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herein before mentioned to be joined and annexed to this Ad; under the Great Seal of England, a true and perfeâ printed and thau be applied, practised, and put in ufe, for the punith. Copy of this Act, and of the faia Book annexed hert unto, to ing of all offences contrary to the raid Laws, with relation

be by the fald Deans and Chapters, and their Succeffors, kepe to the Book aforesaid, and no other.

and preserved in safety for ever, and to be also produced, add Provided always, and be it further Epacted by the Authority thewed forth in any Court of Record, as often as they thall be foretaid, That in all thote Prayers, Litanies, and Collects. thereunto lawfully required; And also there shall be delivered which do any way relate to the King, Queen, or Royal Pro- true and perfea Copies of this Act, and of the fame Book, into peny, the Names be altered and changed from time to time, the respective Courts at Weftminster, ang into the Tower of and fitted to the present occafion, according to the direction of London, to be kept and preserved for ever among the Re ords Lawful Authority.

of the raid Courts, and the Records of the Tower, to be also Provided alto, and be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid,

produced and thewed forth in any Court as need all require; That a true Printed Copy of the faid Rook, Intituled, The which fid Books, fo to be exemplified under the Great Seal Buch of Common Prayer, and Adminiftration of ibe Sacra- of England, shall be examined by such Perfons as the Kings Denti, and other Ritrs and Ceremonies of the Church, accord- Majcity Niall appoint under the Great Seal of England, for ins to tbe Use of tbe Courb of England; together with the that purpose, and thall be compared with the Origmal Book alter or Psalms of David, Poinind as fbey are to be furs of hereunto anncred, and shall have power to correct and amend faid in Giuribe; and the form and Manner of Making, Or- is writing any Error Committed by the Printer in the Printing caining, and Confucrarings Bilbops, Prices, and Dicions, of the fame Book, or of any thing therein contained, and thall thall at the couts and charges of the Parishioners of every Pa. certify in writing under their Hands and Seals, or the Mande Tuh-Church, and Chapelry, Cathedral Church, College, and

and Seals of any three of them, at the end of the fame Book, Hall, be attained aud Botten before the Feast-day of St. Bar.

that they have examined and compared the fame Ewok, and Abolomew, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand fix hundred hnd it to be a true and perfect Copy; which fald Books, and fixty and two, wpin pain of forfeiture of three pounds by the

every one of them so exemplified under the Great Seal of Eng. month for so long time as they all then after be unprovided land, as aforesaid, shall be deemed, taken, adjudged, and thereof, by every Parint, or Chapelry, Cathedral Church, expounded to be good, and available in the Law to all intents College and Hall, making default therein.

and purposes whatsoever, and fhall be accouoted as good ReProvided always, and be it knäed by the Authority afore

cords as this Book itselt hereunto annexed ; Any Law or faid, That the Bishops of Hereford, St. Davids, Afaph, Ban.

Cuftom to the contrary in any wife notwithtanding. for, and Lantaf, and their succesfurs shall take tuch Order

Provided also, That this Act, or any thing therein contained, ainong themselves for the foul. health of the Flocks commit- thall not be pre udicial or hurtful unto the Kings Profilor of ted to their charge within istas, That the Bank hereunto the law within the University of Oxford, for, or concernar annexed be truly and exactly trapllated into the British or Wolf the Prebend of Sriton, within the Cathedral church of Tougue; and that the camera translated, and bein; by them, Sarım, uplted and annexed unto the place of the fame Kings or any three of them at the least, viewed, perused, and allowed, Profefor for the time being by the late King James of be in printed to fuch number at least, so that out of the same bleiled Memory. Books ro Trandared and Imprinted, may be Sad for every Ca. Provided always, That whereas the fix and thirtieth Ar. thedral, Collegiate, aod Parith-Church, and Chapel of Ease in ticle of the Nine and thirty Articles agreed upon by the Archthe said respective Diocetres, and places in Wales, where the bithops and Bithops of both Provinces, and the whole clerey Wil is commonly (poken or used, before the First day of May, in the Convocation holden at London, in the year of our Lord, One thousand lix hundred fixty five; and, That frein and tter One thousand five hundred fixty two, for the avoiding of die the Imprinting and Publihing of the said Book fo trannared, versities of Opinions, and for enablishing of conicnt touching the whole Divine Service Mhall be used and said by the Minifters

