A Collection of Notes of Unreported Cases in the Supreme Court of Canada, from Its Organization, in 1875, to 1st January, 1907

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Carswell Company limited, 1907 - 446 страници

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Страница 71 - But he would at present only more for a rule to shew cause why a writ of Habeas Corpus should not issue to...
Страница 404 - I am of the opinion that the judgment appealed from should be affirmed, with costs.1 CHUKCH, C.
Страница 88 - Court as by the said writ shall be provided, all and singular the evidence, depositions, convictions, and all proceedings had or taken, touching or concerning such confinement or restraint of liberty, to the end that the same may be viewed and considered by such judge or court, and to the end that the sufficiency thereof to warrant such confinement or restraint, may be determined by such judge or court.
Страница 299 - I think the appeal should be dismissed with costs. Appeal dismissed with costs. Solicitor for the appellant: EB William*.
Страница 293 - Except as otherwise provided, every appeal shall be brought within sixty days from the signing or entry or pronouncing of the judgment appealed from, but the months of July and August shall be excluded in the computation of the said sixty days.
Страница 84 - APPEAL from the Court of Queen's Bench for Lower Canada, appeal side (14 QLR 126).
Страница 187 - All our cases of maintenance and champerty are founded on the principle that no encouragement should be given to litigation by the introduction of parties to enforce those rights which others are not disposed to enforce.
Страница 269 - All patents from the Crown for lands in Manitoba . . . shall reserve to Her Majesty, Her Successors and Assigns, forever, all mines and minerals which may be found to exist within, upon, or under such lands, together with full power to work the same, and for this purpose to enter upon, and use and occupy the said lands or so much thereof and to such an extent as may be necessary for the working of the said minerals or the mines, pits, seams and veins containing the same...
Страница 105 - Every judge of the Court, except in matters arising out of any claim for extradition under any treaty, has concurrent jurisdiction with the courts or judges of the several provinces, to issue the writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum, for the purpose of an inquiry into the cause of commitment in any criminal case under any Act of the Parliament of Canada.
Страница 398 - The judgment of the court was delivered by THE CHIEF JUSTICE. — This is a case of damage promoted by the owners of the ship " GT Burroughs " against the owners of the ship " CF Bielman," both foreign ships registered in ports of the United States.