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Native Christians in India, of all denominations: Nine Hun-

dred Thousand in number : destitute, in general, of the

Charter of their Faith.As being children of the State,

legislative provision ought to be made for supplying

them, as is done to the Christians at home.-Syrian

Christians.—Romish Syro-Christians.-Fatal effects to

a Church, resulting from the loss of the Bible.-Example

to the Roman Catholics in our sister island


Hindostan.-Civilization of Hindostan ought to be the chief

and ultimate object of our maintaining empire in that

country.-The commonly received maxim, “ That the

tranquil enjoyment of commerce, is alone a justifiable

ultimate object,” shewn to be utterly repugnant to re-

vealed Religion, to Charity, and to Humanity-Bishop

of Oxford's Appeal to Britain in 1762, “ to send the Go-

spel wherever she sends her sword.”


Political Considerations. — The diffusion of Christianity in

India, favourable to the perpetuity of our empire in that


The diffusion of Christianity not obnoxious to the Natives.

A divided people in religion, Missionaries of various

sects, Christian, Mahometan, Brahminical, and Bood-

hist, have existed among them for time immemorial .. 113

Advantage of a Religious Establishment to the British

Soldier in India


Disaffection of the Troops in India .


The Christian education of the persons sent to govern India

rarely perfected.—Why some Christians who have been

long in India, oppose the introduction of Christianity . 120

Church and State dismembered in India .


Moral Considerations. The interference of Parliament re-

quired to interrupt sanguinary practices, affecting human

life. While we wait for the promulgation of Chris-

tianity, lives are taken away


The Murder of Children


The Burning of Women


Revenue derived from Idolatry




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The facts contained in the following pages chiefly claim attention, as being derived from communications published by Members of the Imperial Parliament, or as having been already authenticated by official sanction, or as being otherwise of such general notoriety that their existence may be readily admitted.

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