trie Religion, is in there werds following. viz. and Curates throughout all Wales, within the said Diocelles That i be Book of Confecration of Aribsteps, and Bishops, where the Welth Tunrue is commonly used, in the British or and Ordaining of Pricts and Diacens, liich fet fortbibe Wo16 Toneue, in such manner and form as is prescribed, ac- time of King Edward ibe Sirib, and confirmed at ibe fame cording to the Book hereunto annexed to be used in the Ing. sime by Aut perity of Parliament, do:b' contain all things Tongue, differing nothing any Order or Form from the

to and , lid inplih Book ; for which Book fo Trannated and Im. any thing that of injef is Super Misuus, and ungedly; and printed, the Church-wardens of every the said Parithes thall ibir fore wbofoever are Corforated or Ordered accurdira pay out of the Parith-Money in their hands, for the use of the for kitos of that Bock, fruce i ne fecord Touro ibe aferenamed reipective Churches, and be allowed the fame on their AC- King Edward unto this time, or bereafter ball be confecrated Count; and, That the said Bithops and their succeilors, or any or Ordered according to the famy Rites; Wedere all fub to three of them at the least, thall set and appoint the price for be rightly, orderly, and laufully Confecrated and ordered ; which the faid Book Thall be fold: And one other Book of It be Enacted, and be it therefore Enacted by the Authority Common Prayer in the Engliga Tongue shall be bought and aforefaid, Tha: all subscriptions hereafter to be had or made had in every Church throughout Wales, in which the Book of unto the raid Art sles, by any Deacon, Prien, ar Ecclcfiastical Gormon Prayer in Wolfo is to be had, by force of this Ad,be. perfon, or other person whatsoever, who by this Ad, or any fore the first day of May, One thousand fix hundred fixty and other Law pow in force is required to subscribe unto the fait four; and the fame Book to remain in fuch convenient places, Articles, Mall be construed and taken to extend, and thall be within the raid Churches, that such as understand then may applied for and touching the faid six and thirtieth Article ) terort at all convenient times to read and peruse the fame,

Unto Book containing the form and madaer of Makine, altu fuch as do not under it and the faie language may by con- Ordaining, and Consecrating of Bishops, Priests and Deacoce, ferring both Torcues together, the sooner attaid to the know. in this Ad mentioned, in such fort and manner as the fare ledge of the Englijo Touble; Any thing in this A&t to the did heretofors, extend unto the Book set forth in the time of contrary norwithtanding: Audustil Printed Cories or the faia King Edward the Six:h, mentioned in the said fix and thir. Book róto be Tranatee may be bad and provided, the Forma tiern Article ; Any thing in the faid Article, or in any s'a. of Common Prayereitablided by Parliament before the making tute, Aa, or Canon hertofore had or made to the contrary of this Act, may be ufed as formerly in such parts of Wales, thereaf, in any wise notwithstanding. where the engill Tongue is not commonly understood.

Provided also, that the Book of Common Prayer, and AdAnd to the end that the true and rerfect Copics of this Act, miniftration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremoniza and the faid Bonk hereunto annexed may be safely kept, and of the Church ot England, together with the Form and Manner perpetually preserved, and for the avoiding of all disputes for of Ordaining, and Confecrating Bithops, Priests and Deacons, the time to come; Be it therefore Enalted by the Authority heretofore in ure, and respectively enablished by AA of Para afurefaid, that the respective Deans and chapters of every Ca- Jiament in the First and Eighth years of Queen E.. zabeto, thedral, or Collegiate Church,within England and Wales haul shall be fill uses and observed in the Church of England, una at their proper coats and charges, before the twenty fifth day til the Feast of St. Bartholarnow, which thall be in the year of of Decembct, Oue thousand fix hundred fixty and two, obtain Ow Lord God, One thouland fix hundred fty and two.


