The History and Antiquities of Gloucester: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time; Including an Account of the Abbey, Cathedral, and Other Religious Houses, with the Abbots, Bishops, and Dignitaries of Each

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J. Wood, 1811 - 379 страници

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Страница 32 - We the inhabitants, magistrates, officers, and soldiers, within this garrison of Gloucester, unto his majesty's gracious message return this humble answer : That we do keep this city, according to our oaths and allegiance, to and for the use of his majesty and his royal posterity : and do accordingly conceive ourselves wholly bound to obey the commands of his majesty, signified by both houses of parliament : and are resolved, by God's help, to keep this city accordingly.
Страница 236 - Church, head keeper of the Bodleian library, and professor both of Hebrew and Arabic in the university of Oxford. He was interpreter and secretary of the oriental languages during the reigns of Charles II. James II. and William III. He was perfectly qualified to fill this post, as he could converse in the languages which he understood.
Страница 31 - Out of our tender compassion to our city of Gloucester, and that it may not receive prejudice by our army, which we cannot prevent if we be compelled to assault it, we are personally come before it to require the same ; and are graciously pleased to let , all the inhabitants of, and all other persons within that city, as well soldiers as others, know, that if they shall immediately submit themselves, and deliver this...
Страница 350 - Honoring could send none, because Alaric was overpowering Italy; that the Britons, thus abandoned, armed themselves, declared their country independent, and drove the barbaric invaders from their cities; that Honorius sent letters to the British states, exhorting them to protect themselves; and that the Romans never again recovered the possession of the island...
Страница 355 - IN this law the doctrine of the real presence was ilx"ticles' established, the communion in one kind, the perpetual obligation of vows of chastity, the utility of private masses, the celibacy of the clergy, and the necessity df auricular confession.
Страница 31 - ... assure them in the word of a king, that they nor any of them shall receive the least damage or prejudice by our army in their persons or estates...
Страница 299 - The ornamental members and perforated pinnacles are of the most delicate tabernacle work, very full, but preserving an air of chasteness and simplicity. * " Its peculiar perfection, which immediately strikes the eye, is an exact symmetry of component parts, and the judicious distribution of ornaments. The shaft of the tower is equally divided into two stories, correctly repeated in every particle ; and the open parapet and pinnacles so richly clustered, are an example of Gothick, in its most improved...
Страница 219 - Religion ; and that, the freest from all bigotry and all fanaticism, that I have ever known. He venerated the civil constitution of his country, and •was warmly attached to the Church of England. Yet he was no party-man, and was the sincerest advocate for toleration.
Страница 87 - Jane Wenham was tried for witchcraft before him ; her adversaries swore she could fly : " Prisoner, can you fly ?" " Yes, my • " lord." " Well then you may ; there is no law -'
Страница 13 - Both armies unanimously agreed to the proposal, and the English king, yielding partly to their desires, concluded a treaty in the isle of Alney, by which the kingdom of Mercia was given to Canute, and Wessex, with some appendages, including the city of London, reserved to Edmund. — Rapin, sub. an.