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neral Christian investigations, than by studying a new language himself.

The whole expense to the Societies, of their

“ where there are the most promising openings for usefulness, in reviving decayed Christianity, and in instructing “ the Mahometans in the faith of Christ. Two or three “ zealous young Clergymen, willing to accommodate them“ selves to the customs of the East in respect to manners “ and dress, and who can speak the Greek or Arabic lan

guage, or both, would be the honoured instruments of “confirming and propagating the doctrine of the Cross in “ countries dear to them as scholars from classical as. “ sociations, and more dear to them as Christians from « sacred !"

The Committee “ invite such 'men to offer themselves “ and cannot but hope that it may please God to raise up « some suitable instruments of his glory in this quarter of “ the world." --See Twelfth Report of the Church Missionary Society, 1812, pp. 407-412.

The proposal made above of stationing Literary Representatives of the Church in the principal scenes of Christian Antiquity, fully agrees with the avowed wishes and purposes of this Society: and there can be no doubt, that it would willingly send, with the permission of Government, duly qualified men, would such offer themselves, under the character of Literary Representatives of the Church, for one, two, or more years, according to circumstances, to all the most promising stations ; and resident Clergymen, under the same sanction, to Java, Mauritius, the Cape, Ceylon, and Malta.

share in the proposed establishment, including a resident Clergy and Literary Representatives, need not exceed 6000l. or 7000l. per annum, at least for a few years.

The three Church Societies expended in the last year (of which they have printed the accounts) on Missionary objects, in. dependently of incidental expenses, the sum of 7088l. 145. 7.d.*-viz. the "Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts,” 29201. 185. 10d.;

Society for Promoting Christian Know, ledge,” 13791. 7s. 4d.; and the “ Church Mis. sionary Society,” 27881. 8s. 5łd.

the 60

It is not too much to say, that these exertions of our Societies might be increased ten-fold. The only question is, whether the occasion de. mands it. If it does, and the Societies of the Church do not fully recognize the object of Missions, and endeavour to increase their funds with a spirit proportioned to the occasion, and to the new circumstances of the Church and of Great Britain, their names, as Missionary Institutions, will ere long be lost in the greater celebrity and more extended undertakings of other denominations.

* Printed by mistake, in the first Edition, 52881, 145, 74d. * For the statements made in this section, see the last Reports of the respective Societies,




If the state of the British Dominions abroad be accurately examined, it will be found, that, in the old Colonies of North America, there is ample provision for Christian instruction; but, in regard to the West Indies and our new possessions, it may be justly said, “That not the Church of England, but other denominations of Christians, are forming the religion of the natives *.”

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1. In the British North American Provinces, the Church has forty-three Missionaries and thirtysix Catechists and Schoolmasters; all belonging to the “Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.” Other denominations have seventeen Missionaries; viz. ging 1 Wesleyan Methodists ...

Missionary Society


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2. In the West Indies the Church of England has six Missionaries; viz. those belonging to the

“ Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts;” whereas the Missionaries belonging to other denominations are ninety-two in number; viz.

The United Brethren
The Wesleyan Methodists . ; 25
The Missionary Society.



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* In the first Edition, the number of the Missionaries belonging to the United Brethren in the West Indies was stated at 64, and those in South Africa at 16. In this enumeration, some of the females. belonging to the Missions were inadvertently included. The Rev. Mr. Latrobe, Secretary to the Brethren's Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel, has since furnished the Author with the following official document:


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Females, “ In Danish Islands, St. Thomas, St. 1 1.Croix, and St. Jan (West Indies)

35 Antigua

7 14 St. Kitts

3 Jamaica

3 8 Barbadoes

2 4 Surinam

12 17 Greenland

11 18

16 26 Canada, and United States

10 v 15 Cape of Good Hope

9 16

90 -157 66 Official. (Signed) “ C. IG. LATROBE."

Labrador .......

It will be seen hereafter that the parochial Clergy in the West Indies do not, in general, take an active part in the instruction of the Negroes.

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3. In HINDOSTAN, the number of Missionaries supported by the Church of England is nine; viz. those belonging to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.” Those belonging to other denominations are thirty-five; viz. The Baptists.

17 The Missionary Society

10 The American Missionary Society. 77 The Scotch Presbyterians

-35 The remark made respecting the parochial Clergy of the West Indies, is applicable to the Chaplains in India. They do not generally preach to the natives.


4. In the Island of CEYLON the Church has no Missionaries. The Missionary Society has three.

5. In SOUTH AFRICA the Church has no Missionaries. Other denominations have twentyeight; viz. The United Brethren

The Missionary Society



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