I hath bern the wisdom of the Church of England, ever since the first compiliay of her Publick Liturgy, to keep

the mean between the two extreams, of too much ftittosis, varia ion from it. For, as on the one lide coin mon experience meweth, that where a chance hath beca made of things ad. vitedly eit abliched (no evident pecetlity so requiring) fundry inconveniencies have thereupon enfucd; and those many times Inore, and greater than the evils that uere intended to be remedied by such change : So on the other fide, the particular Forms of Divine Worthip, and the Rites and Ceremonies appointed to be used therein, being things in their own nature indiferent, and alterable, and to acknowledged; it is but reasonable, that upon weighty and important comiderations, according to the various exigency of times and occafions, fuch changes and alterations Munila be made therein, as to those that are in place of Authority thould from time to time feem either deceitary or expedient. Accordingly we find, that in the Reigns of leveral Princes of hieited mainory since the Reformation, the Church, upon Juft and weighty confiderations me thereubtu movine, baih yielded to make reca alterativas

in forre particulars, as in their respective times were thourht convenient : Yet so as that the main Body and Elcntials of it (as well in the chiefoft materials, as in the frame and order thereof) have fill continued the same upto this day, and do yet fand firm and unthaken, notwithftanding all the valt at fempts, and impetuous atļaults inade against it, by luch nien as are riven to change, and have always discovered a greater regard to their own private fancies and interefts, than to that duty they owe to the publick.

By what undue means, and for what mischievous purposes the ofe of the Liturgy (though enjoined by the Laws of the Land, and those Laws never yet repealed ) carne, durior the Jate unhappy confufions, to be discontinued, is too well known to the world, and we are not willing here to reincrpber. But when, upon his Majetty's Happy Restoration it seemed probable, that amonght other things the use of the Liturgy alto would return of course (the same having never been legally abolished) unless some timely means were ulid to prevent it; those men who under the late usurped powers had mate it a great part of their business to render ibeir people diaffected thereunto, faw themselves ia point of réputation and interer


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coasered (unleft they would freely acknowledce themselves asid Devotion in the publck Worthip of God; and the ot

Dave crred, which such men are very hardly brought to do ting off occann from them that seek accafion of cavil, or with their snott Cadeavours to hinder the reftituton thereor. quarrel againft the Litu ey of the Church. And as to the leveIn order whereunto divers Pamphlets were publiched agaiol ral variations from the former Bouk, whether hy Alteration,

Bock of Cornen Prayer, the old objections muftered up, Addition, or otherwise, it shall be file to give this general arwill the addition of some new ones, more than formerly had count, That most of the Alterations were made, either tutt, tett made, toke the number fwell. Is fine, great impor- for the better direction of them that are to difficiale in any tunter were uses to his Sacred Majelly, that the Taid Rook part of Divine Service, which is chiefly dene in the Calendars Inicht be revised, sad such Alterations therein, and Additions and Rubricks : Or secondly, for the inare proper expres Bhere unto made, as thould be thought rcquifite for the case of of foune words or phraieyor ancient usage,in terms more fuitteader Caiciences: Whereuoto his Majesty, out of his pious able to the language of the pretent times, and the clearer exincretion to give Gacisfaction to tar as could be rea tobably planation of soms cher words and phrases, that were cither expecta) to all His subjects, of what persuasion foever, did of doubtful fienification, or otherwise liable to mi conftrucerac.our coodefcend.

tion: Orrdly, for a more perfect rendering of such portions LA *hich Revies we have endeavoured to observe the like

of holy Scriptuit, as are intered into the Liturgy; which is the moderation, as we find te have been used in tbe like care in Epistles and Gospels especially, and in foodry other places are ferner times. And therefore of the fundry alterations pro- Dow ordered to be read according to the laft Traonation: affa pored to us, we have rejected all such as were cither of dan- that it was thought convenient that fome Prayers and Thanks

