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Manx Society, 1877 - 312 страници

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Страница xxiv - I will burn the paper and hang the bearer. This is the immutable resolution and shall be the undoubted practice of him who accounts it his chiefest glory to be His Majesty's most loyal and obedient Servant, DERBY.4 To Commissary General Ireton.
Страница xl - I knew a very wise man so much of Sir Chr — 's sentiment, that he believed if a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.
Страница xxviii - I acknowledge the great goodness of God to have given me such a wife as you : so great an honour to my family ; so excellent a companion to me ; so pious, so much of all that can be said of good, I must confess it impossible to say enough thereof.
Страница xxvii - God hath given you, that you exercise your patience in this great and strange trial. If harm come to you, then I am dead indeed ; and until then I shall live in you, who are truly the best part of myself. When there is no such as I in being, then look upon yourself and my poor children ; then take comfort, and God will bless you.
Страница 115 - Practical Grammar of the Antient Gaelic or Language of the Isle of Man, usually called Manx. By the Rev. John Kelly, LL.D. Edited, with an Introduction, Life of Dr.
Страница xxiv - I received your letter with indignation, and with scorn I return you this answer : that I cannot but wonder whence you should gather any hopes from me, that I should (like you) prove treacherous to my Sovereign ; since you cannot be insensible of my former actings in his late Majesty's service ; from which principle of loyalty I am no way departed.
Страница 116 - Mannise ; or a Collection of National Documents relating to the Isle of Man. Translated and Edited by JR Oliver, Esq., MD Vol. ii.
Страница 115 - Antiquiora, or a Dissertation on the Armorial Bearings of the Isle of Man, the Regalities and Prerogatives of its ancient Kings, and the original Usages, Customs, Privileges, Laws, and Constitutional Government of the Manx People.
Страница xxiv - This is the immutable resolution, and shall be the undoubted practice of him, who accounts it the chiefest glory to be " ' His Majesty's most loyal and obedient subject, "
Страница xxiv - I scorn your proffers. I disdain your favor. I abhor your treason ; and am so far from delivering up this island to your advantage, that I will keep it, to the utmost of my power, to your destruction.