoons receive Punuhmot of the Ordinary: Any thing contained in this Act to the cantrary rotwitharding.

Provided always, and beit Enacted, That such Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers thereat thall be retained, and be in wre, as were in this Church of England by the Authority of Parliameat in the fecond Year of the Reign or King Edw172 the Sixth, until other Order Thall be therein taken by che Awthority of the Queens Majesty, with the Advice of her Com millioners, appointed and Authorized under the Great Seal of England for Causes Ecclefiaftical, or of the Metropolitan of this Realm: And alfo, That if there thall happen any Contempt, or Irreverence to be used in the Ceremonies or Rhes of the Church,, by the misusing of the orders appointed in thiş Book; the Queens Majeng may, by the like advice of the faid Cormihogers, or Metropolitan, ordain and publith such further Ceremonies, or Rites, as may be oba for the advancement of God's Glory, the edifying of his Church, and the due reverence of Chritts hely Myiteries and Sacraments.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all Laws, statues, and Ordinances, wherein, or whereby any other Service, Acministration of Sacraments, or Commen Prayer is limited, established, or fet forth to be u'ed within this Real.11, or any other the Queens Domicinions or Countries, thall from henceforth be atteily void, and of none effect.

An Aa for the Uniformity of Publick Prayers, and Administration of San

craments, and other Rites and Ceremonies: And for establishing the Form of Making, Ordaining, ana Confecrating Bishops, Priests, and Deacons in the Church of England.


Hereas in the firft Year of the late Quioen Elizce-
orth, there was ace Uniforan Order of Com raya
Service and Prayer, and at the Administration et
Sacramoat, kites and Ceremonies in the Church

of England (acrseable to he Word of God, add la fase of the Primitive Church) wunpiled by the Reverend Big and Clerry, tet forth in one Book, intituled, 7 be Beck e Common Pragtt, ond ndoniniftra:ion By Sacramunts, and oibor Kites and Carexonici in the couring England; Anderjord to be used by Act of Parliament, holden in the fyd se Year of the land late Queen, Tantuled, an na for tec Ureferinity of Cuin on Prayer, and Service in the Church,

& disinis rationer Me Sacramen!!, very comfortable to Ai god peuple, de pous to live in Chrifian convertation, and most prutable to the State of this Kealm,upun the which De Mercy, Parrer and Bitling of Almighty God is in? Do wife fu readily and plenitully poured, as by Common Prayers, duc ufis of the Sacraments, and often Presching of the Gorpel,with devo 030: the hearers: And yet this notwithstanding a grea number of Peple in divers parts of this Realm fittaring their wo fenfuality, and living without knowledge and due fear of God, do willy and fchifmatically abftain Rad refuse come to thek Parish Churches, and other publiek place where Conno Prayer, Administration of the Sacraments, and Preaching of the Word of God is used upon the Sundays, and other 01;& ordained and appointed to be kept and coferred as Holy-days: And when as by the great and Icardiuss reglect or Ministers ju ufing the faid Order or Litrey, to fer furth and enjoined as aforefaid, great mischiet's tad iecomesjencies, during the times of the late unhappy u subles have arisen and grown; and many people have been Jess Factons and Scr.img, the great decay and scandal of the Reformed Religion of the Church of England, and to the hazard of many souls: For prevention whereof in time to core, for frezhis the peace of th: Church,and for allaying the pretext dtem era which the Indisposition of the time hath Corracted, the Kinys Majesty (according to his Declaration of the Five and weatieh of Deraber, One thousand fix hun. dret a fxy) pranted his cogmition under the great Seal of England to leveral Bish, and other Divines,is review the Book us Common Prayer and to prepare fucb Alterations and