7 consequence as fecretly friking at fome established Bivings Atred to special occasions should be added in their due Danse, u laudable tractice of the Church of England, or places, particularly for those at Sea together with an office for indeed of the whola Catholick Church of Christ) or elle of the Faptism of such as are of Ripe Years; which, ali houba D2q-ence ai au, but utterly frivolous and vain. But such Dot lu secesary when the former Book was compiled, yer by aikratia as were tendered to us (by what perfons, under the growth of Anabaptism, through the licenticuinets ofiic Whar pretense, or to what purpore fosver fotendered) as late times crept in a mnougat us, is now become neceflary and lepedto usiozny dcerce requires expedient, he have wil. may be always useful for the Baptizing of Natives in our Planlungir, and of our accord attented unto: Dutentorced foto tations, and others converted to the Faith. If any man, ubo

be any freogth of Argormeat, convincing us of the neceffity Mall defire a more particular acerunt of the several Ahers

lakier the faid Alterations: For we are fully perficaded in tions in any part of the Liturgy, la all take the paios to comO judeinents (and we dere profes it to the world) that pare the preieht Book with the former; we doubt not but th. Bouk as it stood betore etablished by Law, doth nct con. the reason of th: chance may easily a pear. man in it say thing contrary to the Word of God, or to And having thus endea gured to dischargc cur duties la found Doctrine, or which a godly map may not with a good this weighty affair, as in the light of God, and to approve Calcicace uie sad lubai wate, or waich is not fairly defen. our fincerity therein (so far as tay in us) to the contierces fits araia any that trall oppose the fame, if it shall be of all men; although we know it impoffible (in fuch variety abc red fach just and favourable contruction, as in common of apprehenlons, humours and interefts, as are in the world Eaty oog to be allowed to all Human Writings, especially to please all; nor can expect that men of factious, peevith Tech as are fex forth by Authority, and even to the very best and perverfe spirits should be fatisfied with any thing that Troflations of the boly Scripture itself.

can be done in this kind by any other than themselves: Yet we Our reneral aim therefore in this undertaking was not to have pod hope, that what is here presented, and hath been ratify this or that party in aoy their unreasonable demands; by the Couvocations of both Provinces with great diligence ke to do that, which to our beft undertangings we conceiveá exarained and approved, will be al'o well accepted and apa o pat moet tend to the Preservation of Peace and Unity in the proved by all Cober, peaceable, and truly conscientious Soul Church; the procuriog cf Rererence, and exciting of Piety, of the Church of England.

Concerning the Service of the CHURCH.
Mere wa: never any thing by the wit of man fo well Responds, Invitatories, and such like things as did break the

deviled, or fo fure etablithed, which in continuance continual course of the reading of the Scripture.
I things, it may plainly appear by the Common
of time hath not been corrupted: As among other Yet, because there is no remedy, but that of neceffity there

must be some rules; therefore certain rules are here set forth; Prayera in the Church, commonly called Divine Service. The which, as they are few in number, so they are plain and ealy fire origini) and ground whereof, if any man would search out to be understood. So that here you have an order for Prayer, by the ancient Fathere, he thali fipd, that the same was not and for the reading of the holy Scripture, much aereeable to ordzised but of a good purpose, and for a great advancement the mind and purpose of the old Fateers, and a great deal more of podtisers. For they fordered the matter, that all the profitable and commodious than that which of late was used. whole Bible (or the greated part thereof) bould be read over It is more profitable, because here are left out many things, once every Year; intending thereby, that the Cle ey, and wbereof some are untrue,come uncertain some vain and fupra tracciaty ruch es were Minifters in the congregation, should Aitious; and nothing is ordained to be read, but !he veti pure (by often read.ng, and meditation in Gods word) be ftirred up Word of God, the holy Scriptures, or that which is agrecable to godlinefs thenfelves, and be more able to exhort others by to the same, and that in fuchs Language and Order as is most waliome Doctrins, and to cenfute them that were adversaries easy and plain for the undertanding both of the readers and to the truth; and further that the peor le (by caily hearing hearers. It is also more commodious both for the thortness c! boly Scripture read in the Church) might continually profit tbereof, and for the plaioncis of the Order, and for that the more and mere in the knowledge of God, and be the more Rules be few and eaty. ipflanned with the love of his true Religion.

