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35 Chaplains, at a salary, on an average, of 800l. per annum :

L.28,000 Stationed as follows: In Bengal

15 Chaplains. Madras.

13. Bombay

5 Bencoolen

1 Prince of Wales's Island. 1



* See " East India Register for 1813," p. 23.

The stipend in Bengal is rather more than 8001. In the other Presidencies, it is 6001, and 7001.


3 Bishops.-Bengal, Madras, and Bombay. 3 Archdeacons. 40 European Chaplains; answering to Rectors

in England. 60 Country Chaplains; synonimous with Cu

rates in England; to be chiefly Natives and

Europeans ordained in India. 100 Catechists and Schoolmasters; Europeans

and Natives. 3 Colleges for the instruction of Natives and

Europeans intended for the Church. One in each Diocese.


Bishop of Bengal, or Archbishop of

India. Residence in Calcutta. Sa-
lary equal to that of Chief Justice
in Bengal ;. about ...

.L.8,000 Bishop of Madras. Salary equal to

that of Judge at that Presidency 6,000 Bishop of Bombay. Salary equal to

Recorder at that Presidency;
about .

5,000 3 Archdeacons, at 5,000l. each 9,000


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40 English Chaplains at 1,0001.. .. 40,000 60 Country Chaplains; of whom 20 at

4001. each, and 40 at 2001. each. 16,000 100 Catechists and Schoolmasters; of

whom 50 at 100l. each, and 50 at
601. each

8,000 3 Colleges for clerical instruction, at 2000l. per annum, each.



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L.98,000 Deduct present Establishment . , , 28,000

Total Eceles'. Estab'. for Hindostan..L.70,000

N. B. The whole expense of this Establishment would pot be required for some years, since the instruction and ordination of the native Teachers can only be accomplished by slow degrees.


The Ecclesiastical Establishment for Ceylon may, in general, be analogous to that of Hindostan : only that there being but few Europeans in that island, a smaller number of European Chaplains is required; and there being, on the other hand, a large population of Protestant natives, a much greater number of Country Chaplains, Catechists, and Schoolmasters must be appointed. The whole European Establishment which is required, in present circumstances, is, a Bishop, an Archdeacon, and seven Chaplains ; there being seven principal stations in Ceylon.-The new Establishment to harmonise with the existing religious institutions on the island,

The insular Diocese of Ceylon to comprehend Java, Mauritius, and other islands.

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1. The principle on which this Establishment is offered to the consideration of the Legislature, and of the East-India Company, is, That, by a system of gradual native instruction, India should be able, in the lapse of time, to teach itself. This principle will be more fully explained hereafter.

2. The present number of European Chaplains, is not in the proposed Establishment) much increased; for the increase of European Chaplains would not add much to the instruction of the natives. Provision, however, is made for Divine Service at the smaller stations, by Country Chaplains.

3. An Ecclesiastical Establishment of a very There is no

simple nature is required in India. place for Deans, Prebendaries, and Canons: Even the Romish Church has them not. There must, however, be an intermediate dignity between Bishops and Chaplains; not only for the performance of essential and appropriate duties, but to preserve some harmony of gradation in the Establishment. The office of Archdeacon will be explained hereafter.

4. The European Chaplains to be appointed, as at present, to the principal Civil and Military stations.

5. The Country Chaplains to be appointed to the subordinate stations, civil and military; and, in some cases, to be assistants to the European Chaplains; as at Cawnpore and Berhampore, where there are large bodies of English troops.

6. The Schoolmasters to be placed at all the principal and subordinate stations; and, particularly, in the vicinity of the Hindoo cities and great towns. In these places there are always some natives, who desire to learn the English language, and are ambitious to obtain a little European knowledge and Christian learning.

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