Additions as they thoucht fit to ofer; and afterwards the Coevec ations of both the Provinces of Canterburyand York,be. ing by his Majetty called and allembled (and now fittar) HIS Majoity hath been pleased to authorize and require the Prefir denis of tue (aid Convucarions, and otherthe Bithops and Clergy of tre fame, to review the laid Bouk of Common Prayer, and the Book of the Form and Maniter of the Making and Consecrating or Bithops, Priests and Deacons, and that after mature confideration, they should make such Additions and Alterations in the said Books respectively, as to them should feer meet and convenient; And Itould exhibit and present the fame to His Majesty in writing, for his further allowance or confirmation; fincewhich time, upon full and mature delibera. tion, they ihe laid Prelidents, Bishops and Clergy of both Provinces have accordingly reviewed the fajd Books, and have made fome Alterations which they think fit to be inferted to the name; And fome additional Prayers to the said Book of common Prayer, to be used upon proper and energent occafons; and have vxbibited and presented the same unto HIR Majetty in writing in one Book, intituica, The Back of Comple men Prayer, and Administration of the Sacranets,and other Rites and Ceremonies of ibe Cburcb, according to tbe we of the Church of England, together with tbe Pfalter or Pfalmis oj Da, vid, Pointed as ibey are to be funger said in Churches; and the Form and Manner of Making, or daining, and Confecrat ing of Bipops, Priests and Dearens : All which his Majesty having dudy considered, had fully approved and allowed top fame, and recorninended to this present Parliament, that the faid Book of Comino Prayer, and of ine Form of ordination and Consecration of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, with the Alterations and Additions, which have been fo mage and prefcat. ed to his Majesty by the raid Convocations,

be the Book which fhall be appointed to be used by all that ofidare in all Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Chapels, and in all Chapels of Colleges and Halls in both the Universities, and the Colleges of Earn and win beter, and in all Parith-Churches and Chapils within the Kingdom of England,Dominiou of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Teerd, aud by all that Make or Coafecrate Bishops,Prietts or Deateos, in any of the fajd places, uno der luch Sanctions aed Penalties as the Houses of Parliaóneat ball.think.fic. Now in regard that nothing conduceth were to

the Cettling of the Peace of this Nation which is defired of all god men) nor to the honout of our Religion, and the propatavu ilkreof, than an univerfal agreement in the Publick Worthip of Almighty God; and to the intent that every per. Son within this Realm may certainly know the rule to which he is to conformio Publick Worthipatia Adininistration of Sacraments, and other Ritcs and Ceremonics of the Church of England, and the manner how, and by whom Bishops, Priets and Deacons art, and ought to be Made Orcaix d and Crafecrated;

Be it Ended by the Kings moet Excellent Majcity, by the Advice, and with the Content of the Lords spiritual and Ton. poral, and of the Commons in this present Parliament a lemn. bied, and by the Authority of tic rane, That all and fingular Minitters in any Cathedral, Collegiate or Parih-Church or Chapel, or other place o: Piblick Worthip within this Realm of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tund, thaú be bound to lay and use the Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Celebration and Adininiftration of both the Sacraments, and all other the Publick and Chemon Prayer, in fuchurder and furm as is mentioned in the faid Book annexed and joined to this prefens Act, and Intituled, The Qaid of Common Prayer, and adminifiration of the S.:craments,ar.d other Ritus and Ceremonies of ibe Churcb, according to the use of the Courb of England; fogsther witb obe Psalier or Pjalis of David, Pointed as ibay are to be sung or said in Céurites: and the form and Marinet of Making Ordains, and Conferating of Biops, Prics, and Deacons: and, that the Mornia ing and Evening Prayers there'n contained, mail, upon cvery Lords Day, and upon all other days and occafoud, and at the tures therein appointed, be openly and folenmly read by all and every Minister, or Curate in every Church, Chapel, or other place of Publick Worship within this Realm of England, and places afureraid.