And whereas beretofore there hath been great diversity in But these manx years pasted, this godly and decept Order fying and singing in Churches within this Realm ; fome fulof the ar-cient Fathers hath been lo altered, broken and neg- lowing Salisbury Use, fome Hireford Use, and fome the Ule of leated, by plantine in uncertain Stories, and Lerends, with B.inger, fome of York, fome of Lincein; now from heace. Dulutuse of Refponds, 'crfes, rain Repetitions, Commemo- forth all the whole Realna thall have but one Use. rations and Sinodals; that commonly when any Book of the And foratmuch as nothing can be fo plainly set forth, but BiStewa begun, after three or four chapters were read out, doubts may arise in the use and practice at the famne; to appeale all the reit were unread. And in this sort the Book of Maiab all such diversity (if any arise) and for the resolution of a was begud in Advent and the Book of Genefis in Septuagcfima; doubts concerning the manner how to underland, 60, are'exbut they were only hegun and dever read through : After like ecute the things con'aiact in this Book; the parties that fo Tort were ober Book of holy Scripture used. And moreover, doubt, or civetlly take any thing, shall alway refurt to te whereas $:. Peul would have fuck language spoken to the peo Bishop of the Dioceis, who by nis discretion thall take order ple in the Church, as they might undertand, and have pro- for the quieting and appearing of the fame; so that the same Et byncaria the fame; The Service in this Church of England order bc pot contrary to any thing contained in this Bok. these may years hath beco read in Latin to the people, which And if the Bishop of the Diocefs be in doubt, then he may ter ut deiftand rot; 10 that they have heard with their ears Send for the resolution thereof to the Archbishop. only, and the acart, spirit, and mad have not been edified thereby. And further.re. Dotwithftanding that the ancient "Thouph it be appointed, That all things thall be read and Tattere have divided the Pfalms into seven portions, whereof every one was called a Mohan: Now of late time a few of . that the Congregation may be thereby edificd ; yet it is not there have been duly said, and the reft utterly omitted. More- meant, but that when men tay Mrning and Evening Prarte .e the sumber and hardners of the Rules called the Pie, privately, theymoy lay the farne in any language tha they and the marafold changings of the Service, was the cause, that 'thon cives do undertand. to cure the Book only was to bard and intricate a matter, that And all Priests and Deacons are to say daily the Morning many times there was more business to hed out what thould • arv! Evening Prayer, either privately or openly, not being 12 be read, than to read it when it was found out.

by ficknes, er fume other urzent cause. Thete inconveniencies therefore confidered, here is set forth And the Curate that miniftereth in every Parish Church AT fad an Order, whereby the fame shall be redreted. And for • Chanel, being at home, and not being otherwife reasonably a redioef in this matter here is drawn out : Calendar for • hindered, mail layihe me in the farin. Church or Chaos buat Dupore, which is plaio asd caly to be vaderitod; wherein where ne ministeret), and all cause a Bell to he tulled

( much as may be the readiny of holy Scripture is fu fet thereunto a convenient time before he bezin, that the terth, that all this ihai e don in order, without breaking • perple may come to Lear Gods Word, as, to pray with sa piste tu acorder. For this case de cut of Anthemi

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of q OF CEREMONIES, IVhy some be abolished, and some retaine. O

F fuch Ceremonies as be used in the Church, and have had their beginning by the inftitution of man, fome at the firft were of zodly intent and purpose

d viled, and yet ar length turned to vanity and Superftiti n : Some entred into the Church by indifcreet Devotion, and such a zeal as was without knowleder ; and for because they w.re winked at in the beginning, tley grew daily :o more and more Abules, which not only for their voproñablets, but also because they have much blinded the people, and ohfcured the Glory of God, are worthy to be cut away, and clean rejected: Other there be, which although they have been deviled by man, yet it is thought rood to referve them till, as well for a decent order in the Church (for the which they were first devired) as because they pertain to edification, whereunto all chibre done in the Church (23 the Apoftic teacherh) ought to be referred.

