Canada: Physical, Economic, and Social

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Maclear, 1855 - 294 страници

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Страница 268 - ... to impress on the minds of children and youth committed to their care and instruction, the principles of piety, justice, and a sacred regard to truth, love to their country...
Страница 268 - School established under this Act, no child shall be required to read or study in or from any religious book, or to join in any exercise of devotion or religion, which shall be objected toby his or her parents...
Страница 269 - ... it shall be the duty of such instructors to endeavor to lead their pupils, as their ages and capacities will admit, into a clear understanding of the tendency of the above-mentioned virtues to preserve and perfect a republican constitution, and secure the blessings of liberty, as well as to promote their future happiness, and also to point out to them the evil tendency of the opposite vices.
Страница 274 - On this principle the University was opened for purposes of instruction in 1843. Disappointment being still felt in regard to the working of the institution, a Bill was 274 introduced by Hon.
Страница 260 - Province or the municipal authorities, according to the average number of pupils attending such school during the twelve next preceding months, or during the number of months which may have elapsed from the establishment of a new Separate School, as compared with the whole average number of pupils attending school in the same city, town, village or township.
Страница 261 - ... proof to the Council of Public Instruction, of inability, from age or loss of health in teaching, to pursue that profession any longer : Provided also, that no allowance to any superannuated or worn-out м teacher shall exceed the rate of One Pound Ten Shillings for each year that such, teacher shall have taught a common school in Upper Canada.
Страница 245 - ... the manor-house, and the mills, ovens, or presses within the seigniory, belong to him ; but the profit arising from these is to be divided among the other heirs. Females have no precedence...
Страница 110 - ... 24 miles, but varying in breadth from 1 to 6 miles . " At the confluence of the two rivers are the islands of Montreal, isle Jesus, Bizarre, and Perrot ; the first is probably the most beautiful spot of all Lower Canada. On the south side of this island is the city of the same name, and its convenient port, 580 miles from the gulph of St.
Страница 70 - Instead of regarding the rise and fall of water in the lakes as a mystery, it is rather to be wondered at that there is so little fluctuation. Their stability is dependent entirely upon the regularity of the seasons, within the. lake country, and if there should be a combination of wet and cold years, wherein the fall of rain should be great, and the evaporation small, there might be a rise or fall exceeding anything we have on record.
Страница 77 - Marl Marl occurs on lots 15 and 16 of the second concession of the township of Sheffield. "Ihe deposit extends over an area of two hundred acres, and perhaps more, with a thickness over the greater portion of at least ten feet. "The air-dried material is earthy, friable; color, light gray. It contains numerous shells; also some wood-fibres.