And to te end that Uniformity in the Publick Worship of God ( which is f much delred) may be specdily effected, Be it further Enacted by the Authority atoresaid, That every Parloa, Vicar, or other Minister whatiocver, who sow hath, ant enjoyeth any Ecclefiaftical Benece or Promotion with n this Realm of England, or places afurefaid, ihall, in the Church, Chapel, or place of Publick Worship bulonging to his faid Bcnence or Promotion upon fome Lords Day before the Fear of Saint Bariboldinaw, which mhall be in the Year of our Lord God, One thousand fix hundred fixty and two, openly, publickly, and folemnly read the Morning and Evening Prayer, appointed to be read by, and according to the said Eook of Common Prayer, at the times thereby appointed; and after such reading thereof thall openly and publickly betore the Congregation there afterpbled, declare his unteigned allent and confeat to the use of all things in the faid Book coa ained and prescribed in these words, and no other;

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publickly read the Common Prayers and Service in and by the Laid Book prefer bed, and (if there b: Occafion) Adininiaur each of the Sacraments, and other Rites ut the Curch in the Parish Church or Chapel of, or belonging to the same l'arrosace, Vicarage of Pcncfice, in fuch order, inanner and forin, as in, and by the faid Book is appcinted, upon rain to forte e the sum of five sounds to the use of the poor of the Panth for every oficace, upon conviation by cun'effon, or proof or two credible witoefles upon Oath,before two Juftices of the peace of the County, City, or Town-Corpurate where the offence mall be coinnitied (which 02th the lait justices are hereby impovered to adminifter) and in default of payanent withia ten days to be levied by distress, and sale of the goods and chattels of the offender,' by the warrant of the fard Juthces, by the Church wardens or Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish, rendering the surplurage to the party.

And be it further Enacted hy the Authority aforesaid, That every Dean, Canan, and Prebendary of every Cathedral or Colleclate Church, and all Matters, and other Heads, Fellows, Chaplains, and Tuiors of, or in any College, Hall, House of Learning, or Holpital, and every Publick Pro esor and Reader in either of the thire Scies, and in every College elsewhere, and every pariin, Vicar, Curite, Lecturer, and every other Perion in holy Orders, and every School-master keeping any publick or private School, ant every Perion instructing or teaching any Youth in any Hourc or Private Family as a Tutor or School-master, who upon the first day of May, which shall de in the Year of our Lord God, One thousand fix hundred fixty two, or at any time thereafte: fhall be Incumbent, or have poffeffion of any Deanry,Canonry, Prebend, Mafterihip, Headthip, Fellowship, Professor: place, or Readers place, Parlonage, Vicarare, or any other Ecclefiaftical Dignity or Promotion, or of any Curates place, Lecture, or School ; or Mall infinua or teach any Youth, as Tutor, or School-mater, Mall before the Feast-day of St. Bartcoloniere', which thall be in the Year of our Lord One thousand fix hundred fixty two, or at or be. fure his, or their respective admillion, to be Incumbens, or hwe poftafton aforesaid, fubscribe the Declaration or Asknowledgment tollowing, Scilicet,

A. B. do here declare my unfcigned affent and consent to

all, and everything contained and p escribed in, and by the Book, Intituled, 7 be Beok of Conmon Prayog, and AdminiRration of ibe Sacraments and ofberRites #1: Ceremonies of the cburib, according to the use of the Courcb of England; 108cinct witbite pjalter er pfalms of David. Pointed as they are to be funger said in Curbei : aná ibe Purm and Minner of Making, ordaining, and Conforating of Bishops, Priets and Deacons ;

And that all and every such Person, who Mal ( without fonte 13 ful impediment to be allowed and approved or by the Ordinary of the place) neglect or refuse to do the same within the time aforefaid, or (in onfe of fuch impediment) within one month af er fuch impediment removed, thall info fuito be deprived of all his Spiritual Promotions; And that from thenceforth it shall be lawful to, and for all Patrons, and Donors of all and fingular the said Spiritual Promotions, or of any of them, according to their respective Rights, and Tities, to present or collate to the fame, as though the Per. fan or Pertons fu ottending or nerlecting were dead.