And al hough the kecping or omitting of a Ceremony in ittelf confidered, is but a mall thing; yet the wilful and contempturus transgreffion and braking of a common Order and Discipline, is no finall offence before God. Let all tbings be done among yout, faith Saint Paul in a frerly ani due Order: The aprointment of the which Order pertaineth net to private men; therefore no mar ought to take in hand, nor presume to appoint or alter any puhlick or common Orderin Christs Church, except he be lawfully called and authorized thereunto.

And whereas in this our time, the minde of men are so di. verte, that some think it a great matter of conscience to depart from a piece of the least of their Ceremonies, they be to addicted to their old custome; and again on the other lide, fome be fo new-fangled, that they would innovate all things, ant to despite the old, that nothing can like them, but that is new : It was thought expedient, bot ro mach to have reinect how to pleare and satisfy either of thefe parties, as how to please God, and profit thein both. And yet let any man thould be offended, whom good reason might satisfy, here be certain caufes rendered, why fome of the accustomed Ceremonies be put away, and some retained and kept fill.

Some are put away because the great excess and multitude of them hath so increased in these latter days, that the burden o' them was intolerable; whereof Saint Auguftine in his time complained that they were grown to such a number that the estate of Chriftian people was in wnpfe care concerning that matter than were the Jews. And he countered that fuch yoke and burden thould be taken away, as time would serve quietly to do it. But what would saint nuguftine have fait, if he had (een the ceremonies of lare days used 31oog us; where unto the multitude used in his time was not to be compared ? This our exceffive multitude of Ceremonies was forcat, and Inany of them fo dark, that they did more confound and

darken, than declare and let forth Chritts benefits unio And besides this, Christa Gospel is not a ceremonial La Mas much of Miles Law was ) hut it is a Religion to ter God, not in bondage of the figure or thdow, but in the fre dom of the Spirit; being content only with those Ceremoni which do feive to a decent Oroer and godly Dilcaplinea such as apt to fir up the dull mind of man to the remem brance of his duty to God, by fome norable and special pri car on, whereby he might be edified. Furthermore, the mc weighty cause of the abolishment of certain Cerernonies w That they were fo far ahused; partly by the fuperftitioublic ness of the rude and unlearned, and partly by the urratias avarice of such as fought more their own lucre, than Glory of God, that the abuses could not well te taken away the thing remaining Mill.

But now as concerning those perfons, which peradventur will be offended, for that some of the old Ceremonies are re tained fill : If they consider that without fome Ceremonies i is not posible to keep any Order, or quiet Discipline in the Church, they shall easily perceive junt cause to reform thei judgments. And if they think much that any of the old d remain, and would rather have all devised aacw: Then i men granting fome Ceremonies convenient to be had, fureix where the old may be well ufed, there they cannot reasonably reprove the old only for their age, without bewrayirs o their own folly. For in such a case they ought raiher to have reverence into them for their Antiquity, if they will declare them felves to be more ftudious of Unity and Concord, than of innovation and nest-tanpleners, whih (as much 23 may be with true fettire forth of Chrif Religion) is always to be efchewed. Furthermore, such Mall have ne juft caure with the Ceremonies relcrved to be offended. For as thore be 'aken away which were moft abused, and did burden mens confciences without any Cause; fo the other that rerrain, are retained for a Discipline and Order, which umnjunt Cautes) may be altered, and charged, and therefore are not to be etteemed equal with' Guds Law. And mereover, they be neither dark or dumb Ceremonies, but are so set forth, that every man may understand what they do inein, and to what ure they do ferve. So that it is not like that they in time to come hould be abused as other have bren. And in these con doing we condemn no other Nations, not prescribe any thing but to our own people only: For we think it covenient that every Country shoulí use such Ceremonies as they fall thiak beft to the setting forth of Gods Honcur and Glory, ant to the reducing of the people to a molt perfect and goaly living, without Error or Superftition, and that they should not 3way other things, which from time to time they perceive to be most abufed, as in mens Ordinances it often chanccth diverfly in divers Countries.

The Order how the Psalter is appointed to be read.

HE Psalter shall be read through once every Month, as it is there appointed both for Morning and Evening Prayer. But in February it thall be read

only to the twenty eighih, or twenty ninth day of the Month.

