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Adventures in Alaska


Alaska Days with John Muir. Illustrated, izmo, cloth...

Do you remember Stickeen, the canine hero of John Muir's dog story? Here is a book by the man who owned Stickeen and was Muir's companion on the adventurous trip among the Alaskan glaciers. This is not only a breezy outdoor book, full of the wild beauties of the Alaskan wilderness, it is also a living portrait of John Muir in the great moments of his career."-New York Times.

I can see only one fault with the book, it is far too short. I should love to read such a book as big as the dictionary. Thank you very much !”—Gene Stratton-Porter.

“ One need not be an admirer of John Muir to be thoroughly entertained by the lively pages. The Muir of this book is the familiar vibrant personality. This little book, the record of these trips, is written in a style animated and vivid without being journalistic-a style not unlike that of the lover of glaciers him. self.”—The Nation.


Stalking Walrus in an Oomiak Dr. Young's figure is to the left. This is the time he got his ivory for the gavels

Author of Alaska Days with John Muir,"

T'he Klondike Clan"

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