And be it further Enatted by the Authority atoreiaid, That every Perfon, who mali hercatter be prefented, or cullared, or put into any Fcclefiaftical Bt - Sce or Pronction within this Realm of England, and places aforelaid, thall, in the Church, Chapel, or place of Publick Worship belonging to his faid Benefice or i'romotion, within two months next after that he Mal be in the actual portion of the faid Ecclefiaftical Benefice or Promotion, upon foine Lords Day, openly, publickly, and folemnly read the Morning and Evening Frayers, appointed to be read by and according to the Said Book of Common Prayer, at the tunes thereby appointed; and atter such reading ters: of, Mall openly and publickly before the Congrevat on there ale mbled, declare his unfciened affent and consent to the ure vt all thines the sin contained and prescribed, according to the forin before appointed : and, That all and every such Perful, who halt (without fome lauful Impedineni,to be al. lowes and approved by the Ordinary of the place) negicet or rerute to do the larnesithin the time aforefaid, or (in cate of fuch Impe limeno) within one month afier fuch Imped theat remower, that fit obe deprived of all his faid Ecclefiaftical Brnetices and promotions; And, that from thenceturti, it full aud may be lawtul to, and for a' Parens and Donors of all and fingular the faid Ecclefiaftical Benefices and PromoBions, or any of them according to their retpective Rich's and Tile) to profen: or collate to the fame, as though the perfon or permisos fu offending or nepicting 'were dead.

And be it further E.nacted by the Authority atorelaid, That in all places where the proper incumbent of any part nage, or Vica ave, or Benehce with Cure doch rede on his Living, and keep a Curate, the Incuinbenthimielf in Pe fon (1101 having fume 11 fullois Jiment to be allowed by the Ordinary of the piace) that once (at the lealt) is crary mood opcaly and

whatfoever to take Arnis against the king, and that I do abhor that traiterous Pogion of taking Arins by his Authoritya gainit his Pertuin, or against those tha: are Comoritionated by him; and that I will conform to the Liturgy of the Church of England, as it is now by Law established. And I do declare, that I do hold there lies no chligation upon me, or on aby nther perfon from the Oath commonly called, The Scams

League and Cournant, tc endeavoor any change, or alteratiSon of Government, either in Church or Grate ; and that the

fame was in itself an unlawful Oath, and impused upon the Subjects nt this Realm agaiot the known Laws, andLiberties of this Kingdom.

which faid Declaration and Acknowledgment Mall be fub. fcribed by every of the said Masters ant other Heads, Fellows, Chaplains, and Tutors of, or in any Cullege, Hall, or Houie of Learning, and by every publick Proteft r and keader in either of the Univei fitis, before the Vice-chancellor of the sefective Universiti tor the time being, 'This Deouty ; And the 1d Declaration of Acknowlertement thai bei nfcribed before the refpectre Archithon, 3ithop. or Ordırary of the Diocefs, hy eve y other person hereby enjoined to fubfcribe the fame, upon pain that all and every of the persons aforesa d, fading iu tuch fubfcription, thall lose and fortcit such respective Dean. ry Canonry, Prebend,

Maite thip Headship, Fellowship Proter. fers place, Readers place, Parfume, Vicarage, E clefiaftical Den ty or Promotion, Curates place. Lecture, and school, a'id thall be utterly dilabled, and ipfo fail. deprived of the same; an that epery such respective Deanry, Canonry, Pre. bend, Maftership, tiadthip, Yellowship, Prof-Tors place, Readers place, Partonase, Vicarare, Ecclefiaftical Dignity, or Promotion, Curatei place, letture and School, Mall be void, as if such perfon f failing were naturally dead.

And if any School-matter or other perfon instructing or teiching Youth in any private House or Family, as a Tutor or Sct.eol-inafter thull inttruct or teach any Youth as a Tutor or School-malter, before Licence obtained from his refpect ve Archbishop, Bithip, or Ordinary of the Dioces, according to the Laws an Statutes of this Resim (for which he hall pay twelve pence only) and before fuch fubfcription and acknout. icdgn.ent made as aforesaid; Then every such School.mzer, and other, instructing and teaching as aforesaid, fall for the first once unterthrie Months Imprisonment without Bal or Mai prit; and for every fecard and other such offence that Tufferthree Months Imprisonment without Bar or Mainprife, and also forteit » His Majcity be fun of fre pounds.