And whereas January, Marib, May, July, Auguf, . O&abor, and Documber, have one and thirty day, a piece; It is

ordered that the fame psalms Mall he recine last day of the aid Months, which were read the day before : So that the Palter may begin again the first day of the next Month epfuing.

And whereas the CXIX Psalm is divided into XXII Por

tions, and is ov't long to be read at one time; It is foordered, that at one time thall not be read above four or five of the aid Portions.

And the end of every Psalm, and of every such Part of the CXIX Pralin, thall be repeated this Hymn: Glory betoibe Forber and to ibe Sms: and to tbr hady Gb;

As was in the beginning, is now, and ever ball be ? world vir bout end. Amen.

Note, That the Pfalter followeth the Division of the He. brer's, and the Translation of the great Englin Bible, ret forth and used in the line of King Henry the Eighth, and Edward the sixth.

I The Order how the rest of the Holy Scripture is appointed to be read.

HE CU Teftamentis app vinted for the first Lemons

a: Morning and Evening Prayer fo as the most part thereof will be read over every year once, as

ats Calendar 19 aprointed. The new Testament is appointed for the second Letons at Morning and Evenine Prayer, and thall be read over orderly every year thrice, befidratle Eolles and Geipels; Excent the Apocalyps, out of which there are only certain proper Lellons appointed up an divars Feafts.

And to know what I crtions thall be read every day, look for the day of the Month in the Calendar following, and Merc ye thall find the Chapter that tall be read for the

Lefrons both at Morning and Evening Prayers ; except only the Moveable Feats which are not in the Calendar, and the Immoveable, where there is a black let in the Columu of Lessons; the proper Lotions for all which days are to be found in the Table of proper Lens.

And noce, That when oever proper Pralms or Lestons are appointed: then the Pfalms and Lettons of ordinary course appointed in the Pfaler and Calendar (if they be different) mall be omitted for that time.

Note also. Thish Colle, Epifle, and Gospel appointed for the Sunday. At leve albe Week after, where it is not in this book otherwise ordered.

I Proper





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Morning and Evening Prayer on the Sundays, and
other Holy-days throughout the Year.

G LESSONS Proper for Sundays.
Sundays of Advent. Mattins.

The First Isaiah

i Isaiah


-24 üi


-26 iv


-32 Sund. aft. Christmas. The First


-38 ii


-43 Sund. aft. Epiphany The Firft

-441 ii


-53 mi



-64 vi

-66 Septuagefima. Genesis




9 to ver. 20

First Sunday

19 to ver. 30

-34 üi


-42 iv


-45 Exodus

Exodus -3

-5 vi i Lesson


IO 2 Lesson

Matthew- 26 Hebr. 5 to ver. II Eafter-day. i Lesson Exodus 12 Exodus

2 Leffon

6 Acts 2 to ver. 22
Sundays after Easter.
The First

16 Numbers

-23, 241

-25 ili


---- 4|Deuteronomy

-5 iv


-7 -8

-9 Sunday



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1 Genesis -31 John


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Sunday after Afcen- Mattins.

Evenfong fion-day.-- Deuteronomy - 12|Deuteronomy –13 Whitsunday. 1 Leffon 16 to ver. 18 Isaiah

II 2 Lesson

Acts -10 ver. 34 Acts 19 to ver. 21 Trinity-Sunday. 1 Leflon Genesis

18 2 Leflon -- Matthew

-5 Sundays after Tri

nity. The First Joshua - 10 Joshua

23 ii Judges 4 Judges

5 ji 1 Samuel -21 Samuel

3 iy

I 2

-13 -15

17 vi 2 Samuel 122 Samuel

19 vii


-24 viii i Kings 13 1 Kings

17 ix


19 X

-21 xi 2 Kings 52 Kings

9 xii


-18 xiii


-23 xiv Jeremiah -5 Jeremiah

22 XV


36 xvi Ezekiel-2 Ezekiel

-13 xvii

-18 xviii

-20 xix Daniel -3 Daniel

-6 XX Joel 2 Micah

-6 xxi

Habakkuk 2 Proverbs xxii Proverbs -2

3 xxiii

-12 xxiv

14 XXV

-16 xxvi





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13 15 -17


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