And atter fuch fubicription inade, every ruch Parson, Vicar, Curate, ard 1.elturer, fall procure a Cert fcate under the Hand and Sealo therefrective Archimon, Dish.po: Ordina. ty of the Dincer (who are hereby enjoined and required upon Demand to ir ake and deliver the fam) and thall ruhuickly and openly read the fame, tiigethor with the Declaration, or Acknowledgment atureud,up fome Lord Day within three Month, then next tollowing in his Parilla-Church where he is 10 othciate in the presence of the Copererating there afton. Died in the time of Divine Service upon pain that every per. fon failing thrrein, thall lore lucrtartenaçe, Vicarage, or Benefice, Curatce place, or lecturers place respectively, and Mall he utterly disabled, and info fato deprived at the fame : And that the said Parfonare, vica age, or sencfice, Curates place, or Lecturers place shall be void, as if he were naturally dead.

Provided ways, That from aod after the Twenty fifth Day

e Mareb, which shall be in the Year

of our Lord God, One thou and i hundred elyhty two, there all be comitted in the fa. Declaration, or Acknowledgment fo to be tubscribed 24 read these words following, Scilicet,

No I do declare, That I do hold there lies no Osligacommonly called, The Selam League and Covenant, to enCarinr any change er alteration of Government either in Couch re State ; And tha: the fame us in it felt an un. 19tul Oath, and impofed upon the Sunits of this Realm acauall the known Law and Liberties of this Kingdom ;,

So as rone of the persons aforefaid thall from thenceforth ke at a chiiged to fubfcribe or read that part of the said De. turation or Acknowledoment.

Provided al says, and be it Enacted, That from and after the rest of St. Bart belomety, which shall be in the Year of our Lord, One thousand fix buadrcalixty and two, so Perfon, who 19* is incumbent, and in Potreron of any parfonage, Vicarace, or Benefice, and who is not already in holy Orders by Epacupa! 07 ination, or thall not before the said Yeart ray of St. Bart belemnto, de Ordained Priett or Deacon, according to tbe Form of Eriscopal Ordination, thull have, hold or enjoy the faid Parfenage, Vicarape, Benefice with Cure, or other Loclef zical Promotion, within this Kingdom of England, or the Dinion of Walu, or Town of Berwick upon Teed; But shall be utterly disabled, and info facte de prived of the fue; And all his Ecclefiaftical Prumotions mall be vold as if te were naturally dead. An* de it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That

Perfogwhatsoever shall cherceforth be capable to be admittoe to ury Parfonare, Vicarage, Benefice, or other Ecclefiaftical Promotion or Dipnity whatsoever, nor shall pretume to Confecrate adAdminifter the holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper, teforfuch time as he thall be Ordained Prieit, according to the farm and manner in and by the laid Book prescribed, unler. he have formerly been made Priest by Epifcopal Ordination, upon pain to forfei: for every Offence the sum of one hundred Pourds; (ons moiety thereot to the Kings Majefty, the other Powety thereof to be equally divided between the poor of the Parith where the Offence cháu be committed, and tuch Pcrfon or Perions as fall fue for the fame by Action of Debt, Bill, Paint, or Information in any of His Majesty': Courts of Re. cort, wherein po Efrign, Protection, or Wager of Law Mall be allowed) and to be disabled from taking or being admitted Into the Order of Priet, by the space of one whole Year then sex! following.

Provided that the penalties in this Act Thall not extend to the Foreigners or Aliens of the Foreign Reformed Churches, all ved, or to be allo-red by the Kings Majesty, His Heirs, and Succeffis, in England.

Pror oed always, That no Title to confer, or present by lapfe thall acerue by any avoidance or deprivation i jo fallo by vir:c of this statute, but af er six months after one of such Widance or deprivation given by the ordinary to the Patron, er foch Sentence of deprivation openly and publickly read in the Pa ih-Church of the Berence, Parfonace, or Vicarape becoming void, or whereof the Incumbent hall be deprived by Virtce it this Ac.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforcaid, That Do For or Order (f Common Prayer, Adminitration of Sacranus, Rites or Ceremonies, mall be openly used in any Church, Chapel, or other publick place of, or in any Coilere Hal in sather of the Universities, the Colleges of thejiminler, Worchester, or baten, or any of them, ott erihan what is pre Etibdaod appuinted to be used in and by the said Book; and, That the present Governor, or Head of every Collere and Hall inttefad Univerfities, and fthe raid Colleges of Womer, Wybojer, and Eaten, within one month after the Feait of St. Bartbelernet, which shall be in the Year of our Lord, One

curand fix hundred fixy and two: And every Governor or Head or acy of the said Collegce or Halls, hereafter to be elected or appointed within one Month next after his Election OP Collabon, and Admiflion into the famae Government or Hip, all openly and publickly in the Church, Chapt!, or et publick Place of the fame College or Hall, and in the prefence of the Fellows and Scholars of the fam, or the etcarer part of them then refident, subscribe unto the Nine med thirty Ar icles of Religion, mentioned in the Statute rade in the thirtrenin year of the Reign of the late Quicen E zacetá,and unto the said Book, and declare his unfeiined Ako: 24 Content unto, and Approbation of the said Articles, ar d nt the fame Book, and to the use of all the Pra;e.s, Rires and Ceremonies, sms and Orders in the said Book prescribed asd (og aned, according to the Form aforefsid ; ard that all fach Governors or Heads of the faid Colleres and Haus or any of them, as are, or mall be in Holy Orders, Mall once a: leart increry quarter of the year (not having a lawful Impediment) openly and publickly read the Morning Prayer, and Service in 224 by the fail Bcok appointed to be read in the Church, Cipei, or other publick Place of the fame colice or Hall, upn pain to lote and be suspended of, and from all the I encets and Profits belonging to the fame Government or Headstio, by the fpace of hx Monthe, by the Vifitor or Vifitors of the fame Come or Hall); And if any Governor or Head of any College of Hall, fufpended for at fubfcribing unto the ad Articles Str Bok or for at reading of the Morning Prayer and ervice, * refaid, all pot at, or before the end of fix Months bred after luch su'penfon, fubfcribe unto the faid Articles and Boukat.d declare his Confent thereunto, as aforesaid, ne Reid

Mn Prayer, and Service..13 atoresaid, then fach Gn Yer :: Heathip hall be info fa o void. Ftovided always, That it tall and may be lawful to use the

Morning and Evening Prayers and all other Prayors, and Ser vice prescribed in and by the facBook, in the Charels or other publick Places of the respective Colleges and Halls, in ducha the Universities, in the Colleges of Westminyter, Wincbeiter, and Faton, and in the Convocations of the liries of either Province, in Latin ; Any thing in this Ad contained to the con rary notwithstanding.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority afcrefaid, That no Perfon thall be, or be received as a Lecturer, or permitted, fumered, or allowed to Preach as a lecturer, or to Preach or Read any Sermon or Lecture, in any Church, Chapel, or other Place of publick Worship within thí kcalm of England, or the Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon izted, unless he be first approved, and ther. unto licenfed by the Archbishop of the Prov.nce, or Bith p of the Dioceis, or in case the .ee be void) by the Guardian of the Spiritualties under his Seal, and thail, in the presence of the same Archbithop, or Bishop, or Guardian, Read the Nine and thirty Articles of Religion mer ioned in the statute of the Thirteenth year of the late Queen Elizabeib, win Declaration of his unfeigned Aflent to the Game; and That every perfon and persons, who now is or hereafter fall be Licensed Afligned, Appointed, or Receive ed as a Lecturer to Preach upon any Day of the Weck, in any Church, Chanel, or place of Fublick Worship within this Relin of England, or places aforesaid, the filft time be Preacheth (nore his Sermon) mall openiy, publickly, and folininly Read the Common Prayers and service in ang by the fid Look appointed to be Read forthar time of the day, and then and there publickly, and op rly declare his Aflent unin, and Approbation of the said Book, and to the use of all the Prayers, Rites and Ceremonies, Forms and Oi ders therein contained and prescribed, according to the form before appointed in this Act; And also thall upon the firft Lecture-day of every Mooth afterwards, to long as he continues Lecturer,cr Preacher there, at the piace appointed for his faid Lecture or ser mort, before his faid Lecture or Serinon, openly, publickly, and 10lemnly read the Common Prayers, and service in and by the said Book appointed to be read for that time of the day, at which the frid Lecture or Sermon is to breached; and after such Reading thereof, thall openly and publickly beforethecon. gregation there allembled, declare his unfeírned Atent and Content unto, and Approbation of the fis Book, and to the uft of all the Prayers, Riter and Ceremonies. Forms and Orders thercin containes and prefcribed, according to the Form aforefaid; and, That all and cvery ruch Perica and Perfons who th all neglect or refuse to do the same shall from thenceforth be disabled to preach the faid, or any other Lecture or Sermon in the raid, or any other Church, Chanel, or Place of publick Wormip, until fuch time as he and they ih311 openly, pablick ly, and solemnly Read the Common Prayers and Service appointed by the raid Book, and Confirm in all Prints to the things therein appointed and prescribed, according to the purport, true intent, and meaning of this Act.

Provided always, That if the said Sermon or lecture be to be reached or read in any Cathedral, or Collegiate Church or Chapel, it shall be fufficient for the laid Lecturer openly at the tire aforelaid, to declare his Alept and Content to all thing contained in the faid Book, according to the form aforefaid.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any person who is by this Act disabled to pre ch any Lecture or Sermon, 11. during the time that he shall continue and remain to dwabled, preach any Sermon or Lecture; Thatten for every such offence the Person and Pertons fo offerding,thall fuffer three months imprisonment in the Common Goal,mithou: Bail or Ma'nprite, and that any two Juftices of the Peace of any Counry of this Kingdom, and places aforesaid, and the Mayor, or other chief Magiftrate of any city, or TowpCorp rate within the fame upon Certificate from the Ordinary of the place made to him or them of th: offence committed, thall, and are hereby required to commit the perion or pe fons so offending'o the goal of the fame County, City, or Town Corporate acc ringly.

Provided always, and be it further Enacted by the Autho. rity ati refaid, That at all and every time and times, then any Sermon or Lectureisto be Preached, the Common Prayers and Service in and by the taid Bek ar pointed to be Read tur that time of the day, mall be openly, publickly, and folemnly Read ny fome Pricit of Deacon, in the Church, Charel, or Place of publick Worship, where the frid Sermonor Lecture is to be reached, before fuch Sermon or lecture te preached; And that the Le&urer then tu Preach thall be present at the reading thereof.

Printed revertheless, that this Act Ma!! pot extend to the University -Churches in the Universities of this Realm, or either of them, when er at fuch time 23 anysarmon or Lec. ture is Picached or Real in the faid Churches, or any if them, for, or as the Publick University-Sermon or Lecture; but that the fame Sermons and Lettres may be Preached or Read in such fort and manrer as the fame bave been heretofore Prçcted or Read; This Act, or any thing her in contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notuit Aarding.

And he it further Enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That the fevralrood Laws, and Statutes of this Realm, which have been formerly made. and are now in force for the Uniformity of Prayer, and Admin fration of the Sacraments, aittin this Reaim of Engiand, and places aforesaid, thall land in full force and freneth to all incent and purnofee whatsoever for the establishing and confirming of the Caldasok, Intitulad, ?De BO * Of Common Prayer, and Adminißration of the Sa. cramoils and aber Rite's hic remedies of the churn it. cording to the fifth Church of Inlandi'together itbike Pfallinor Tons of David, Pointed as they are to be fungor faid in Churches 'and the Foren and Minner of Men's ordaining, and Confecrating Bicops, Pritsarid Demons;


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